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The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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OD AWEd Living News



FYI: Omni-D means ALL Dimensions. OD means Omni-D 



Since 2000 I have been sharing my stories, insights, perspectives and art with readers, starting out as Marriage of Heaven & Earth, transitioning into SpinningStarS eNewZ. The new format shares my OD Life newz from the perspective of this Saleena Kí Hometree (my life) with all its Branches (websites dedicated to the various creative projects I love) called OD AWEd Living eNewz. 

OD AWEd Living eNewZ 

The OD AWEd Living eNewzletter is snippets of eNewz about ALL my Creative Projects. It is the primary eNewz. When you sign up for eNewz this is the one you will get. Most of the time you will get up to 4 a month. If you check interest boxes for the other Branch-Projects you will get occasional information about that particular project. I will share bits and pieces from each branch with updates on new posts, new products, specials, new projects, events, energy reports, my insights and more. This will be the only official newsletter for all my websites-branches-projects.

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OD AWEd Life Story Book   

This is an ongoing autobiography of my OD Awed Life Stories. My intention is to add stories from my OD AWEd Life when inspiration flows in. There are a few sample stories to enjoy here and there. To read the full online storybook, you will be invited to subscribe. I hope to have that set up soon…

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OD AWEd Life Interviews


OD Community    

Here are a few ideas about how to get involved in my OD AWEd Life. 


My   SaleenaKí  Facebook   is being reoriented to reflect & share EVERYTHING that is happening in the OD AWEd Life of Saleena Kí and all my Branches & Projects, including this one. I share bits and pieces of post in all my websites and more. This is a good way to follow what is happening in my OD AWEd World now.

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My Saleena Kí’s  Hi-Vibrations & Vibrakeys Facebook focused around my Art, Art processes, especially my Vibrakeys.

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 OD Events

My intention is to eventually offer the opportunity for you to play with me live via webinars or teleseminars. This is forth coming and by signing up to the OD AWEd Living Newz mailing list you will receive an invitation as soon as there is one.  

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