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Omni-D Adventure with Wolves & Whales; Healing the Leak

2010-05-03 Exploring BETH: Politics of Change, Lanny’s insights about Obama’s Administration & their Decisions, Visiting the Oil Spill, No more Drilling or Quilling for Mother Earth, Meeting the Wolves; Slice of the Moon & Wisdom of the Wolves. Belees, the Arcturian’s message.

Louisiana Oil Spill

Belees: “Love…

that is the most significant thing we can

share with each other.

It bridges time and space.

It heals and mends

and turns events into positive outcomes…

Love is the most potent of all solutions

everywhere for everyone.”

Generally to the Travel Adventure Team:

[3:32:07 PM] Saleena says:  Aloha All, here is what I sent Lanny today: Aloha Lanny, are you planning on being on the Wed. Teleconference call on 5-5 at 6 pm Pacific Time?

“The southern US state of Louisiana is seeking emergency assistance to help protect its fragile coast from an oil spill that could hit beaches this week.”

We are also going to go check in on the area around the oil spill and see what we can do…and how we can enroll the elementals and devas to assist in bringing this to the highest end… to keep it pinpointing the need to stop offshore drilling and to preserve as much life and habitat as possible…

Saleena: Aloha Lanny, I woke thinking of this today…. I posted a “prayer-intention” sent out by Children of the Sun last night. I appreciate so much the organization and vision they have. I am so happy everyone is responding is such an effective way! It gives me hope that we will unify enough to create what we desire. Dream in the new Earth we have come here to help with.

Reading the 5-5 invitation update will help align you to the journey-mission…

Saleena says: Did you read about Sheaba? That is what we will be helping with… you can even go meet her tonight and tune to the frequencies of her essences, then you can help draw them here like a beacon… besides the singing…. which you do beautifully…. maybe you will be the one to officially welcome them to their new home….

Aloha Lanny says: I will visit with Sheaba tonight.  Thanks.  Your experience appears to be similar to the experience I had with the stories I brought in during the Light Worker Center period in the early 1990s.  They sat suspended on our website until their place in the Conscious Bible became apparent many years later.  Time wraps around itself while appearing a straight line to us. Much love to you and all those breathing together in this bridge building.

Saleena says: Tonight we are planning to meet and go to the oil spill… do you have any ideas about what we can do or insights about why this is happening?

I feel like we need to co-operate with the Nature beings and element consciously working together to bring about a benevolent outcome….

Aloha Lanny says:

The planet is talking to the Human Family

in no uncertain terms.

At times, it seems that there is a particular focus

on communicating with Obama.

His administration allows wolves to be killed and a jogger is killed by wolves in a very unusual event.  His administration embraces a return to nuclear reactors and Three Mile Island has a hiccup.  His administration embraces expansion of off shore drilling and we get the worst oil spill since Ixtoc.

Saleena says: This seem to be something that will get everyone’s attention to realize a change is needed….

Julie Griffin with the Wolves

Saleena sent file “The Wolf Song.doc” to members of this chat

Later I found it was called Wisdom of the Wolves by Julie Griffin

Saleena says: Here is a powerful message from the wolves I am planning on sharing soon…

This is what I have been feeling in my own life…the need to get back in my body and reconnect with earth and nature…

Aloha Lanny says: “According to the wolves, it is the magical forces of nature that are necessary to harness the fiery spiritual forces.”

The magical forces of nature are the crucible into which we will sing the two new beings (the essences of Passion & Pleasure who are waiting for us to usher them in to earth on 5-5) with our job being to make the melding a gentle encounter.”

Saleena says: okay… I agree… thank you. Do you have the desire to journey to the oil spill to check in? either today or tomorrow?

Maybe this message applies to enrolling assistance for the spill… also. We could use some magical forces of nature to get the attentions of the fiery spiritual forces

Aloha Lanny says: The King and I just took a quick trip for him to make his contribution toward stopping the flow through his application of shark energy.  I think that I will be journeying tonight with the wolves to see what I can do.

Saleena says: okay… let me know how it goes….

Aloha Lanny says: (After listening to the Virtual Choir…) Oh to have the Rainbow Chant performed by people throughout the world connected through virtual reality.

Saleena says: I bet you could make that happen if you really want it…

Aloha Lanny says: Won’t you please, please clone me!

Saleena says: and me too…!!!

Saleena says: one of my friends observed me as a worker bee…. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, yeah, they make honey!

Aloha Lanny says: One of me would be spending fifty hours a week on solar, like one of me is now.  One of me would be immersed in the natural world tuned only to that frequency.  One of me would be organizing Rainbow Chants around the world.  One of me … and so forth and so on.

Saleena says: I had the illusion of a day off this morning…. for a few glorious hours… then the mission sets in… on call…your message came in a [4:44:11 PM] yesterday the invitation was posted at 3:03 on the 3rd and went to bed at 3:33. The numbers have been doing their magic thing…

Aloha Lanny says: So much soul food received tonight.  Time for me to go digest and put to good use.  Love you lots.  Synchronicities abound to encourage us to accept that we are in the right flow.  Keep your eye on the prize, move on!

Saleena says: I am writing something along the lines of “Practical, Magical & Spiritual Things We Can Do to Help when “Disasters” Occur.”


Saleena says: as our friends would sing…. at the moon…


Saleena says: aloha

Aloha Lanny says: Silver fur shining in the moonlight.  Aloha

Aloha Lanny says: How about putting our consciousness ahead ten years when the oil will all be disintegrated and the ecology restored and then pulling that piece of the timeline back towards us to make the event as short as possible?  A hui hou.

Saleena says: That is good idea… or looking back and seeing how we magically in a unified way…pulled in a resolution beyond our practical understandings?

Aloha Lanny says: Mo betta!

Saleena says: I thought also of using the Simulator to see what will feed back if we put this in….  I was thinking at all the technology our higher dimensional friends have that could most likely help us clear it up very easily…. and that maybe the Arcturians have frequencies that could help either disperse it or contain it … (Arcturian Theme Page)

Aloha Lanny says: Ask and you shall receive.

Saleena says: I guess they all watch “patiently ” to see what we will do…

Saleena says: I officially ask our friends and those working with us… all the councils and federations if there is a solution that you can share that aligns with Divine purpose and flow… please help us to resolve this oil spilling from the earth into our ocean….

