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The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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Art of Being Saleena Kí




I have an insatiable urge to create!

I always have. 

Over the years I have been known as:

Visionary Artist & Musician




Shamanic Artist

Multidimensional Artist

Omniversal Explorer

OmniD Travel Adventure Guide


I love colors, I love rainbows.

I love nature, I love geometry,

I love textures, I love adventure.!

I love when my art helps someone to understand something, to make positive changes in their life or have an expanded awareness of who they are. That is why I love sharing what I create.

Joan Marie Shurtz 1955-56

In the beginning my name was Joan Marie Shurtz. 

Even at a very young age I loved art. Drawing, coloring, creating, and writing stories. Over the years I have gone through many phases of life and eras as an artist. You can read more about that in 

Artistic Evolution

I have always related to Joan of Arc for her ability to listen to the higher dimensional voices and her tenacity to lead the way to freedom. She has inspired me, so gradually as I defined my career as an ARTIST, I began to call myself and my business, JOAN of ART. I lived in St. Augustine, Florida from 1992-1995 and was mostly doing commissioned work in the form of murals and window murals for businesses and homes. In about 1994 I legally changed my name to Joan Ov’Art after I had a Wild Woman wedding on the beach and married myself! So you will notice some of my earlier art signed that way. Ripley’s Believe It or Not commissioned me to paint 4 bathroom doors in their local museum with whatever I wanted, as long as it reflected their purpose. These doors were based on an elemental mandala, each door reflecting one of 4 elements. These paintings seemed to be a defining experience, with themes that were prophetic to what was to come for me:


Earth: “With celebration we honor the circle of life.”

Air: “With unfolding wings we transcend our own limits.”

Fire: “With Wildfire we dance to set ourselves free.”

Water: “With passion we plunge into the currents of life.”


After that was when I began to open up to paint what was inside me.

In 1995 I set out on an adventure to find myself. I ended up in Sedona, Arizona. This was a time when I unhooked from everything I knew and opened to discover who I AM, what I love, and why. I met one of my best friends, James Eddy, now known as Merlyn Mahalo. During this time I began this life exploration through my art that I call The Art of JuiceyLiving. I embraced my Native American roots and lived on the land, connecting with the red rocks, the ancestors, nature and explored every aspect of life that presented itself to me.


Here I am with Merlin, with my portfolio of this Art of JuiceyLiving in Sedona in front of our winter home, a tent, that even housed my studio. 

Yet, now I go by Saleena Kí due to a dream.

In about 1997-98 I had read somewhere about how people were changing their names and why would they do that? The answer was that name is vibration and repeated vibration brings things into form, so I asked if there was a name that would bring more of my true vibration into my physical form, what would it be? 3 days later I had a very vivid and rather lucid dream where I was shown, by three amazingly tall & loving beings, the name SALEENA in a very HUGE book and was encouraged to remember it and exactly how it was spelled. Well obviously I did. It didn’t quite feel complete though and I wondered what was my last name to be?

It finally came months later from a Cosmic Mayan Traveler I met there in Sedona, Arizona, which is where I lived at the time, who said to me one day during a fun ceremony we were doing at Cathedral Rock, “I know the rest of your name, it is Kí. It means ‘from the womb of Mother’. Saleena is like saline; the amniotic birthing fluid and Saleena Kí is the birthing fluid from the womb of Mother. That’s it!”


Since one of my greatest desires is to help manifest pure clean WATER for EARTH and I am often helping with birthing processes as a midwife for new energies, that felt just right. 

I am first and foremost a STORYTELLER.

I can’t help it. Everything I do is sharing some kind of story. The mediums I use vary from paint to digital to words to sounds. I use my own photography in layers of my digital art. I have used crayons, oil and acrylic paints, pencils, wax pencils, pastels, and painted on wood, canvas, furniture, windows, and bodies. I love painting with my hands like a child in a method called Touch Drawing. I have been a student of life, learned from Masters, taught art, presented at workshops and Expos and even done private events in people’s homes. I love talking to people.


My Creative Roots

1965-Shurtz Family-Top from left to right-Joan Marie, Mary Ann, Juilie Irene, Shirley Ann, Kent, Laurie Kay, John Rusty

I come from a


My Dad, Kent, loved to repair, fix and build things.

He had a curious mind and studied the mysteries of life.

He loved fishing so we went camping a lot.

He still checks in on us once in awhile from the other side of the veils…


My Momsy, Shirley, is very magical and can make anything, fix anything

and she writes stories & poetry, paints and carves, beside loving POOH Bear and US.

Oh, and she talks to birds and clouds…

She can make a cloud disappear by asking it to, then loving it.

My sister, Mary Angelico, has a wacky sense of humor,

is a fabulous music maker, artist-portrait painter and creative.

My sister, Julie, sings beautifully as she plays the piano.

My sister, Lauri, is creative thinker, artist and writer.

She is a facilitator and life coach who has always loved me

and believed in me even when I forgot who I was…

My brother, Rusty aka John, died when he was only 6.

Even so, he has been with our family often over the years,

bringing us love and carefully watching over us, in a brotherly Guardian Angel sort of way.

Some of my Art is Co-Creation

It has been fun to co-create with other artists.

My sister, Mary Angelico, and I have co-created several Vibrakey Art Projects together:

 VK21 Flower of Eternal Life  Project 1

This Vibrakey was a co-creation with her and  our friend, Barry Martin. 

You can read his research on this and other Vibrakeys here: 

Barry Martin’s Research 

This is a Vibrakey we were asked to do with Mary Magdalene. She asked us to co-create a portrait of her

that radiates the new now energies of who she is and what she brings to us.

VK29 Living Mary Project 2

You can read more about our experiences here and enjoy some amazing music, Marys Songs,

brought through by the Divine Feminine and Mary Angelico.

Mary Magdalene Portal

VK97 Bloom & Thrive Project 3

Mary’s Bloom Journal

Mother Mary Portal



Some of my art, I cooperate with higher dimensional beings,

such as Angels or Arcturians. 

Sometimes I co-create with Nature.



I will be presenting almost all my art throughout the Branches of my AWEd Life Tree.

My #1 intention is to play and have fun fun fun sharing it with you.

See the menu, OD Projects,
for ALL My Creative Projects


Almost all my ART and PHOTOGRAPHY you can buy.

Buy it through my Omni-Store

I love it when you buy my art!

Most of it does something to you, for you.

You’ll learn more about that as you explore.

I offer Hi-Vibe Art & Graphic Design 

so you can have your own.

Have FUN! Enjoy!



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