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Message 2: Stabilize the Earth & Yourselves; Belees the Arcturian; Rainbows & Crop Circles

Message from Belees
Crop Circles & Rainbows

Stanton St. Bernard, nr All Cannings, Wiltshire. Reported 28th July.

Crop Circle to Stabilize the Earth

Belees: We are laying a very intriguing crop circle in a few days. It will be preparatory to stabilizing Mother Earth while she goes through some “labor pains” as she nears her ascension point.

Saleena Note: This is the crop circle (above) that was laid the night he told me it would be created. The previous 4 or 5 crop circles were so intricate and amazing… I was really excited to see what it would be…I was puzzled, it was so simple.

Someone commented that it was a reminder to return to simplicity & center ourselves during these chaotic times. Then I realized this is the symbol for our Galactic Center, for the Divine Mother, and for the Void. I will ask him about it next ime we talk.

Belees: On August 5th, a portal begins to open; The Sirian Lion’s Gate. This year another corridor aligns to boost the energies tenfold. The potential for supporting your desired creations is great.

Energy will increase & strengthen as 8-8 approaches. Hold on… literally the Earth may “rock” as we make this passage.

Call on assistance. Make it known that you desire to have help stabilizing your Mother Earth through this passage.

Call on your Dragon clan to assist. Many live in the Earth & they can help. They work with the land & the magnetics & energies that flow through the Earth.


Diagram 1: Saleena Note: He gave me this image while we were talking. I didn't ask him what it was for. I will next time we talk…



Circular Rainbow
Every Cell & Particle


Belees: Imagine imbuing energy into every particle of Earth & all that live here with sparkling rainbows. Imagine them as a snake forming a circle & eating its own tail or taking it into its mouth… the rainbow goes around & around. This will create an energy field in you & around you to help stabilize. Ask others to do this & pass the word on.

Earth has a sharp rise to make very quickly between the 5th & 8th of August. Many are aligned to help “lift“ her. Like the image I gave you, it is a steep step upwards.



Prepare yourselves.


We recommend you focus your
8-8 Teleconference Adventure
on Lifting the Earth
Use your imaginations.
We will help with inspiration.

Certain things will change
or be altered drastically
after her quick & steep rise.

Prepare for the
you can imagine!


Much love,
Belees, the Arcturian

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Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!