With humility we call on our Divine Source

and the angelic realm,

(Saleena adds: our benevolent ETs, UTs, ITs

and all higher dimensional beings)

to support us

in cleansing the oil from the Gulf of Mexico.

We welcome and pray for intervention of a Higher Order

to step in and provide a solution,

that is in accordance with the

Divine Plan for our ascending Earth.

Move those involved rightly

in thought, word and deed

to serve the highest good of all life concerned.

Aloha Lanny says: Amen

Saleena says: I also ask if there are ET groups on Earth at this time….that have any technology available to share that would help, please step forward and offer it in to those who could use it… or give them ideas on how to stop the flow as sooon as possible. Thank you…

Aloha Lanny says: Amen

Saleena says: I would like to ask all Nature and Elementals… Angelics and overseeing Elementals if they would work with us to arrange for conditions that would create the least amount of damage and loss of life and destruction of precious habitat…. let us know what we can do to cooperate…

We will pass the word on to all the lightworkers… I am open to any messages you, or any of you would like to share….

Aloha Lanny says: Amen

Saleena says: The wolves also said that these events were us… so what do we need to do inside to alleviate these kinds of things happening?

Aloha Lanny says:

That is what I meant about the Earth talking to Obama.

I am afraid he does not really believe

that he is the transformational figure

that he said he was.

He is and his decisions carry great weight.

If he will not love the Earth and protect the Earth,

Barack Obama Going Green

if he puts forth policies that threaten the Earth,

then the response back will be powerfully destructive.

Pray for President Obama

to awaken to his higher self

and stop letting the materialists define his decisions.

Saleena says: Marimar said that he is not pushing the envelope that he could… he doesn’t believe he can counter the more powerful political forces that want to keep the pillage going….

Aloha Lanny says: “he doesn’t believe” says it all.

Saleena says: His decisions seem to be made in ways that embrace the slower changes, as if that is all he thinks he can do….

Aloha Lanny says: What happened when the Democrats finally forced the Republicans to filibuster, rather than just caving in because the Republicans might (the financial reform bill)?  The Republicans caved in after one day and let the bill move forward.

Aloha Lanny says: Expanding off shore drilling is not “slower change.”  There are consequences.

Saleena says: BIG ONES, that is what Mother Earth is telling us…..At one level some of his decisions, when followed all the way through look wise… at some level they look like what has already been happening… I was looking at this around the whaling issue, you didn’t mention that one… wonder what response is going to come from that decision?

Aloha Lanny says: I have a congressman who is telling me that we cannot get a climate change bill out of the Senate without nuclear power included.  I say to him that the Democrats ought to stand up and talk about nuclear waste as an inter-generational crime and let the Republicans argue that we don’t have any responsibility to the next generations.  See how long the support for nuclear lasts.

Saleena says: Seems that all the BIG issues are coming up for him to interact with… maybe he isn’t going to do his part the way we thought….

Aloha Lanny says: Dead Whales.  Already a number of strandings in Hawai’i during the Humpback visit.  How many Whales are going to die in the Gulf?

60 Pilot Whales Stranded

Aloha Lanny says: is this my fault?  Should the Advocate be relegated to promoting solar energy in San Antonio rather than pursuing some global strategy to facilitate the transition.  If I play it safe and limited, is that setting the same parameters for the charismatic political leader?

Saleena says: Marimar said that the laws about having an international ban on hunting whales that were in place were already a joke and that Obama just brought that out… and said to stop pretending… to address it for what it really is….

Saleena says: Starts hitting home… it is easy to criticize “him” out there….

That is why I am asking what can I do to change all this?

What am I being called on to pay attention to

and to take action with?

and at what level?

Aloha Lanny says: I don’t actually see myself as criticizing him.  More observing that what he says has great weight and if he is not tuned to his higher self when he is making his decisions, those decisions may produce undesirable consequences.

Saleena says: Long ago I realized the physical fight wasn’t for me… that I had to work on the inner and the energetic to make any significant headway with environmental issues…

Aloha Lanny says: Really time for me to go digest all this.  Love you.  Good night.

Saleena says: There are many that are crying out now…not understanding why he isn’t standing up for the things they care about…

Saleena says: okay…love you… aloha… thank you….

Aloha Lanny says: Thank you

Saleena says: I wanted to write some kind of expanded perspective on this…. big order… bring some understanding….and some ideas as to what we can do… each of us..

How much power do we really have to change these things?

All the “programs” that seem to get through all the political tangle seem set in such a slow pace that it is hard to see how we will make it through to a significant change…

I am asking myself and each of you for some ideas on this…

thank you….

Aloha Lanny says:

Maybe that is why the oil spill is so large.

Only a catastrophe can break through

the myopic perspectives

and outright lies

presented by the entrenched interests.

[5:14:51 PM] Aloha Lanny says: To sleep.  Perchance to dream.

Show me the Way through to a New Reality

[5:15:57 PM] Saleena says: ahh yes… so I am responding… Show me the way through to a New Reality! love you….


Begin the Omni-D Adventure:

Checking on the Oil Spill

Saleena, Colin & Marimar

the Wolves, Mother Earth & Belees.

[5:38:06 PM] Magical Colin says: Hi, Have about an hour, then need to catch my train…

[5:39:12 PM]Saleena says: Aloha Colin, let’s meet here… There is a lot of conversation earlier here…we have been asking everyone to help….

Magical Colin says: Ok, can’t see the earlier stuff, can you sumarise?

Marimar says: aloha

Saleena says: I have the message from the wolves open here and am going to feed some in:

“Our numbers are not yet strong.

We are threatened by forces that are larger than we are.

They are called politics,

and they threaten many parts of the earth.

This is not so great a matter to you

because there are changes which are much larger than these

that will transform the earth.”

Message from the Wolves

Saleena says: Feels that we might just check in to see if there is something we can do…. aloha Marimar. Colin, you might be able to read the rest while on the train….

Here is the Prayer from Children of the Sun with some of my own additions. Lanny & I began the process of asking everyone in all dimensions we know to assist us with this oil spilling near Louisiana.

