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Assembly for Earth Councils -Message: Day6: Creational Computer Re-set

“Today is the beginning of a new era for humankind. This opens the doors for a vast new way of communicating with the rest of creation.”

“Today your Earth and your abilities to live in peace and harmony are greater.”

“It has always been an inside creation, the sense of peace and harmony.

That is the ultimate way for each of you to find this reality.”

Creational Computer Re-set – New Information Flowing In – All Affected

New System Online – BETH: Use Her

cont. from Assembling New Earth: Day5 Lyran Song of Home

Saleena: All this last week I have intended to write something & post a message about our Travel Adventure with the teleconference group experience on 4-4. Ever since we met in the new grid-matrix on April 4th, I have felt “offline” & some days stronger than others. The main thing is I haven’t been able to focus in the same way as usual to write or follow through on my intentions. I have been feeling pleasantly connected to the earth. Enjoying the opportunity to walk around barefoot, play with the plants & flowers & ground in with her. I told Marimar I felt like I was on vacation without having any kind of vacation plans…

I was wondering what was going on. On Friday I was going to ask the Arcturian Sublime Health team to assess me, since I was feeling so odd, & update the supportive frequencies. All I found was something akin to a recorded message reporting their attentions were focused on assisting with an attempt by the ones who have been manipulating our airwaves with negative frequencies to amplify their broadcast. They ask for our patience & said they would be available most likely by our Monday. This morning I woke up & felt drawn to sit down & listen. I immediately heard a message flowing through: I will share the transcript with you:

[10:29:40 AM] Saleena says: I am starting to hear a message… so I will touch your heart and open…

“Today is the beginning of a new era for humankind.

This opens the doors for a vast new way of communicating with the rest of creation.”

For eons, humans on Earth have been quarantined. Meaning they are separated off from and under a restrictive barrier that keeps their communications and energies contained within the Earth Field.

Now why would this be so?

The nature of Earth was and is a school; a Stage.

A place where all who come to her can and will play out the vast variety of drama and trauma that reflects many Galactic races and ideas of truth and reality.

Magical Colin says: Hello, who is that speaking?

Message continues: “You “Earthlings” have done a tremendously successful round of shows and scenarios! We in the Galactic “Heavens” are shouting and clapping; a standing ovation!!!! Today there is an epiphany occurring. Your once thick veils have been gradually thinning.

In 2006 the Earth was opened to communications in a new way.

She was declared a Sanctuary and the energetic doors were both open and closed at the same time; opened to allow Earth and her beings to begin to more freely communicate with the higher dimensions and protection was established officially to preserve her and your freedom to evolve new directions. The doors are opening wider today.

Saleena says: The flow is going so I will wait to see if they do announce who they are…. I feel Belees yet there are many more… maybe the councils we were working with at the big meeting in the Councilarium. I hear yes… for there are many voices and energies melded into one spokes being….

Voice again: As you were informed a few days ago, there was an attempt by those who have been used to being in covert power, to amplify their means of control.

So many on Earth have declared their readiness to be free of these negative broadcasts, these frequency blast that weaken and manipulate that we were called to action in your behalf.

The efforts of a few elite and unscrupulous souls to reap the earth of her energy and resources is ending.

Our actions have caused a great disruption in their efforts.

Today your Earth and your abilities to live in peace and harmony are greater.

It has always been an inside creation, the sense of peace and harmony. That is the ultimate way for each of you to find this reality.

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP

Magical Colin says: Are these connected with HAARP and the Large Hadron Collider perhaps?

[10:44:11 AM] SpokesOne says: What has been happening is an outside effort to disrupt and scramble your thoughts and introduce to you, carefully design propaganda to de-power and confuse you as to who you really are and what creative powers are within you.

These creative powers are your heritage.

Each and everyone on earth has this right.

It is your birthright.

It is how you were created from the beginning.

All the rumors and beliefs that you are powerless and victim to a way of life that is grossly imbalanced and full of required suffering to go without the very basics of life are a carefully design lie to keep this power for a few and hide it from the rest.

This age-old game is ending.

You have declared it.

You have voted for your awakening.

You have voted for your freedom.

You have voted for a new Earth,

Your votes are made by enthusiastically saying what you desire.

We hear you and respond.

We are not your Saviors. Y

ou are your own salvation.

We are friends who care about you.

