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GardenSong Project is a unique website oriented around conscious co-creation with Nature. In a way, it is about benevolent Contact, in that we must reach out to realms we haven't been able to see easily and get to know the beings that live close to us, yet unseen. Here we learn to operate in an expanded reality on a daily basis by getting to know, communicating with and responding into a previously hidden reality where Ancient Trees are our Elders with wisdom to be listened and responded to, Plants love to serve and help us if we ask, Flowers share their beauty and energy in a new way, Fairies become our friends and co-create with us, Nature Spirits share their gifts with us and Overseeing Elementals cooperate and coordinate their forces to help us enliven and heal all the damage man has unconsciously and consciously enacted upon Mother Earth and the Natural World. Here I share information and inspiration and my OD Life of Saleena Kí stories that orient around Nature and my experience with them. GardenSong Project is orient around a Vibrakey Kit of the same name.This website is a Branch of HomeTree. Buy her art from the Omni-D Store and subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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GardenSong Players

2015-09-14-Saleena-Holding-First-Dahlia-Blossom-wtrmrkAloha, I AM Saleena Ki, 
Gardeness & Co-Creator of GardenSong Project

Over the years, in each of my GardenSongs, I have co-created with the most wonderful beings. You will hear me mention certain names in my stories. Each one is a unique and wonderful being. I love them all. They enliven and enrich my life. I am grateful for their gifts. 

Here are a few of my FAVORITE PLAYERS on stage with me, 
characters in my GardenSong Adventure Stories


Handy Hugh

Marimar Hunting Butterflies in Belf Garden

It was Handy Hugh who first suggested that I create a Vibrakey to help people consciously co-create with Nature. He was known as the COMPOST KING in GardenSong1 Hawaii and first introduced me to the “little people” who helped there. He still helps with composting here and other tough jobs like chasing Butterflies to get photos, celebrating and documenting a new Butterfly species when one shows up, (we were up to 60+ as the 2016 season ended), creating maps of all our Gardens and Areas, starting to gather data for making our own Herbarium, and tougher jobs like mixing soil mixes for grow boxes and helping me haul giant stones to anchor in energies here in GardenSong2 Booneville. He has planted 100s of TREES, too. He also believes in me and champions me. That means a lot to me. He is a wonder with his hands and intuition, soothing and opening blocked channels in my body when I work it too hard.

Handy Hugh is c0-creator with his twin sister, Nell, of the Pollinator Habitat and Land Steward for our Booneville Motherland. I appreciate him TONS! He is also a wonderful visionary for our GardenSong Project and our Motherland. Our domain is improving and growing because of his ideas and efforts, becoming a champion for our Pollinators and other important small beings who live here. It warms my heart to witness him falling more & more in love with his Motherland. He is an EARTH GRID expert and we find ourselves being impulsed to clean up along these “DRAGONLINES”, doing whatever comes to us to strengthen them, like building a little Dragon Stonehenge in the Cedar Glade, right where our Dragonline runs through.

Reflective Thought: These may be some of the most important “jobs” on Mother Earth right now. 



Catalyst of GardenSongShe is a CAT that came to GardenSong at a time when I didn’t want a CAT. No matter what I did, she would not go away. She hung in there until I softened and opened my heart to her. Shortly after that she was attacked by a pack of neighborhood dogs and almost killed. I thought she was dead. Much to my surprise and relief, she resurrected and after a trip to the vet and time to recover, we are now GardenSong2 Companions. Her name Catalyst came about because she was the catalyst that catalyzed the events that lead to the removal of that dangerous pack of dogs.

Reflective Thought: A friend suggested that she is a GATE KEEPER. You can read more about that story HERE.


MOMSY, also known as Shirley Shurtz, is my Mom. My Momsy has been my NATURE MUSE and INSPIRATION my whole life. I learned to love NATURE from her and that I can communicate with it directly and it will respond. I witnessed her talking to a BIRD, asking it to come land on her knee and it did! I watched her disappear a cloud using LOVE. She is a BIG HEARTED talented CREATIVE ARTIST who loves sharing her ART with all. Check out her ShirleyBirds Gallery. She helped co-create the first magical GARDENS & FLOWERS where I grew up in SLC, Utah, where I wandered about learning about NATURE as a kid. Her gardens have always been full of FLOWERS, lots of MAGICAL FEATURES and tons of BEAUTY. She created the BELF GARDEN here at GardenSong on her first visit in 2015 before she even knew she was moving here. The photo is the beginning of her garden. 

I’m lucky, due to a whole bunch of synchronicities (and we know my Dad was helping from wherever he is off planet), she moved to Booneville in 2016 and is nested in the arms of our Booneville Motherland and now resides only 270 steps from my front door and GardenSong. Our brother, Randy, recognized the spirit of her home and land as BaileHaven. She brings talent, creativity, curiosity and wonder alive for me everyday  just being Momsy. 

Reflective Thought: She wrote me a poem, “Who is Nature’s Child?”, when I was only 20, that touched me so deeply with her knowings and insights about me. She was right on!


Merlyn Mahalo 

I first met MERLYN in 1996 in Sedona, Arizona, where he had been the one and only organic farmer for 25 years. At the time he was known as James Eddy, and we both were living in our vans in the wildness surrounding Sedona, reveling in the AWESOME BEAUTY & POWER of NATURE among the RED ROCKS & SANDS of that power place. He lead the way to Hawaii in 1999 and I followed.

Merlyn is a Master Alchemical Gardener/Wizard who has inspired me over and over with what one with determination can do with almost impossible situations.

He was living in our community house in Hawaii, creating the most amazing Paradiasical Gardens before the GardenSong Project was dreamed in. In fact, his gardens still inspire me in what I do today! He took raw volcanic lava soil and built terraces and encouraged plants to grow where only the hardiest natives or invasives could. The woods to the side of our house were transformed into Flowering Tunnels, pathways and terraced Gardens as the years flew by. Eventually, he and his Beloved moved into the Woods, where they slept in their tent Temple.

He was there when we set up the first GardenSong1. He helped set the intentions and his gardens were included in our Garden of Atema. We designed our Gardens side by side.

Today, 2016, he is living 4000 feet above sea level, still on the Big Island of Hawaii. In a place of deslolate stunning beauty, completely off the grid, on sloping lava fields of an active Volcano, he has coaxed life where there was very little. I was astonished to see his GARDENS there. Like I said, Master Alchemist Gardener/Wizard!

02-2017 UPDATE: Merlyn just moved into a new CONDO in Captain Cook, and is already beginning his GARDEN there. I can’t wait to see what he creates next.

Reflective Thought: Merlyn embodies GREENMAN to me. He is all HEART. We have been friends through life-times. 






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