[4:27:00 PM] Aloha Lanny says: “According to the wolves, it is the magical forces of nature that are necessary to harness the fiery spiritual forces.”  The magical forces of nature are the crucible into which we will sing the two new beings with our job being to make the melding a gentle encounter.”

Saleena says: I think this applies to the oil spill or any pending disaster that we are addressing…

I also felt we might journey to the simulator and see what comes out if we place this oil spill into it…

How about we connect and open our hearts….?

Magical Colin says: Ok, Aloha

Saleena says:

Somehow the answer has to do with love…

“Love is simple.

It is about loving the fiber that is

in everyone and everything.

When we step into this Oneness,

we connect with this fiber.

It is not about “being loved”.

This energy is all encompassing.

It is simple,

never manipulative or clever.”

Julia Griffin on her website One True Self

Marimar says:

OK connecting with the fiber of Love.

Seeing lots of threads connecting beings on Earth to the Earth.

All the fibers together weave the biosphere.

Sending light through the fibers to strengthen the biosphere.

I think the biosphere is, by nature, quite resilient.

We can help it recover.

Note: The biospheres is the global sum of all ecosystems.

Saleena says: Connecting to you, Colin, To you Marimar, To the wolves and thanking them… for their clear message and for walking with us for so long…. and to BETH…. reaching into her and touching the fibers of love…. and connecting anything up that is needed…. then touching into Mother Earth…. connecting with all the Nature beings… everywhere… sharing love and appreciation with them….

Magical Colin says: Mmmm there you are… Can feel us connecting…

Marimar says: Imagining a new and even more beautiful holographic projection of Nature into our 3D reality.

Saleena says: I feel the angelics tugging on the fibers and all our higher dimensional friends present here now… many have their attentions on this now moment….

Wolves say: “Between the spring equinox and the summer solstice, there is a ripe period in time. It is a thin slice like the sliver of the moon just after the new moon. It is a time when songs and thoughts and feelings count. This is more serious than you know.”

“In this sliver of time, you must align with the Earth. If you meditate or sing to hear the Earth, then do this. The Earth must hit a very special frequency to align with the gate in the heavens. It is as though two points of a triangle are merging. Heaven and Earth are merging. They are both very strong powers. If one is stronger than other, then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union.”

Wolves say again: You must align with the Earth.

Saleena says: There are at least seven big wolves that have come around me… they are circling me in an affectionate way…. they keep looking at me with very intense eyes…. one comes close and rubs against me to show affection… another wags his tail and looks at me to acknowledge we know each other….

One is Black… I remember seeing him while living in Sedona… I think he is one of my guardians or guides….

Magical Colin says: Yes, suddenly aware of wolves too, waiting for me to notice… Patient. One paws the ground, saying to link to Gaia…

Saleena says: The black one has golden or amber eyes…..

He repeats again: “The Earth must hit a very special frequency to align with the gate in the heavens. It is as though two points of a triangle are merging. Heaven and Earth are merging. They are both very strong powers.”

Saleena says: What is the third point?

Wolves talk together with one voice: “If one is stronger than other, then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union.”

Saleena says: He points me to Julia’s message, “About Love & the Heart”     “We become aware of our future angelic self, which is an impossibly (but possible) beautiful future that is a flow between the present and perceived. Like strands of rainbow light, when we learn to tap into our heart space for guidance, the light guides us, illuminating our momentarily actions with insight.”

Saleena says: must mean momentary….

Okay so how does this guide us now?

Saleena says: I am seeing that we Breathe, and expand in our heart chakra…. touching into BETH again so as to touch all that are aligned within her… those who are bridged by her….

Magical Colin says: I’ve been placing the founder energy in Gaia and Beth thru my heart, and have just done it again… Can see a time when all humanity does this… Easy flow of love… Effortless creation in perfect harmony… Heaven on earth…

Saleena says: my feet are on the ground so I reach to Mother Earth too and all nature that is aligned in this moment.

Magical Colin says: Nature responds, can feel many Devas and earth spirits…

Saleena says: “As the breath flows in and out, see if you can allow it to flow and out of the same area in the back and front of your chest simultaneously.

Your heart chakra should feel open and full of air. Take a few more breaths if needed. Imagine that a great light floods into your heart area. Feel the light.”

Saleena says: This is where I feel Source… I also feel the Founders here too….

“Ask for your happiest memories, the most beautiful times of your life. This could be the color of a sky, a tiny flower, the feeling of a child’s hand or a simple delightful moment. Happiness is a moment.

Feel these memories. Let the feelings pour through your being as you focus on one or more of these moments. You are happy. This is the joyful awakening of your heart.”

Saleena says: Now the wolves are showing me how to imagine the place where the oil spill is…. touch the water… feel the oil, the Mother’s blood….

Smell it…. look at the rainbow in it… they want me to see it differently than I have ever seen it before…. connect through it into the mother… deep down, follow it into the earth….

Magical Colin says: I’m so sorry, please forgive me; I love you so much…

Marimar says: The rock formation down there, miles under the seabed, is millions of years old. So this is a journey back in time… perhaps to an old trauma.

Saleena says: moving down into the earth…. blessing her, where they drilled through her skin… forgive us… Mother…. so sorry, forgive me; please set me free from this kind of behavior…..

Yes if her body is like ours, it will manifest wounds in the same place over and over….

Marimar says: She might be able to use this opening to remember a long forgotten event that now needs to clear.

Saleena says: where the energetics are embedded. I can feel the Logos with you Marimar…

Magical Colin says: Can feel the Angels arriving, the ones from yesterday’s connection… Hosts of Angels…

Saleena says: Colin… can you hold the Mother while we dive deeper…

Marimar says: It seems like Spiders/Weavers are coming in to re-weave some old stories.

Saleena says: I am starting to feel emotions rising… a sadness emerging…

Please take us to the root, the place where this wounding started….

We are moving through a bunch of swirling rainbow colors….Seems that this goes beyond her earth body into a place of spirit where her soul is….

Magical Colin says: Holding my beloved Gaia as she feels this emotion, it’s deep in her core…

Marimar says: I see a crystalline building with a room. Feels like some kind of scientific or research lab.

Saleena says:  I see an odd sight… it looks like someone who is standing with arms out, like someone who stands for a knife thrower….

