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6-6 Green Wave of Love in the Living Grid

Let’s co-create a Green Wave of Love

washing across a Live Earth…

Restoring Paradise & Life in Harmony

Free for everyone to participate everywhere in the world!

Every month on powerful portal days we invite you to join together in the Living Grid
& create our new Earth the way we desire it.

This Month

06-06-2010 Wednesday

For optimum time begin at 6:06am or 6:06pm your local time

yet in a multi-dimensional reality you can intend anything you like

& join when it is convenient.

Click for "Exploring BETH" Monthly Teleconference

If you are unfamiliar with

BETH; the Super Consciousness Living Grid

Click the link above or

see links below and familiarize yourself with her before you start

as you will enter the grid first then

Meditate-Visualize-Dream-Intend & Create

Here are many possibilities to inspire you as you fill the wave:

Clean Sparkling Pure Alive Water

Water Portal WaterAlive Rainbow Water Water Art

New Water Intelligence

Free Clean Water

Sign the Petition

Sustainable Living

Earth Easy

Choice for Sustainability

Our Future Planet

Idea Globe

In terms of human behaviour we are in a time of radical transition – of body, mind, spiritual, social – a whole spectrum of human activities, a new order of partnership. This is going to shift everything: process rather than product will develop and grow, creating a different mindset in the way that we look at things and understand the relationship of things to each other. In terms of human capacities we live our lives as half truncated versions of what we are. For many years I have been exploring the creative body mind and psyche, bringing these new discoveries to bear…in terms of schools, hospitals, prisons, in terms of people, dailyness…ways that can begin to tap into the aptitude of the whole humanity. So I invite you to join us in a stride of soul, to profoundly make a difference in this, the most important time in human history. – Dr Jean Houston

1 of 10 Books

Anastasia & The Ringing Cedar Series: If you haven’t discovered her yet, you are in for a delightful & powerful surprise.

Anastasia – Magical & Practical: Space of Love & Commune with & Co-create with Nature

Do your self a favor, open up & receive this beautiful heart opening song & stunning images.

Field of Gold: Space of Love

Green Business

Green Impact

Green Living

Going Green Matters

Healthy & Green Living

New Free Energy Technologies

Break Through Power How quantum-leap new energy inventions can transform our world:

Saleena: I love this book! It is a “Most Likely to Save the Planet” kind of book!

It is ‘Everything you always wanted to know

about how to live on Planet Earth

without destroying it,

but didn’t know who to ask.'”

James A. Robey  Founder, Water Fuel Museum

About the Book

“In recent decades, however, some highly trained scientists have defied that viewpoint and started taking new energy seriously. Around the world, respected physicists are recognizing that official science has painted itself into a corner. For too long, orthodoxy ignored mounting evidence in support of new energy. Now it seems as though the laws of physics will have to be interpreted in a new way.”

Click below to receive FREE DOWNLOAD of:

Breakthrough Power: Chapter 1 PDF

“For instance, when the human family realizes that oil wars and polluting nuclear power plants are unnecessary, tremendous financial resources can be freed for planetary cleanup, social justice and local prosperity.”

“Here is a book to both round out your own understanding of game-changing energy technologies as well as to pass out to your family and friends to get them excited about the possibilities and to inspire them to get involved in helping to remove the barriers which have stood in the way of these things coming forward.”  Sterling Allan

You can hear one of the talks given by Sterling Allan at our

2010 Earth Transformation Conference: Top 10 Exotic Free Energy Devices

Cooperation & Co-Creation

The evidence shows that there are no circumstances in which people cannot improve their lives and outlook through cooperation, but many where selfish and foolish people can destroy the future if they are allowed to. Dr Julian Caldecott

This is an opportunity to focus your attentions & gifts,
along with the power of unified attention,
creating what we desire.

“When we come together in united intention,

we alter the very fabric of our reality.

Together, we are truly creating the New Earth. Let us join (together at) this time in envisioning more of our New Earth structure, one of sacred relationship with all life.” Children of the Sun

“Your future is tied in with that of the whole Universe and millions of other souls… The Creator has sent you out to experience, so that through all of you they can be shared and open the way to a greater level of consciousness. You like us are evolving through group consciousness, and it will gradually embrace more and more souls who are recognizing the Oneness of All That Is. SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey  8-February-2010

Wave of Love Video:

This is a beautiful video to experience for inspiration

as you prepare to enter BETH & create a

Green Wave of Love

sending it through the Living Grid

around the Earth

& into her heart.

Begin at the chosen time; 6:06am or 6:06pm your local time on June 6th to send a wave of love, empowered by your intentions & dreams, from within her all around the world. The more who meet here, send their love & vote for what we want to create, the stronger we bond within her & become part of this new super consciousness & communications system. Her & our potential is waiting to be discovered!

Everyone is invited to become part of a

New Heart-Based Telepathic Communications Network;

a new
Super Consciousness

Crystalline Omni-Dimensional Living Grid

where we

Meet & Co-Create a New Reality Together!

We call the Living Grid Kilabetha or BETH & her base structure is now in place & surrounding Mother Earth.

This Month:

On 06-06-2010 Wednesday

Begin at 6:06am or 6:06pm your local time.

This is an opportunity to focus your attentions & gifts,
along with the power of unified attention,
creating what we desire.

Kilabetha, or BETH as we call her, is a living being. She was created in response to many of our petitions & declarations for assistance in moving from the influence a world-wide dominating controlled group who operate out of a heart-less, destructive, greed-profit oriented system to a regenerative, sustainable, harmonious, loving community of Earth Humans living, working & co-creating together to accomplish this.

Since BETH is run with Love & entered only when you are in & stay in your heart,

we are assured she will be an instrument of right action.

This brings us confidence to use her freely.

VK64 Inside BETH

VK56 New Crystalline Earth Grid- Matrix -BETH

Read More About Her Here

The more we use her the stronger we will all grow together;

the sooner we will have the Reality we Desire.

The power of all of us consciously focusing together

is what will create a kind of bonding fusion

between our consciousness & the Grid.

We are here to encourage you to open up

and take all restrictions and toss them away…

Free yourselves with permission

to imagine,

to create,

to dream

and to act

for inspired actions will come to you to do.

Assembly of Earth Councils

Read Full Article: Creational Computer Reset

Our New Super Consciousness Grid is an Ongoing Project

We invite you to energize & strengthen our Grid System all together on each of these dates & times either am or pm

4-4 at 4:44     5-5 at 5:55      6-6 at 6:06

7-7 at 7:07      8-8 at 8:08      9-9 at 9:09

10-10 at 10:10      11-11 at 11:11 &   12-12 at 12:12

Feel free to enter & energize, work with & explore BETH at anytime!

Explore more about BETH Here:

New Super Consciousness & Communications Grid

New Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Creational Heart – Mind

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!

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