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Earth is Alive; Stroke Her Skin… Let Her In…

Earth ALiVE

…Inspired by Anastasia

Saleena Note:  This is the first time I am going to share my music with you. I have been waiting to "perfect" it and I have been waiting along time. Tonight I decided to be brave…and do it! Must have something to do with this magical energy flowing between the Solstice energies and the Grand Cross we are approaching…My next desire is to sing it for you… maybe I will soon….

When I wrote this, I was feeling such a strong bond with Mother Earth. I had been sitting on her and stroking her face and skin with my hands and feet…sending her love, talking with her… then inspiration sparked… I desired to share this kind of moment with everyone!

So I opened up & let the word feelings flow & when I moved into the place where she could share with us, I went outside and stood on here with barefeet and asked her what she wanted to share with us? The message came thorugh exactly like that… powerful and compassionate, so much love flowed through me! That is the Chorus….

One day I was singing to HA'a who loves the water & takes the most astonishing photos of it…talking to it and becoming one with it, so as I got to her message, I felt her surge into me and flow out to him through her words. I was deeply touched by her love of someone who loves nature so much! See his website Remember the Water

To me,
Mother Earth is her physical body

Gaia is her spirit

Cht'i'aia is her Higher Self. We met this part of Earth during on of our lightwork adventures.

(Light Picking- with intermittent strum)


Aw/oB (A without B)

How shall we live with Mother Earth ?



Call her Gaia,  Cht`i`aia,  Mother Earth…  (at end fade out….)


Dm                              A
Stand on her with bare feet.


                 G                             Aw/oB

Open your heart…    Stroke her skin…    (whisper)   Let her in.

                G                            Aw/oB

Gently ca-ress her,  stroke her face… make a place…in-side…`cause


G                    Am              C

Love moves us through our differences.


G                                     Aw/oB

Giving  love opens us with love.



Love sees we are of the same Source,


Of course, of course, of course….


(whisperListen  Listen  Listen to our Mother  


Chorus  Mother Earth-GAIA to Us: 

  A                G                        Aw/oB
Tell me you love me.      Show respect.


                   D                                  G

I give you   everything          and all I ask is…


D             G                   Aw/oB

Honor all life living with you.   (To Beginning)


Aw/oB                                     D

Living on my  body,     of my  body,


D              G                      A

A Circle of Life;     We are ONE.


 D                                                             G

Connecting our cells,  our hearts & our minds…  We are ONE…


Aw/oB                                        G

Together we move towards the Light;


G              Aw/oB

Bonded as Life.  



(1-2-3) Ki  ana  eee  houn.    (hown)

           4-  123   4       1-2-3-4

G               Aw/oB

Blended as Love.



(1) Ki oh hee  ana ee houn. (hown)     (Repeat & weave)

     2-  3-   4- 123-  4-  1-2-3-4


(To beginning or to Chorus)


Words & Music by

Saleena & Mother Earth

Words Written  06-18-2007   
Melody Created 11-22-2007 on Thanksgiving

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!