Marimar says: The energy does not feel especially human. Could be an etheric level or on a starship.

Saleena says: they are full of spikes… like huge quills… all through their body… not sure if this is an idea to represent something or a true event?

Saleena says: piercing their body? Please show us what this means and what to do?

I see myself loving pulling each quill out and blessing it… and running my hand over the hole and healing it…. filling it with the rainbow light…..

Now it looks like I am inside having the quills pulled out and healing all the holes, the wounds…

Do you see anything more about what this was?  Looks like a very strange experiment to me…

Marimar says: The idea I got about the scientist/researcher was “We don’t have to ask permission from our planet.” They could do what they wanted without first making sure that the planet agreed to it.

Magical Colin says: Feels like all the energy we draw from drilling and tapping into this ‘resource’ carries with it this old trauma, the karma… makes me feel like we’ve been parasites… Please forgive me… So so sorry.. Release this pattern…

Saleena says: Interesting… in the MIR technique I have added recently the statement, Remove all negative parasites, fungi, virus, bacteria now.

Marimar says: So are we ready to evolve beyond the planetary parasite level?

Saleena says: I say YES!  I could consider myself a planet in this body… acting in the same capacity as Mother Earth for a host of beings living in and on me….

Saleena says: some of them are making me feel less than vigorously healthy….

Marimar says: We will have to use another food source if we do.

Saleena says: Or be clear what the agreements are…

Marimar says: 3500 oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico must feel like a lot of mosquito bites.

Magical Colin says: It’s like any experiment on living things; we somehow find ways of living with the separation, by being superior

Providing they live in harmony and work for the common good, live friendly bacteria, then all is well, healthy body, healthy planet…

Saleena says: Negative parasites kill their host or make them sickly… which ends up killing their home… really strange to me…. doesn’t make sense at all….

Marimar says: That’s why there are very few that are fatal.

Magical Colin says: Yes here we are, humanity, doing that very thing… Time to stop and find ways of living harmoniously

Saleena says: In Anastasia… she mentions that it was the jealous elementals that convinced us to begin to poke and prod and dissect to find out how God or Source creates…

Wolves are reminding us to return to our hearts… feel the joyful and happy moments…. Breathe the feeling of them out the front and back… open into the space of heart and deepen in….

Wolves: “You can project this joy into the future or into the space where you stand. (or into the past) You will know when it works because everyone and everything will change instantaneously. This is the power of the heart space!”

Magical Colin says: I need to go now… Will look in on the train later.

Saleena says: I am sending this feeling of being happy and content and connected… of being aware of my creator-ness into this being who was full of holes, to the “scientists” who poked and drilled and investigated….

I am sending them this heart space energy; the joy… the love…..

Marimar says: Aloha Colin

Saleena says: I am seeing a picture of the surface of Mother Earth with all the holes drilled into her… Does this include wells for water? For sure oil wells….

Feeling her skin; my skin, full of these holes… drawing the fluids out of me… the mining… the drilling, the digging…. the dredging… the scraping… the clear cutting… it all feels similar…

Saleena says: I am toning now… and calling in the rainbow light… to fill them… heal them…

I feel the fibers connecting this to everywhere…. toning the AHHHH, the tone of the heart….

The wolves all are howling with us… heads up and singing with us…. now the whales are joining…. Even the water pump just came on and joined my tone…. it was the exact tone I was doing….

A#- a is the heart chakra tone….

The wind has picked it up…. and is carrying it around the earth….passing the word….the tone…

Maybe Lanny is dreaming with the Rainbow God… he was wondering about the Advocate tonight… said he would go and dream…..

Marimar, can you see anything changing?

Marimar says: I see a kind of salve spreading over Mother Earth’s skin.

The energy of repair and restoration.

Spirit Wolf: “The wolf speaks out of love for the heart that we once shared with them and for the sacred memories.

The wolf hopes that we will share the stars and earth together and that all of the earth will be healed, but there are many changes that must be made rapidly and little time. Therefore, the wolf is speaking through words loudly in hopes that this message will be heard…”

“The earth will survive but what of man? And wolf no longer desires to live if he is not loved by man. What is the purpose of being an animal or plant if we do not evolve with man? Have you forgotten that we came here to be with you? Our greatest desire is to help save you.”

Saleena says: I feel him speaking for all Nature…. to us….

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH……. stilling calling in the rainbow to heal, to fill, to help us remember… all of us…

Spirit Wolf says:

“It is not true that reading words

on a computer will save you.

It is not true that meditating will save you,

although it will help you to find your true heart.

It is true that Nature will save you, f

or you are her child

and have always been.

Nature recognizes her children

when they commune with her

so that she can come to know

the feeling of their bare feet against the earth,

the taste of water in the mouth

or the exchange of air in the lungs.

Nature knows you best

when you touch the rough bark of a tree,

smell the green leaves of the limb of a tree

or see a tiny flower.

How can Nature protect you

if she doesn’t know your taste, smell and body?”

Marimar says: Seems like Mother Earth is resting now… eyes closed… perhaps starting a new dream.

Spirit Wolf says: “Once the people understood, and their ceremonies were about rocks, mountains and creatures. It was not because they were primitive people who worshipped sticks and stones. Or because they thought that they possessed the power of an animal if they danced and sang to it.”

“It was because they understood the flow of life.”

Now, no one has time to even walk on a sidewalk and look at the sky because they are too busy. Busy doing what, collecting things and then dying? Thousands of people write about bliss and do not even know how to walk under the sun and have forgotten to look at the stars every night. How can they know bliss? What is “being” without nature? No one can live in the mind alone.”

Saleena says: Another statement I added to my morning health declarations “Return to the consciousness of ONENESS. Live consciously in the Flow; the stream of the Universe.”

Spirit Wolf says:

“It is better to listen to the birds than to television.

If you will begin to notice the birds, squirrels and plants

around your dwelling,

then you will find that they are speaking to you always.

Perhaps they will not in words

but in sounds, synchronicity, or feelings.

When you feel happy,

a red bird may appear

so you will know that the Earth is listening.

She is saying, “I hear your happy thoughts.”

