Omni-D Travel Adventures | Art That Does Something
Saleena Kí expresses her Omni-D STORYTELLER through Stories. They can be Word Art, Visual Art, Vibrational Art with lots of Color, Light Language & Geometry woven into many layers. Sometimes she is whimsical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes mystical, sometimes musical, sometimes she is barefoot and rooted into Earth, with her nose stuck into some micro world and often she is off flying about in the other dimensions. She calls it OD or Omni-Dimensional. Often you find her at the computer or behind her camera creating new worlds and new realities. Her art is often created with many vibrational layers that often can be felt vibrationally by those in its presence. This website is a Branch of her HomeTree. Most of her art is available for sale from her own Omni-D Store. You can subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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Art That Does Something

ART is a form of



Transformational Art Designs

Most of the Art used in this Omni-D Portal comes through Visionary Artist Saleena Kí. It is either a related Vibrakey, a piece of related Transformational Art, or Drawings and Diagrams created uniquely as we Travel. Each one of our upcoming Books will have a Cover Poster. Each one will be co-created by Saleena to embody and reflect the story, its gifts and its vibrations. Each piece of her Art is created with a purpose in mind, to assist ALL humanity to raise our vibrations, open our hearts, bring us out of polarity mind into Unity and Oneness. They are all designed as invitations to Remember who we truly are and to return us to that vibration and perspective of our true HOME, at ONE with PURE BENEVOLENT SOURCE ALL THERE IS.


Saleena always feels subtly or directly that her art is a collaboration with those who are present to assist humanity in their ascending path out of the densities. She has a on ongoing supportive connection to a higher dimensional interface she calls the StarBand Out-Reach Council. She has been  consciously aware of them since 1998. They are involved in a higher dimensional Omniversity and their relationsip with her is to connect her with other Higher Dimensional Beings who have unique gifts to share with Humanity and Mother Earth and ALL Life on, in or around her. Many of the art projects and the Travel Adventures have been hosted by these associations. They are created by “teams” of beings, both seen and unseen, depending on the project.



A Word from the Artist – Saleena Kí

My Artistic Evolution

What is a VIBRAKEY?

VK38 Sacred HeartGate is the safest way to travel omni-dimensionally!

VK07 Harmonious Relations-Vibrakey by SaleenaKiVibrational Art Interactive Tools: Maps Keys Codes Bridges

You will see many Vibrakeys associated with or mentioned in our stories.

Vibrakeys are Art that Does Something

They seems to bring in the potential for change at many levels and are always aimed at helping you raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness, and encourage you to open your heart. They also activate new abilities and senses beyond your material plane senses. I call them Super Senses and they help you function in a more omni-dimensional perspective. Each Vibrakey offers such a variety of possibilities, it is up to each individual to utilize it in a variety of ways  that expose you to its gifts. My intentions are that ALL levels are carefully governed to align with Benevolent Pure Source Love & Life energies. They are designed to help us move out of the old false Matrix and its accompanying fear & lack patterns and enter a level of life where there is only Love, Creative Freedom and respect for ALL Life.


You can see them, read all about them, explore and purchase them by FOLLOWING THESE LINKS.

Introducing the Vibrakeys

Many Vibrakey Art Galleries

Here is a list of ways to use them:

Getting Started with Vibrakeys

Founders-Womb-New Race

Crystal Seed 2 New Life Springs Forth by Saleena Ki

Transformational Art Does Something

TRANSFORMATIONAL ART is fondly called this as it CAUSES BENEFICIAL CHANGES in those who view them or keep them in their related vicinity. Just having a piece of VIBRATIONAL or Transformational Art in your home, whether it is seen or unseen MAY CAUSE CHANGE as these pieces seem to emit waves similar to sound or music, though they are mostly unheard by our material senses. Activation of your SUPER SENSES can shift this. 

Transformational Art

Light Language Art

Crop Circle Art

Water Structuring Art

Environment Supportive Art in Kits