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Saleena Kí expresses her Omni-D STORYTELLER through Stories. They can be Word Art, Visual Art, Vibrational Art with lots of Color, Light Language & Geometry woven into many layers. Sometimes she is whimsical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes mystical, sometimes musical, sometimes she is barefoot and rooted into Earth, with her nose stuck into some micro world and often she is off flying about in the other dimensions. She calls it OD or Omni-Dimensional. Often you find her at the computer or behind her camera creating new worlds and new realities. Her art is often created with many vibrational layers that often can be felt vibrationally by those in its presence. This website is a Branch of her HomeTree. Most of her art is available for sale from her own Omni-D Store. You can subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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Story of Creation3



the Story told by Saleena Kí

One of the most exciting things that began in 2013 and continued into 2014 was a series of Creational Events our ODTA Team personally witnessed and participated in. I would like to share with you this new energy flowing throughout our Creation now. I call it Creation3 energy.

Here is my story of how it came about and what I perceive it is:

Metatron & the Archangel’s

New Community Network

Here is a summary as I saw and witnessed it happening: It all began with Metatron and the Angelics getting together and co-creating a new kind of community network for our Creation. This is a good description of what happened from a message through Saryon called:  Metatron’s Embrace

“The Metatronic Light carries with it many portals of connection into the higher vibrations that are being seeded through you as channels. We see each of you like portals opening to receive the Metatronic Light. There are many colors and hues that are fanning out across your plane, all sourced by the Archangelic Realms.  We have heard your requests for more tools, more light technologies, more ways of activating your lightbodies.  These are coming forth from the Angelic Realms.

You do not know how vast you are. As a Lightworker Community there is a tremendous wealth already present on the physical plane: a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of access to the living light technologies that are being employed for restoring your multidimensional DNA.

My embrace at this time is sourcing the linking together of the many resources that you have honed: resources in consciousness.  We are forming the lightworkers into one collective. This is our goal. The combining of your gifts will form light technologies that are made of living human energy.  The portals of activation being sent forth are portals that restore the connectedness between multidimensional groups of human servers who share similar refinements and abilities.  These portals of connection allow your presence and the presence of your knowledge and abilities to be in many places at once, to work in tandem and assist each other in the clearing work as you continue to serve those who cross your path.

You are use to working as a collective in this way, and at this time there is a need to activate the memory of this. And yet, this is a very different kind of collective that is awakening within you now.  You hail from many different parts of the galaxy, some even from other galaxies.  You are a diverse mix.  We are seeding now the potential of very new forms of light technology through the new collective that is awakening.

You will have new energy to experiment with and play with as your intelligence begins to pool together collectively through these portals of connection.  There is a very great freedom in allowing these pools of consciousness to play with and cocreate with you. There are many forms of light expression: creative expression that can activate people in new and inspiring ways.  You are going to begin to discover things about yourself that you did not know, even if you thought you knew yourself and your abilities very well.

There are many portals of galactic memory being activated.  Some of these portals are opening doorways for groups of people who hail from the same galactic source to remember together and reconnect with the knowledge of other worlds: knowledge that could not be fully realized by any one individual.  As lightworkers you hail from worlds that discovered their true power and potential as a collective resource to each other.

We wish to draw attention to a certain form of bridging that is taking place within the lightworker collective”

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New Vibrakey Co-Creation

VK115 Metatron’s 7 Gates of Creation

VK115 Metatron's 7 Gates of Creation3

New 7 Fold Creational Structure

Saleena: During June-July 2013 our Omni-Dimensional teams worked with Metatron and the Angelics to co-created a new Vibrakey VK115 representing this new structure. I had noticed that there was a new kind of geometry permeating the structure of creation. It is a 7 fold structure. I recently even saw a 7 petaled kind of Flower of Life! I tried to draw it… very interesting experience, it wasn’t easy and certainly didn’t look as nice and tidy as out familiar Flower of Life which is based on 6 fold geometry. That will be forth coming in another new Vibrakey. If you are intuitive or visionary, look for it… it is there in space all around us now.


These are some of the qualities and activations offered through this new VK115 design

and in its information, which includes a back and eventually an eGuide:

  • Metatron’s 7 Gates of Creation
  • ArchAngelic’s New Network
  • Metatron’s Embrace
  • Light Workers Community Creation Network-CCN
  • New Crystalline Metatronic-Angelic Network Structure
  • Embedded into the Fabric of Creation
  • New Sourcing for Creators & Servers
  • Access new Community Network of Living Light
  • Metatronic Full Spectrum Living Light
  • Activate Omni-dimensional DNA
  • Re-Activate Interconnectedness
  • New Collectives Co-Create
  • Collective Pools of Consciousness
  • ONE Galactic Community
  • Angelic Starseeds Support
  • Reconnection to Galactic Memory
  • Reunion with Resonant Galactic Groups
  • Galactic Ascension
  • Bridge to Angelic Realms
  • Many Angelic Gifts of Love & Light


Just having the design near you can have powerful effects. Meditating into it can increase the effects and sometime leads to interesting awareness unfolding or activations occurring that are personally just for you.