Saleena says: I notice that often right when I need to know that something magical is about to happen, or that there is a moment I can make magic… or I need to be reminded of my connection to a magical world, a red bird appears outside my window and hops around in such a way that I must notice it….

Marimar, if you look into the future at this oil spill, what do you see?

By the way I am feeling as if all the holes in my skin are closing and healing…. it is a wonderful feeling…. it feels pretty tangible….

I see the oil pipe being squeezed shut… my own skin is closing in around it… closing off the flow….the flow is stopping…. the bleeding is ceasing….

Marimar says: This oil leak feels the same as the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Before the accident we were on a trajectory to have 1000 nuclear plants. Afterwards, people did not want any more built. I think the same thing will happen with deepwater drilling… there will be opposition even though the oil companies are eager to get to the oil.

Saleena says: I see that part of Mother Earth in the time of the root incident… she is sitting under a tree…. she is smiling and enjoying creation all around her… she has ceased prodding inside trying to find out how Source, the Father creates….

Marimar says: I wonder if the answer is that the Father creates through Love?

Saleena says:

Her heart is full of the rainbow light,

swirling around…

Through the God of the 5th Age

It is this energy working inside her….

Something from the past

moving into the now moment

here in the beginning

and now flowing into the future….

and back to this now moment….

Marimar says: The oil company will try to contain the oil next weekend with a big funnel:

Meanwhile, Nature can help to evaporate the oil from the water, or digest it with microbes in the water.

In a couple of days, the wind is projected to shift so the oil moves south, away from the Louisiana coast, and buying some time.

Saleena says: When I look into the future… I see there is a brighter light shining all around the earth. The people are more in their hearts. The leaders are serving the people. We are all connected to the Earth and Nature once again. These times we are living now are a distant memory.

The rainbow light is radiating from everyone and everything, as if it has permeated into it all…. we are playing more,…. working together cooperatively…. many of the issues of today are gone.

I see that something very powerful and mystical happened that changed the course of where the world once was heading…. things did change almost instantly.

Spirit Wolf:

“It is the end of time as we have known it

on our long journey with man/woman.

There is little time,

but time does remain to heal much and remember all.

When you think of the wolf,

know that we are howling at the sky

so that your hearts and memories awaken.”

To begin remembering, reflect on this:

Beginnings and endings are the same in a sense.

They are part of one another.

In the ending, the earth can become

what it was in the beginning –

a joy, a paradise, a planet

of abundance for star travelers.

If you are a star person,

then your heart is beginning to remember.

A part of you will remember the earth

when she was soft, open and young.

Once, we did not dream of the long sleep

called death but danced on the earth for eons.

You will know if you were with us

for we will have appeared in your dreams, posters, calendars,

or you will have encountered one of us,

whether you knew it or not.

We are part of what is called totem.

Our spirit stays with you.

If you came from the stars,

you will have already begun to remember.

Hold this vision of the earth in the beginning

for it can still come to pass.”

Saleena says: I see it has already come to pass…..

Marimar says: Here are some bacteria that might help:

Saleena says: Are you calling them in, the bacteria? Who can help to transport them there? or do they exist everywhere and can emerge if we call them in with love?

After reading this: Naturally Occurring Bacteria Could Help Clean Oil Spill

by Brit Liggett, 05/03/10

So one answer to an immediate challenge can cause another one down the line…. this is why we need some expanded perspective to view the solutions….

Almost two weeks after the disaster started, the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is still gushing up to 10,000 barrels of oil into the ocean every day. Efforts by BP and the US government to stop leakage have come up with empty hands, however it turns out one of the keys to cleanup might already exist in the now oil-infested waters. Natural microbes present in every ocean are superb cleaners, and with the addition of a bit of fertilizer they could prove successful in removing oil from the Gulf. A quick dusting would help the microbes multiply and then they would dine on oil en masse until it’s gone.

The process of using naturally present microorganisms to clean up oil spills is called bioremediation. Unfortunately the process won’t work out at sea and can only be used when the oil reaches shore — which is what the coast guard and clean-up workers are currently trying to prevent. The microorganisms, even without fertilizers, will begin to chow down on the oil when it enters their natural habitat. So, with the addition of sulfate or nitrate fertilizers the microorganism multiply beyond their natural state and eat up the toxic metals invading their home at up to five times the rate that they would without assistance.

There is a side effect to this process, however — Isn’t there always? It is possible that after the microorganisms devour the massive oil spill they could introduce the heavy metals present in the spill into the food chain. Larger organisms eat them and on up the ladder until it reaches humans. So though bioremediation may be lessening the initial impact of oil spills on the surrounding waters it could be introducing that very oil spill into our diets.

Saleena says: and them there is: “How Obama Could Use the Gulf Oil Disaster to Buoy Renewable Energy”

Marimar says: Interestingly enough, the spill is in the “dead zone” of the gulf caused by an excess of fertilizer in the water.

Saleena says: Amid the depressing news that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still not contained nor getting better — over two week after the disaster started — there may be a little green ray of hope. The devastating effects of this oil rig spill could be the perfect moment to garner support for renewable energy.

Last week President Obama announced that he was halting all future offshore drilling until this oily mess is figured out, but we think he should take that a step further. This oil spill is the perfect chance to educate the public about the devastating side effects of our dependency on oil and the clean future that renewable energy offers us as an alternative.

Saleena says: It is another one of these events that is calling us all to take a look at what is happening at deeper levels… calling out attention to certain areas and policies and habits and technologies that need to shift.

From Wikipedia:

Currently the most notorious dead zone is a 22,126 square kilometre (8,543 mi²) region in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Mississippi River dumps high-nutrient runoff from its vast drainage basin, which includes the heart of U.S. agribusiness, the Midwest. The drainage of these nutrients are affecting important shrimp fishing grounds. This is equivalent to a dead zone the size of New Jersey.

So again from Spirit Wolf: “The channel between the spring equinox and the summer solstice is occurring now. As I write Mercury is retrograde in Taurus and stationed in Taurus 13 through May 11. According to Franz Bardon who believed that every point in the astrological wheel contains a divine blueprint symbolized by an angelic group for each point on the wheel, Taurus 13 means “nature magic”.

The divine blueprint contains knowledge

on how to set various powers into motion

through natural means,

how to various causes through nature

that border almost on the supernatural.