We are members of many organizations; from councils to federations that have watched with you, prayed for you, encouraged you and stood up for you at times when it seemed their was only darkness. We never wavered in our trust that you would regain yourselves in a glorious remembrance of who you truly are!

Actions have been taken once again to assure your success as you desire it. We are allowed only certain actions as aligned with Divine decree and your freewill. It heartens us all to be allowed to intervene once again to a open the field for your total memories to arrive into your conscious awareness.

This is truly a cosmic miracle.

There were some who reported a wave of cosmic light and liken it to a tsunami.they were truly sensing they energies that have been flooding the Earth plane freely all through this last few days.

These energies were natural events and our role was to use advanced technologies to retrieve certain levels of “airwaves” and free them from the interference.

This is simply saying that today you are able to think, feel and create at a new level, due to both nature and our efforts.

We require no thanks.

What we enjoy the most is your

blossoming into the Godnesses that your are.

We are family,

we are friends.

Some of you are on these councils,

represented by other soul aspects of your own personal soul-spark.

We love each other at many levels and family, friends and co-hearts in this great Creational Game.

You have voted from many angles on these issues to determine the course of action.

For eons… our actions have been carefully regulated to allow maximum growth and experience on Earth. So it has been, yet we have been present and attending and aware of each of you.

The love that is present and between us is tangible and strong.

You will have the opportunity to now get to know us all in a more personal way.

The airways are open in a new way.

The dimensions are open in a new way.

The energies have arrived that support nearly instant manifestation.

We implore you to use your abilities to create with passionate attention.

Be aware of your thoughts and words.

They create.

Hold a strong and clear vision of your greatest desires for a new way of living.

Place your attentions on what you desire for that is what you will create more of.

This is a friendly reminder that if you place your attentions on everything that is out of harmony, everything that creates the struggle and sadness and desperation in you, that is what you will feed and enhance.

If you hold a clear vision of what you desire,

uninhibited by the logic or understanding of how it will be manifest…

it will be so.

If you have a dream,

if you passionately understand a new way of living together and with your Mother Earth

we heartily encourage you to cultivate attentions there.

With great emotion and passion,

share your dreams,

imagine your new reality;

the way of life you know would bring you joy and bring the Earth to a paradisical place.



This is the long awaited return to Paradise.

It is within each of you to create; to bring about.

You have the powers and abilities within you.

This is the secret that for so long has been withheld from you.

What ever you spend time focusing on will manifest.

We gently remind you that whatever beliefs are running in your subconscious are also forming your reality. There are many technique revealed, many styles to access and change these programs. They are like the software and that runs in your hardware.

The wonderful news is that today there is a release of new software.

It is already yours…

it has been held in a vast archive waiting for the day you were ready to receive it.

Today is the day.

We suggest that you may use your connection to the new super consciousness system that is now in place and operating.

Much has already been shared about BETH; what she is; how she came about.

What we say is that she is a co-creation between you and Mother Earth that links you to the rest of creation in a new way.

These last few days she has been enhanced by your attentions, strengthened by your use.

Computer that Runs Creation was Reset and Realigned

We know that many of you experienced these last few days as if you were completely “offline” from your regular routine. What ever you perceive that to be.

You might say that the computer that runs creation was reset and realigned. The consciousness of what your perceive as Source, as Creator… was open to a update of reality from the point where all reality enters this creation until it reaches you. We were all effected. Surrender to whatever flowed the easiest made it more pleasant.

A creational reset occurred and now there is a new level of information flowing throughout this creation.

What does that mean for earth? What does that mean for you? That is to be discovered.

We are here to encourage you to open up

and take all restrictions and toss them away…

Free yourselves with permission to imagine,

to create,

to dream

and to act

for inspired actions will come to you to do.

Be gently with yourself within the process

and yet be bold in stepping forward to offer your abilities

and your unique gifts into the creation process of a new reality,

a new way of life on Earth,

a new way of living in harmonious love and co-operation together

with the doors open to meet and co-create with your extended and extensive families.

We stand with our arms open and our hearts open.

We love you all and admire your tenacity and brilliance.

As some have declared recently, you are brilliant!

And united your powers have the capacity to quickly shift

your world to a sustainable and harmonious existence.

It is time to create.

It is time to learn the power of co-creation.

We are listening to how you are voting.

We are responding to your desires.