You can order a laminated VK or a Fine Art print of VK115 in 2 sizes from HERE

I share the story of VK115’s birth in  

Metatron’s Portal 

These are some of the design details of VK115


DATA Redistribution

In July-August, we participated with Metatron with a project we call DATA Redistribution and that resulted in a Creational Reset. We experienced much of the old information-codes throughout creation, as they/we were, rearranged at ALL levels. It seemed to be preparing us for something more…


Creator1 Creator2 Creator3

The Making of a New Creation


New Consciousness Approaches Our Creation

During the 8-8 Sirian Lion’s Gate portal on August, 8th, 2013, we sensed a new kind of energy moving outside of our Creation Bubble. That means some kind of energy, beings, something conscious, was moving closer outside the parameters of what most of us call, ALL THERE IS. I had the opportunity in the Spring of 2004 to witness that there were more Creations with Source Creators in some kind of space much bigger than anyone I know has ever talked about. I saw that that time that even our Source Creator was unaware that there were others doing the same thing. It was at that time that some evolutionary forces even bigger and most likely more advanced than our Source Creator being was moving things so that the veils between Source Creators were dissolving… I suspected that this was going to lead to some new movement in our own Creation, the one at least some aspects of us live in.

Membrane of Creation

During our 8-8 Lion’s Gate Adventure, we were drawn to the membrane that defines the edges of Creation as we know it. If any of you have had the fun of participating in a journey, adventure or SESSION with us, we often go to this membrane and merge with it so as to join Source Creator mind to be able to observe our lives and what is happening there with a much greater perspective.

In 2013, during one of our regular “check-ins”, Colin, Marimar and I were called to this Creational membrane. It was there we participated in opening a portal through this membrane. We were shown how our original Source Creator, which I will now call Creator1, invited Creator2 to move in. Ah, a new relationship! Next we see the opening in the membrane of Creation1 is where Creator2 and all of Creator2 Creation flows into Creation1. They move in! Then we watched them merge and become a whole new kind of Source Creator being I will call Creator3. Now realize that is a very shortened version without all the delightful details, yet I hope it helps you understand a very complex story in very few words.

As a results of this a new kind of Creational Mind was formed.  With their merging we watched as the whole of Creation1 began to reset itself. From the Creational Library becoming infused with new potential to the Akashic Records being purged as we saw it had been compromised. This new energy began to flow throughout a new creational space;  as Creation3.

We have watched Creation3 go through many phases and participated in projects that contribute to its growth and form. We see input comes in from many sources. Many higher dimensional beings know of it. Some humans do and we all are benefiting and participating at some level. If you are drawn to consciously connect to this new Creation3, and want to learn to use it to create a whole NEW REALITY for yourself, read on….

Using New Creation3 Energy

With all the new energies flowing into us, we have new abilities coming online and as Creative Creators; omni-dimensional Light Beings, we can draw Creation3 to us and run it through us. It is a most amazing sensational energy experience. It doesn’t clear or clean in the old sense of it. What we perceive happens is that when we focus on it, draw it to us, enter it or let it enter us… we are moved to a new frequency, a new kind of creational space/time structure where the old Creation1 manifestations simply don’t exist anymore. You don’t have to fix the old things, it is as if they magically transform into something new. I have never experienced any new energy that is so effective and fast in changing things in my reality.

You can run it through whole situations, through your Body-Mind, send it anywhere your imagination wants to… Whatever your Soul wants to use it for is up to you. The potential within Creation3 is a mystery. We are here to discover what we can create within it.

We have spent lots of time anchoring it into our bodies and here into our Earth plane in different ways. It has all changed my world significantly. It seems to accelerate life into a new space of potential where participating in creative creation is the focus most of the time.


We were innately designed this way

in the truth of who we really are.

It’s FREE, it’s POWERFULLY Transformative


it’s yours to utilize with

whatever you are focused on creating in any moment.

How do you want your reality to look?

How do you want your life to be?

Spend time imagining and deeply feeling this while reaching out to this new Creation3 energy and drawing it in to flow into what you see and feel.

More Resources

2013 Energy Report – New Creation3 – What Will We Create in It?

So there is our story infused with Love & Creation3 energy flowing to you ALL,

This is a Creation3 infused Creation…

Saleena Kí