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The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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Omni-D Stories

Welcome to Omni-D Story Project!

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I love to tell stories that help us LIVE, PROSPER & ENJOY our EXPANDING REALITY. Here is where you find LOTS exciting omni-dimensional stories of my OD AWEd life! I live my life as an Omni-D TRAVEL ADVENTURE. Living this way is a DELIGHTFUL, FUN, INTRIGUING, STIMULATING AND SATISFYING WAY TO LIVE.  I am a STORYTELLER. I love writing and recording what has happened. I am a RECORD KEEPER. All the time I am remembering and writing up stories that happened throughout my life. I just do it because I have had SO MANY UNUSUAL PROVOCATIVE AMAZING ADVENTURES throughout my life and they continue to this day. The urge to share them stays with me. So, in the past, I shared them with one or two of my friends or family and that was as far as it went.

One day I received the inspiration to create a LIVING ONLINE STORYBOOK with ALL MY STORIES. Since my memories and inspiration come in a non-linear way, I found the task of writing them all up and organizing them into one “bound-up” physical book to be way too daunting. The idea is to make it easy for me to add my stories as they flow in. Easy to reorganize them and easy to have fun designing them for more fun using omni-media. I found this plugin called Aesop Story Engine and I found this WordPress theme, Bridge, that accommodates all my CREATIVE styling whims. With all this in my creative toolbox, my hope is to create an ENCHANTING IMMERSIVE FUN ENVIRONMENT where you can dive into my stories and adventure right along with me! This is the beginning of a new adventure, sharing them with you. I have decided to offer this Living Book of my OD AWEd Life Stories as a subscription. This way you can enjoy a month and see if you like them.

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