Saleena says, According to the wolves,

it is the magical forces of nature

that are necessary to harness

the fiery spiritual forces.

“The fiery spiritual energy

that has awakened our souls

must be balanced by understanding

how to interact and befriend

the forces of nature through our physical bodies.

Saleena says: More about us going through the Passage:  from the Wolves:

“There is no stopping the union.

You must do your part

when the Earth begins to sing in this harmony.

Your part is about being one with Nature.

A great star gate is opening.

In your world, this is every 26,000 years,

but how can one measure this length of time?

It is only a circle, an opportunity, a time for truth.

When the great light of the stars pours down upon us,

the earth responds.

It is only beginning.

There are many changes that will come.

In this small slice of time,

your body must learn

what your spirit has learned in the past few years.

There is a frequency that as you say

“the planet must feel to ascend”.

The frequency is within nature.

It is not in the stars,

as the star frequency is already here with us.”

Wolves: We remind you:

In this sliver of time,

you must align with the Earth.

If you meditate or sing to hear the Earth, then do this.

The Earth must hit a very special frequency

to align with the gate in the heavens.

It is as though two points of a triangle are merging.

Heaven and Earth are merging.

They are both very strong powers.

If one is stronger than other,

then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union.”

“The changes that you have made with your spirits are powerful.

We acknowledge this.

The holders of the spirit song have learned to use intuition

to talk through your “internet”

or sing sounds through your telephones;

you have mastered sound and light through technology.

You have forgotten that there is more to life

than sending messages or sharing light.

It is only one part of an equation.

To understand an equation,

you must be able to work both parts of it.

The other side of the equation is the earth.

Many of you have forgotten your bodies.

Do you jump, run or play with earth?

Do you speak with the trees?

Or have you forgotten that they are

great beings who breathe for and with you?

Many secrets of breathing are known by the trees.

The trees are awakening and will share these secrets with you.

You know that you are awakening;

yet, you have little understanding of what is really happening.

Nature is awakening too.

We are aware of your every thought and feeling

as we were in the beginning of time.

Every part of Nature is reflecting you.

Have you wondered at the earthquakes,

floods, volcanoes and “disasters”?

Do you realize that they are not just happening?

They are reflecting you.

You are who and what is imbalanced.

As the wolves, the teacher, we will say that it is you.

What will you do with your body when more changes come?”

They say again: “Every part of Nature is reflecting you. Have you wondered at the earthquakes, floods, volcanoes and “disasters”? Do you realize that they are not just happening?

They are reflecting you. You are who and what is imbalanced.”

“Nature loves you, even if you have forgotten.

It is awakening to this love that will sing the planet into harmony.

Your senses awaken when you find it. (harmony)

Suddenly, the plants look beautiful,

or you notice that something smells wonderful.

We ask you to remember to dream with your body.

Once you knew how to dream of a plant and how to find it.

Once, you sang with the moon as we do,

and now it is a miracle if anyone notices the moon or stars.

What are the tiny plants that grow between the cracks

of the sidewalk or that you think of as grass?

Each of these plants has a spirit that sings to your soul.

Every rainfall has different message.

It sings of the season, the moon,

the sea, and, washes the earth with its dreams.

Magical Colin says: Yes, but we needed to remind ourselves of our star frequency first, now we can gift it back to ourselves and nature. Interestingly a pair of Robins have nested in our Ivy on our decking near our house, little red birds flying in and out feeding their young

Spirit Wolf says:

“We ask you to simply dream of us, the whales and dolphins.

We ask that you walk until your body begins to dream

and life becomes delicious.

If you cannot walk, then sit outside for a long time.

Notice when your body relaxes.

As simple as our message may be, it is important.

When your body relaxes and joins with nature,

the earth relaxes and connects with you.

The trees relax and the wind becomes gentle.

The earth’s currents flow through your heart

and the hearts of many.

Saleena says: They ask me to place this in here… they are weaving in two messages… into this one:

From the Wolves:


We do not know why that we have to remind you of these things. Again, we hardly know how you could have forgotten, but we love you. Our heart longs to speak to yours, so we ask our messenger to tell you these simple things:

1) Stop talking. If you are honest, the only thing that you have to say is about yourself. Spend hours in silence. Turn off the talk box that you call television. Sit outside. Listen to the true language.

2) When you have begun to hear the language of the trees and wind, then you can begin to speak again. Speak only from your heart. When you speak from your heart, the entire room will become quiet. Fire will come from the other person’s eyes or the eyes will be lit and alive. This is speaking from the heart. It ignites the spirit.

3) Understand that it is energy speaking through you, not words. Try to see the energy. Does it take a form? Do your words form ideas or cause transformation? If not, then return to listening.

4) Stop filling in your day and night with time. Do whatever must be done first and let go of the rest. If we are successful and you are successful, there will be little to do besides rejoice.

5) Take off your shoes and walk on the earth.

6) Understand that messages that take you into your head and away from the earth are walking away from the true path. Your spirit studies and absorbs, but it is through your body that you learn the study.

(Because many of you don’t understand, consider this: watching a video about tying your shoe or standing on your head doesn’t mean that you can tie your shoe or stand on your head because your body has to practice the information.)

From Julie: The wolves are allowing my comments on their dictation. This is very unusual.

They suggest that I explain that because of the

slight shifting of the magnetic poles

that there is a great deal of spiritual/electrical energy.

There is a sharp decrease of magnetism or physical energy

In alchemy, man is considered to be an electro/magnetic being.

Spiritual/electrical energy relates to our spiritual connection

(imagination, inspiration, divine connection)

and the mind (mental imagery and memory.)

Magnetism relates to feelings — the emotions

(our feelings about what we think and receive)

and physical body (physical sensation.)

The wolves are recommending that we

build physical strength and vitality


by spending more time outdoors with Nature.

As a result of my visit, I am posting more tips, videos and suggestions from the wolves on my website CHECK OUT ANIMAL COMMUNICATION ON

Saleena says: This is a mixture of two articles:

& one I received in an email called The Wolf Song. It doesn’t have a link and I haven’t found where it is posted yet….

Magical Colin says: How does it feel now, feels more settled from here?

