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GardenSong Project is a unique website oriented around conscious co-creation with Nature. In a way, it is about benevolent Contact, in that we must reach out to realms we haven't been able to see easily and get to know the beings that live close to us, yet unseen. Here we learn to operate in an expanded reality on a daily basis by getting to know, communicating with and responding into a previously hidden reality where Ancient Trees are our Elders with wisdom to be listened and responded to, Plants love to serve and help us if we ask, Flowers share their beauty and energy in a new way, Fairies become our friends and co-create with us, Nature Spirits share their gifts with us and Overseeing Elementals cooperate and coordinate their forces to help us enliven and heal all the damage man has unconsciously and consciously enacted upon Mother Earth and the Natural World. Here I share information and inspiration and my OD Life of Saleena Kí stories that orient around Nature and my experience with them. GardenSong Project is orient around a Vibrakey Kit of the same name.This website is a Branch of HomeTree. Buy her art from the Omni-D Store and subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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GardenSong2 Gardens

Our GardenSong2 Project is dedicated to creating a DIVERSE SANCTUARY for our POLLINATORS and small ANIMALS. It is also designed to NURTURE, NOURISH and PROTECT many species that are struggling with current Earth enviromental conditions and reckless agriculture practices. It serves to provide us HUMANS with BEAUTY & NOURISHMENT for our BODY/MIND/SPIRIT and a POSITIVE PURPOSE/MISSION.

GardenSong2 is filled with many unique AREAS and GARDENS which are full of PLANTS, HERBS & FLOWERS and contain a variety of both CULTIVATED and NATIVE WILDS. We are learning to eat and use the many WILD EDIBLES that surround us. Each Garden or Area has a name and sometimes humans associated with them. I like to tell stories about them. My TREES are my FRIENDS so they are listed here, too.

Hugh decided to create a map from the Google Earth view of our GardenSong that surrounds our home. He walked around with me, taking notes on the names of each one. He loves numbers and was happy to announce the number of Gardens we have, something like 43 at his last count. We started a list of PLANTS, TREES and FLOWERS that live in each one. 

Here is the most current list and locations. You will find a hotlink on the name if I have posted a story and photos of an Area or Garden: 

Starting at the Southwest front corner of GardenSong facing Wagoner Hill Road & moving along the Church’s white fence:

Indigo-Azaleas Corner

Lily’s Garden

Viking Ship Garden

Love Joy Garden

The Beast’s Sanctuary

a giant Elder Sugar Maple surrounded by the

Oroborus Snake Berm

Divine Masculine Garden-in the Heart of The Beast’s Sanctuary

Rosy Rugosa’s Row

The Queen’s Garden includes Outback Frog Pond

Cabbage Patch

Back-o-Beyond Corner

Along SE side of House:

Berry Berry Patch

Rain Tank #3

Between the House & Cabbage Patch:

Giant Cosmos Forest

Mary Magdalene Garden

Mint Magic Container Garden

Out the Back door:

Happy Morning Sun Garden

Angel Garden

includes Blue Birdbath with Solar Lily Pad Fountain


Sunflower Alley

StarGazer Swing

Whiskey Barrel Falls

Nettle’s Corner

Emerald Tree’s Clothesline

Hummingbird Outpost

Along the back SouthEast Corner to Cemetery Road:

Primrose & Honeysuckle HedgeRow

Sasquatch SquashPatch

Cedar Sanctuary (AKA Belf Cave) & Steve’s Great Wall

Compost Corner


Cinder-ella’s Circle Compost Heap

Black Hole Compost Bin

Earthship Composter

Earthship Planters

Compost Bins

Geometry Garden

Elderberry Hedgerow

Wood Stack

Fairy Nursery

Silky Dogwood

Wave Garden

Giant Ragweed Forest

Big Bertha Berm

Redbud Named Dogwood

On the northwest corner at Cemetery Road


Along the NE side of Carriage House:

Comfrey Corner

Contained by

Mushroom Log

Rain Barrel #2

On the SE side of Carriage House Facing Penguin-Rooster House:

Greenhouse/Hot Tub

Greenhouse Forest

destined to become a Lasagna Garden

Hugh’s Frog Pond

On the SW Side of Carriage House:

Goldie’s Wild Things Garden

Cedar Glade

Jack’s Cactus Garden

On the NW Side of the House:

Succulent Garden (on Picnic Table)

Kitchen Waterfall

guarded by Phido


Fern Gully

Goji Arch

4 Frogs Ponds

Fairy’s Blue Garden


3Bird Butterfly Feeding Station

Flutterleaf, the Sleeping Dragon

The Blue Fairy

who lost her wings…

Goji Arch

Baby Cedar Tree

Stone Piles

Strawberry Patch

Feather Tree Forest

RedWell Wishing Well

Marys Garden

One-Eyed Happy Frog Pond Garden

Potato Tub

Fungi Forest

On NW Side of Porch

Elcampe’s Trio Garden

Between House & Greenhouse

Butterfly Heaven/Haven

Jim’s Hedgeless Hedgehog Garden 

Ancestor Garden

Between NW Corner of House to Stonewall

Heart Garden



Spiral Tripoli


Lovin’ Mother Garden


AinGaia’s Bare Earth Circle

Strawberry Spiral Garden

2nd Giant Cosmos Forest

Sweet Potato Patch


Privet Tree

Another Tree

Mimosa Tangled Tree

Blackberry Tangle Woods

Belf Garden

Rose of Sharon & Azalea

Front Porch Garden

Happy for No Reason Furniture

Ginko Rocker

Duane’s Chair



Healing Vine


Between Porch and Wagoner Hill Road

Chocolate Mint/Strawberry Patch

Rosemary’s Garden

Lotus Pond

Bird Bath

Assisi GArden

Blue Medicine Buddha Garden

Dalia Corner

Welcome Garden



Mary Redbud

Gnome Grove

Delivery Garden




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