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8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation: Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM

"A high priestess stands on a hillside calling forth a host of Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings. These beings draw near, showering the earth with love and light, lifting up the vibration of the earth and transmuting negativity in the crucible of the violet flame. Dolphins and Nature Spirits join in the celebration." Willow Arlena

This is a continuation of

Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action! 

2010-07-27 Council of OM:  We are going to show you something; look deep within.

Saleena: I am seeing a triangle with a dot & two circles on each of the points. It has a smaller triangle within it.  They show me exactly the angles to make it.

Diagram 1:


Saleena: Inside of it is a strange kind of symbol that reminds me of a short key with four cones coming out the bottom. It has a light language inscribed on each cone and light language inscribed on the flat oval shape:


Diagram 2:


Council of Om: This is a template built within each of you who chose to descend into polarized separation.

It is your assurance;
your insurance you
will return home.
Sooner or later all will return.

We are going to give you a trigger;
a booster to stimulate
a quicker potential
to return home..


Saleena Note: They proceeded to give me detailed directions for guided meditation using the triangle and the key that we will be using on 8-8. I am excited to do in this activation!

8-8 Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure

You are invited to participate in the special activation given to us by the Council of OM. Here is some of what we may do:

1. We will enter BETH, the Living Grid & share our love, our hearts & all the new energies with her.

2. Stabilize ourselves, the earth, and all life in, on & around the Earth's vicinity with the Circular Rainbow energy. We will call on the Rainbow God, Kahl, to assist.

Adding this symbol, given to us by Belees, to place into the center of the Circular Rainbow.


3. Then we begin the activation using the symbols they gave; to bring our new Masculine & Feminine into a new level of Sacred Marriage in balance with the Earth, all within our hearts.

4. They shared a unique way for us to create a new merged EARTHEART as we all assist in lifting Mother Earth up to a new level of energy, frequency and dimension.

5. The ancient key to bring us "home" will be used in our 3rd eye to activate us all.

6. A powerful beam of light from Mount Shasta with the OM Wave will be used to activate the whole process. Many of the higher dimensional beings, that are calling themsleves the Council of OM, will be pouring their love and focus through this beam-wave to us to assist  in successfully lifting the Earth during this powerful magnified portal.

I love this luscious artistic expression of
Heaven & Earth.

We will be bringing
Earth closer to Heaven
or is it
Heaven closer to Earth
with this lift.

During our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures

There is always an array of surprises
when we adventure into BETH,
then to the higher dimensional realms;
guests who show up
that we weren't expecting
and amazing adventures that unfold.

We have so much FUN!

We meet so many wonderful Beings!

We journey to so many
astonishing, beautiful & intriguing places!

Part of the benefits of this kind of adventure
is the wonderful team we have;
your Omni-D Travel Adventure Guides.


If you would liike to join us:
Here is the Registration link
for sliding scale fee & preparatory information.


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