Belees’ Message:

Saleena says: Tuning in to see if we are done? and immediately feel Belees:

Aloha Belees and Arcturian Team… so good to feel you… what do have to share?

Belees: Love…

that is the most significant thing we can

share with each other.

It bridges time and space.

It heals and mends

and turns events into positive outcomes…

Love is the most potent of all solutions

everywhere for everyone.

Magical Colin says: Aloha Belees

Belees says: Your higher self once told you

“Love everyone all the time.”


“Forgive everyone everything.”

Those are powerful truths to remember and apply.

It takes courage for anyone to do this.

It goes against the “trainings” of your modern day.

This simple wisdom if truly lived,

truly understood and applied to every moment

will turn the tide and shift the Earth to a new reality.

We do agree with the wolves and share our love with them, acknowledging them as our elder brothers and sisters. They are a special kind of being who has come into the earth plane as guardians… they are worth listening to… the Earth and reconnection to her and all nature will restore balance. She is going to shift… It is a question of how will you , on her surface fare?

Magical Colin says: I can feel so much love flowing from and to our Arcturian beloveds..

Belees says:

We watch over certain matters

and work closely with the whales.

Whales & Whaling

You asked earlier what might happen since your President Obama has aligned with a certain decision about the whaling? We share that it is true that the law or treaty that was in place was an un-truth. It was a hiding place for the ones how did not want to change. There is an undercurrent flowing beneath all the stories of why any of the races are still whaling. It is an exopolitical issue that hasn’t come to the surface yet.

There are certain ones that have understood

how powerful the whales are

in the wholeness of the planet.

They know who they are

and they desire to destroy them

and weaken their influence on the earth.

These beings do not want the Earth stabile.

The whales hold stewardship over

the records of creational history.

It is in the living library,

in the waters…

they sing in the library.

Things can change through this.

New outcomes can emerge through their singing.

Every year their song changes and it is sung across the ocean, throughout the living library to bring in the evolutionary changes.

There are those who do not desire change.

Certainly they wish for all change that will cause a massive awakening to happen, they want this to stop. This is not their desire, this is not in their plan. They desire to stop humans progress and tame them into docile and obedient “animals” who serve without question, this plan is to take everything from this planet until she is destroyed.

If you understand the importance of your Mother Earth

and her role in all creation,

you will understand

this is not only a plan to destroy the earth

and all who live here…

it is a confrontation to all creation.

This is why we are all here;

Billions of beings from every star race you can imagine.

Councils and Federations and organizations

all here to assist wherever we are allowed.

We consider it absolutely necessary to

change this potential outcome to one we all desire;

one where Earth returns to a Paradise

and those who choose to

will graduate

and ascend into an awakened race of beings.

The change is happening already.

We desired to tell you another piece of the story…

from our brothers, the whales… we share this with you.

Magical Colin says: The future I feel is one where we have awakened and are living in harmony with the earth. All those wishing something different have gone or are just leaving.

Saleena says:  I have been asking what we can do to change the whaling… to stop it… again, all the plans seem to cause so much vast sacrifice of life to shift things until there is no more need to kill our brothers and sisters… of any kind, be it human, animal, or insect…

The current plan still sacrifices 10,000- of more whales until it might stop! This hurts my heart…

The whales are wise and valuable…

that is why they are being destroyed….

in massive numbers…

The same with the dolphins….

they wake us up…and they are being slaughtered…. mercilessly… then how far do we look at the slaughter and abuse of all animals? It is vast… sometimes I am ashamed of what we are doing…whew!


Love. Love. Love.

That is the key that will unlock solutions

that have heretofore been hidden away.

Saleena says: It is tricky. I feel so much anger and hurt when I look at what is happening everywhere on earth… it is vast and gross what we do to each other, to our animals, our plants, the earth…I guess I will have to do a whale of alot of Ho’oponopono right now to calm down and change whatever in me has reflected this out into our reality….

Magical Colin says: Yes, can you feel the love..? It’s flowing..

Saleena says: Besides the temptation to feel hopeless and overwhelmed… so I have to return to the now moment… to my heart… to the feeling of joy… to the reconnection with nature… to the wolves and the whales and the dolphins and our higher dimensional friends… they are all so amazingly beautiful and patient with us….

Yes, the sadness and pain can be mixed up with the love and sweetness of all we are….

I feel a circle of friends are surrounding us…. my feet are on the earth… my eyes are looking up to the stars… they are reminding me that we came to be the bridges… the rainbow bridges….

Magical Colin says: Yes, we must be gentle with ourselves..

Saleena says: they are surrounding us with such a strong field of love….and reminding us to open and call in the rainbow light… it is designed to help with the transition…. channel it through our bodies into the earth….

Bring the qualities of the 5th Age into Reality here now….

These words about BETH just stood out,

“This brand-new heart/mind consciousness technology

was developed by our Divine Human team

in co-creation with our Star Families

in response to a request to:

* Develop heart-based technologies to replace current unsustainable/polluting technologies of the industrial age

* Stop/neutralize the harmful-to-life technologies currently being broadcast, designed to stop our evolution into Paradise

* Claim our sovereignty and freedom to co-create Paradise

The result of this collaboration is a new consciousness grid that can be accessed through the heart and runs on love frequency. It connects not only humanity with each other through the heart, but also all other beings operating on love frequencies, including Mother Earth, Inner Earth, natures spirits, and other dimensional beings who operate on the love frequency. Those not in their hearts, broadcasting love, cannot access this station!”

Saleena says: So I am tuning to the Station of Love… touching BETH and the Earth…. allowing the rainbow streams of light to flow through me….. to feed the Mother like rich sustaining food….

I love her and life and nature and all of you….


Do you love yourself?

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you allow your body to return to a more natural and joyful being?

Magical Colin says: Yes, I can feel that flowing now… Very real..

Belees says: This is why we support you all to design and receive Sublime Health.

Magical Colin says: Yes, I do, Yes I can

Saleena says: I feel a strong flow of this  rainbow light and love flowing through me… I draw some of it into every particle and every fiber of my being...

Nourishing my body with it….

there is more than enough…

the flow pouring through me feels like it is

as strong or stronger than

the oil that has been pouring out of her…

Magical Colin says: Yes, all can be balanced, all restored.. Healthy..

