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Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!

07-27-2010 Message 3: Council of OM, Circular Rainbow Infusion, Meditation-Visualization for Helping Lift Mother Earth


Saleena: Okay, I feel MaRi Magdalene tonight.  Aloha MaRi, I am here, Somewhat tired and happy. Someone asked if I would be available to take dictation. I have a few questions first.

Crop Circle

On the 24th, Belees spoke of laying the crop circle to stabilize the Earth. Is it here yet?

Belees: Tomorrow, your July 28th, which means during the night in the UK.

Saleena: Okay, thank you, I will look tomorrow…

Saleena Note: Here is the picture


What to Do for 8-8 Teleconference?

I need some help defining the next 8-8 Teleconference. I have tried to define it and nothing will stick. What would anyone recommend for the 8-8 Lion’s Gate meditation adventure? MaRi, you talked about it, okay who is here? What is there to dictate?


Council of OM Message

Voice: Aloha Saleena, we come to you as a Council to bring forward a message of hope, of joy and of wonderful news!


Saleena: Please, a Council of who? Representing what? Seems I have to be clearer before I can be a clear channel for this. I was so angry at someone this week. I expected him to be different than he really has. That is why got angry, I trusted he would do what he said and he didn't. The block must be in me… I am looking for it… and wish to change it….


Saleena: After resting and clearing and doing some Ho'oponopono I feel more clear. Okay, Aloha, I am here to take your message. Who am I speaking with; what Council?


Voice: We come to you as a Council in behalf of all who are supporting the Earth and all you have incarnated upon Earth to help her and her humans and all life make this transition. Many are on this Council that you know and love. Great is our love and respect to you and for you. We admire your courage and tenacity; All You Way Showers, Pathfinders and New Earth Builders.


We bring you a message
of hope,
of joy
joyful reunion.


Soon many of you will be in the embrace of your Beloveds. Soon the veils of illusion and forgetfulness will be parted and many of your beloveds will step through and be visible to you. You have never been missing from them, you have been once plunged into the densities and under the Maya; the illusion of separation.


Frequency of OM
Amplified & Added Tones

We are gathering this day within the loving frequency of the Om. The broadcasts from Mount Shasta is continuing. We have added more "tones" and amplified the "message". This frequency was first designed to assist you all in lifting your spirits, in strengthening your energy fields and in allowing you feelings of our love for you all. Now it will assist in stabilizing.

For Full Explaination of the OM Wave:

Grand Cross & GateWay of OM – Metatron


Council Members

Amongst our Council members are Ascended Masters, Brotherhoods of Light, Starfleets, Myriads of Councils, Committees, and Federations. In the Galactic sense, there are multitudes and all sending our focus love to you on Earth.

August 5th-8th:
Peak Time to Clear & Create

This next period of time;
from now and increasing in strength
on 5 August through 8 August,
will be a peak time for Earth.

During this time opportunity
to heartily clear and release
old thought forms
will be magnified.

The opportunity to create
that which you focus on
will be magnified.

The strength of energy
will continue for several weeks,
though 5th through the 8th
will be the maximum peak moments.


Rare Portal Intersection
Amplifies Lion”s Gate 10fold

As Belees, the Arcturian, shared, another rare portal will cross-link with the Sirian Lion’s Gate portal to magnify its power tenfold.


Mother Earth Has a
Steep Step or
Rise Upward to Make

Our hearts will be pouring forth our love for you and the Earth at this time. We support you and we support At Mother Earth. She will be stepping up steeply. We will merge with your efforts and lift the Earth at this time.

Since you are focusing on the 8-8 we will align our efforts on that day. Invite all to join in using their imaginations to "lift" your planet upwards.


Imagine Earth as a Child…
Lift Her Up

Imagine a small child moving toward a very steep step. Their legs are too small to step up. A loving parent reaches to the child and listed up to the next step. This is the effect we would encourage you to use.

Extend loving arms to your Mother Earth and take her in your hands and in your heart and lift her up the steep step and sets her gently on the next level.

Take a moment when you have her in your hands to show your love and appreciation with her. Share your heart with her. Merge with her.

This will help her and help yourselves to ride the rise with more grace.


As Preparation for the 5th-8th
Fill Every Particle
in the Vicinity of Earth
Circular Rainbow Light Energy

Council of OM: We ask you to fill the Earth, every particle, with the circular rainbow light. Ask Kahl, the Rainbow God of the fifth age, to assist. There are many who will be willing to help if you ask.

This is a preparation to help prepare her for this next movement. Now because you all live on her, this will be your movement, also. This will bring about many changes very quickly. You might say it will have a sharp domino effect on events; one event triggering the next in a rather rapid sequence.


August will be a most eventful month, yes indeed, for all, for what affects you and your Mother Earth affects us all.


Saleena: Do you mean everyone and everything in all of creation?

Council of Om: Yes indeed that is what we mean.



When you do this,
you do it for ALL.
ALL Creation will be blessed
by our actions
in the next 11 days.

Please Join us… pass on, link to, Stumble, & share the message to your lists and friends. Everyone of you can help make this happen. Much love to you all Saleena

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