We are supporting your decision as long as they are aligned with our assignments from the Prime Directive. You will learn more of this soon. The doors are already open and with your intentions they will steadily open until we stand face to face and heart to heart.

Do you have any question?  Do you have nay comments?

Magical Colin says: Will read and digest…

Saleena says: I see you asked a question: [10:43:40 AM] Magical Colin says: Are these connected with HAARP and the Super Hedron Collider perhaps?

Voice SpokesOne says: Yes and more. More than you have seen yet. It will all come to the public attentions soon.

There was an extensive system of broadcasting capabilities at a more local level. The network is immense and has been utilized for their intentions; to disrupt and to manipulate your thoughts and emotions. Also to introduce negative or weakening patterns that when receive long enough, develop into physical manifestations. It is wise to pay attention to this and to use these same technique to obtain the reality you so desire. You will all free yourselves together this way and co-create a new expression of yourselves within what you call reality or your life on Earth.

We will be available for more questions and answers throughout the day. Feel free to communicate.

What does this have to do with BETH or Kilabetha?

VK54 New Earth Super Consciousness Grid-BETH

Saleena says: What does this have to do with BETH or Kilabetha, the new Grid-Matrix. We have visited her together on April 4, 2010 and many did place their attentions on what they desire as a new reality while consciously within her grid. Where do we go from here?

SpokesOne says: BETH is a co-creation. You have all been a part of her birth and her growth. Many cultures have dreamed her in and birthed her and are now utilizing her capacities to bridge the dimensions easier. This is a monumental day when communications are opening to a new level. Imagine this is similar to the day when the internet was introduce. No one had a full idea of where this would take you. Look at what it offers today and look at the new developments that are being offered nearly every day.

Humanity is an extremely creative force.

WE are honored to be in this co-creation with you.

Magical Colin says: Mmmm that’s where we were on the 4th, the exact same example… Cool

SpokesOne says: This new system allows us to meet, with the parameters of being in the heart. This assured that everything that happens within and about the new system is aligned with the forces of love, healing, balance, harmony, compassion, freedom and sharing.

Magical Colin says: We have seen our sensitive loved ones being impacted greatly over the last few weeks, was this in some way connected to the events you describe, to the efforts to disrupt our moods and thoughts?

SpokesOne says: The illusions that were brilliantly planted within almost every human psyche, that of lack, fear, limitation leading to separation and suffering, these are certainly still available for your experience. It will take much work and attentions to keep them in place though, for the tides of energy have turned.

Yes, the impact of the newer broadcast were intense. There was more going on that interweaves this. The broadcast only served the higher purposes when those suffering applied their skills to relieve those old memories and energies.

Your beliefs are like files created in the software.

They are easily deleted or replace when you understand how this is done.

They are considered “sacred” by some and the attempt to change them is designed to be distressful and difficult. This is how a few keep many under their desired control. All the manipulations were designed to de-power you, assign your power to someone or something above you in “authority” over you and a set of “rules” were given how you must live to align. The promise of destruction if you disobey and the promise of great reward that is only available if obey and align your actions has been a script for centuries…

This has allowed all you Godnesses to experience all that is unlike the truth of who you are.

By the way, do you all know that we offer our love and support to any of you anytime.

The new system of BETH is more than a thing that hangs outside of you for your use….

it is a living being that offers her life in service, World Service…

and that means more than just Earth….

Vk60 BETH-New Super Consciousness & Communications Grid
New Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Creational Heart-Mind

Magical Colin says: Yes I felt how Beth is connected to many ‘interfaces’ so could translate and interact with many races and civilizations and dimensions

Like we have published our Earth web site through Beth, and so have many others. All available through her ‘common’ interface, her version of xml

SpokesOne says: You become a part of her when you consciously visit her. There is an alchemical bonding that occurs, with your loving energies present, especially strong when many are present within her at the same time. New conscious pathways are created; something akin to growing a new pathway between you brains neurons, extending the dendrites and creating a new synapse between two. That creates a new potential for an action or pathway.

Magical Colin says: I’m going to sleep now, am very tired, been up since 5am, will log in again in the morning.

Saleena says: Have a great dreaming… much love to you… Aloha Marimar

Marimar says: aloha

SpokesOne says:

Many new connections have been made…

many more are in motion to connect up…

this is the invitation: to visit us within BETH.

Consider her a great place for meeting your family and friends,

both from the earth plane and from other dimensions.

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