Saleena says: I invite anyone reading this to open yourself and allow the same to flow through you, until we all are acting as conduits for this rainbow light and love to flow profusely into our Mother, our bodies and into this reality.

Now I am feeling like what I came here today to do is happening…. I have the feeling that this will continue through the night and as long as it is necessary… I am feeling calm now and happy that we are able to change things….

Julie says:

“You will know when it works

because everyone and everything

will change instantaneously.

This is the power of the heart space!”

Julie Griffin

Saleena says: Thank you Julie & the Wolves…thank you Belees, and Colin, Marimar, Mother Earth… thank you Angelics and all Nature, Whales, Dolphins…Water and all Elementals

Thank you everyone who is with us

dreaming in the new Earth;

the new dream…

and now we understand it is time

to use our bodies more to dream it in….

Thank you… I love you… and all of you who read this. Thank you for whatever you are doing everyday to dream in the new Earth… to help us with this bridge to bring Heaven to Earth.

To all those who are bridges for the rainbow light…

to the Rainbow God and Lanny Sinkin for introducing us….

Saleena says: Hey I just realized one of the most profound books I read when I was a young girl was “Julie and the Wolves

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do….

Wolves: “Nature loves you, even if you have forgotten. It is awakening to this love that will sing the planet into harmony. Your senses awaken when you find it. We ask you to remember to dream with your body. Once you knew how to dream of a plant and how to find it.”

Each of these plants has a spirit that sings to your soul. Every rainfall has different message. It sings of the season, the moon, the sea, and, washes the earth with its dreams.

We ask you to simply dream of us, the whales and dolphins. We ask that you walk until your body begins to dream and life becomes delicious.

We ask that you walk until your body begins to dream and life becomes delicious.”

Wolves, through Saleena:

That is what we are holding in our dreams now…

we hold you in our love.

You are the most powerful of all creators, though,

so it is your dreaming that will bring it all into balance anew.

When we all align with Love the whole of creation moves.

Love it the answer.

It is such a tiny slice of time we are moving through,

from now until the summer Solstice…

the starlight that will pour into the earth realm

will mix with this love

and with your balance and reconnection with “Earth.”

We mean your body, too, when we say “Earth”

Saleena says: They give me this part of their earlier message again,

“The Earth is transforming,

and, yes, we know that everyone says this.

Of course, you do not think that it is a surprise,

but much will happen that will surprise you.

It will be very different from anything that you have known;

therefore, remember that the Native Americans called us

“The Great Teacher”

and learn now for there is only a slice of time.

We howl at the moon every night.

The whales sing

and the dolphins send sonar waves

to awaken the part in you that must become

what you call “conscious” very quickly.

Between the spring equinox and the summer solstice,

there is a ripe period in time.

It is a thin slice like the sliver of the moon

just after the new moon. 

It is a time when songs and thoughts and feelings count.

This is more serious than you know.

In this sliver of time, you must align with the Earth.

If you meditate or sing to hear the Earth, then do this.

The Earth must hit a very special frequency

to align with the gate in the heavens.

It is as though two points of a triangle are merging.

Heaven and Earth are merging.

They are both very strong powers.

If one is stronger than other,

then imbalance (destruction) is created through their union”.

Wolves through Saleena:

The gate in the heavens is opening.

You must align with the Earth.

Help your Mother, your Earth,

which is your body,

to rise to sing the frequency,

the special frequency

that aligns with the gate in the heaven.

They must be in resonance with each other

and then something very powerful

and very magical will happen.

It is different that your minds knows how to think it.

Only your heart will understand and enter.

So we will howl at the moon every night.

The whales will continue to sing

and the dolphins will continue to send sonar waves

to awaken the part in you that must become

what you call “conscious” very quickly.

For you are the ONES that hold

the key to the New Earth

and that key is in your hearts.

Thank you for listening and allowing us

to share with you.

Thank you for remembering.

WE are walking with you.

WE are walking by you.

WE are walking with you.

Saleena says: I hear them howl a long and drawn out howl to end this.

Saleena says: I will add this: to thank Julie for her sharing…

Julie says: “The wolves have knowledge about this point in the time and planetary alignment. They are also threatened by new congressional bills that may allow hunting of these magnificent creatures. The wolves believe that we have the power to save and heal the earth. ”

Saleena says: Here is her Wolf video.

Magical Colin says: Cool, love you

Saleena says: I love you too…

I Remember when I met the Black wolf in Sedona… I knew somehow I was that wolf… and that is where I started to communicate with the plants more and the nature devas….

After watching some of her wolf video: Wow, I am in tears…really touched by her stories of her time with the wolves… One wolf taught her to see what she wanted to happen, at the same time opening her heart with love and that would happen.

She shares the understanding that all of life is propelled by the fluid energy of consciousness.

“Energy is the essence of our Universe and all that is life. When we appreciate our ability to master the flow of energy–we can create miracles, happiness, joy and abundance in our lives. “

Julia & the Wolves as Teachers:

When my spiritual awakening began, the wolf appeared – the first time as a spirit wolf, later as real wolves with long tails and shiny teeth. They became my teachers, guides, companions and an object of my passion. I’ve lived with wolves (and my children simultaneously), spent hours with them and learned to speak their language.

From the first encounter, the wolves spoke in a loudly in a clear voice that was audible to me. It was as though a human spoke into my ear. They told of my future and events that would come to pass. The wolves also communicated in an energetic or intuitively universal language. When I listen to animals or hear the thoughts of humans, I “connect” through the intuitive language that was taught by the wolves.

The wolf remains an integral part of my life, for their teachings are wise and vast. The secrets of co-creation in the time of the alignment of the planets are known to them. The wolves have knowledge of the earth changes and the coming times that they wish to share. As their messenger, I decided to share their teachings as “The Wisdom of the Wolves”.

In the next few weeks and days, videos of the wolves and their wisdom will be posted on this page, and brief recollections or stories will shared on Julia’s One True Self Blog.

Saleena says: okay, I found where the first article, “Wisdom of the Wolves:” came from.

Another Article: Dreaming with Wolves

Marimar says: From a NY Times blog:

Will the Gulf Oil Spill Be This Generation’s Three Mile Island?

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