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OM Wave continues thru July 11th Eclipse & Grand Cross until August 5th


Saleena: It is amazing how wonderful spontaneously OMmmmming at different times during my day is feeling. I meet my friend in the hallway and we smaile and OMMMM. The tone seems to have a specila magic right now as it joins the OM Wave frequency being broadcast from Mount Shasta region from the OM Crystal. I am grateful for this braodcast of HOPE, JOY & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE being gifted to us right now at a time that I can swing between bliss and somewhat harsh feelings.

Earth-Keeper Notes Woven in with other Quotes:

The 'OM Wave' will continue to
circumnavigate our planet
and will do so thru out
the remainder of the
rare Grand Cross Triad, thru Aug 5th.

Here is an Audio OM Tone:


"Sit, rest, become mindful,
sense into the stillness,
notice that you Are,
here now,
abide in that
I Am presence."

"These are symbolic sound representations of the eternal OM from which all emanates. Use a Tone that resonates with you in conjunction with your meditation sessions while mentally intoning the OM (OoooooooooMmmmmmmmm) for amazing results." Meditate4Life

This meditation is especially helpful in
gaining energy support thru the
July 11 Solar Eclipse and Grand Cross Triad.


Truly a time of transition,
creative manifestation,
intensity and opportune release.

Simply meditate with the OM Tone
to integrate into the OM Wave.

Utilize the OM Wave Meditation
thru the Grand Cross !!!!


Our sincere gratitude to the 1255 who joined us for the Om Meditation Webcast on the June 21st Solstice…The Gateway of OM

The OM Meditation with Channels from J Tyberonn and Ronna Herman is now available with free access for unedited replay at this link :HERE

The channels and meditation may also be downloaded directly onto your computer in mp3 format for a minimal fee of $5.  To download and purchase click HERE

All proceeds from MP3 purchase are for Randy Monk of   Timely Guidance in appreciation ffor his enabling and facilitating the inet-broadcast of the Global OM WAVE' Solstice telecast.


Hang Onto Your Hats the
Solar Eclipse of July 11th
Will Be  Intense !

Special Metatronic Channel

"The considerable and extremely potent  energy within this rare alignment of the
Grand Cross and dual eclipses is a double-edged sword. It's amplified intensity
can be harnessed for considerable gains if it is managed with serenity and calm.
If not it can create depression and negative emotional responses that will rupture
ones Auric Integrity. Be wise, tap into the OM Wave ! " AAMetatron


The Extraordinary Eclipses of the Grand Cross

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

…You are entering of one of the
most powerful and intense
energy crucibles experienced
on the planet in many millennia,
and the relative 'temperature'
is about to drastically increase.

It is the Diamond Triad,
and is the purpose behind
the encouraging 'OM Wave'
that the Cosmic Council of Light
have graced you with.

There are three very significant astrological occurrences over the next five weeks
(June 26-August 4). These are:

·          The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse -June 26

·        The Solar Eclipse of July 11

·        The 5 Planet Alignment of July – The Grand Cross

The June 26 eclipse of the full moon is extraordinarily powerful and will set the
stage. Indeed this full moon eclipse is a double edged sword and can be the impetus
of great change to the positive, if correctly understood and utilized accordingly.
Or its intensity can rupture your auric field and set you in a downward spiral.
It is up to you, depending on if you react in impatience and emotion or if you
wisely utilize this resonance for creativity and inward cleanse.

As is the case of all crucibles, it will use intense heat to purify.

The intensity will actually increase even more
in the energy of the
Solar Eclipse on July 11th.

Hang onto your hats Dear Ones,
it will be quite a ride!!!

Full Message:

Grand Cross & GateWay of OM – Metatron

Watch for: 10-10-10 Gateway – Free Global Telecast- Sept 21 (Equinox) 2010

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