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9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth-Invitation

Growing a New Reality

Now is a crucial time of change.

We have crossed a line,
a point of no return to the old ways,
the old world…


On 8-8 we Lifted the Earth
& thus ourselves & all of creation
to a new level of consciousness.

We created a new Merged EartHeart


Astrologically speaking,
everything is aligned to support us
to make great evolutionary movement
in creating a new world, a new reality now.


Creationally we are being bathed in all the energies needed for this; excited photons, intense plasma impulses from our sun & our guiding stars & through the center of our galaxy.


So many messages say we ALL have
the greatest opportunity
to wake up & remember
who we are NOW!


We are Gods.


We are Creators.


This is an opportune time
to use our abilities.

Whatever you spend your time
thinking about & imagining
becomes reality.


It is an excellent time to focus our thoughts & image, in detail, what we would like in our new world, our new reality. Each of us.

See it, hear it, taste it, smell it…touch it.

Feel it with your emotions engaged. Feel happy or excited… feel it strong.

Spend time musing, mulling, thinking, imagining what you would like.

If there is already something like it expressed in this world reality focus on what you want more of in your life.





I will share a few of my
– imaginings – visions – ideas – dreams –
seeds to create – grow the reality I desire:


I get excited about living together in a state of higher energies; love – freedom – harmony – grace – peace – abundance – fulfilled – interconnected awareness – conscious creation – living sustainably – choosing renewable uses of resources & energy.


Everyone Acting with Respect for each other & ALL Life.


We are Awake & Activated into multi-dimensional beings.


We Communicate with, Learn from & Co-Creating with ALL Nature, Mother Earth & our Star Friends & Family.


We are Stepping into an awareness of & embracing our Galactic Heritage.


We take actions to build harmonious respectful relations with all Humans.


We Birth ourselves into new archetypes that honor & cooperate with each other.


We Bring ourselves into balance with our own inner polarities; our Masculine & Feminine. Ending the inner wars & conflict. Coming into a Sacred Marriage.


We Embrace Love & Love Everybody All the Time.


We Forgive ourselves & each other everything.


We bring our own Father-Mother-Child into Sacred Union & ONENESS.


We Live in Love. Aligning ALL our choices with Love. We know ALL THERE IS IS LOVE.


We Allow ourselves to receive the unconditional love of our higher selves & dimensional friends.


We live in the Flow of the Universe. Everything we need or desire flows to us in each moment. Everyone on Earth has their basic needs fulfilled.


Freeing Ourselves


Together we are watching the fall of the Dark Lords & their Empires that have ruled most of the Earth for eons. They know how to create. They know how to align the cooperation of creation by using creational laws. They know powerful ways to create what they want & they have stayed focused on their goals for a very long time. They did not want us to remember how to do this. They convinced us that we were powerless. That struggle, fear, lack, and violence were all matters of life, nothing you could do about it.


We free ourselves. Any  need to be dominated, controlled, abused, manipulated, lied to, enslaved all fades into a distant memory and lies in our being in an honored place for they were our greatest teachers. We are grateful and we have moved on to pursuits of higher realm activities of explorations and creation.


We Free the new technologies that have been suppressed & are now fervently using them to bring our Mother Earth & how we each live on her into balance. She is thriving. We are thriving now.


We are having an amazing fun exciting time playing with all our newly awakened potential.


We are now free to interact with and co-create with our Star Families and Friends. With the Higher Dimensional Beings of Love-Light.

Ascended Masters of Love & Light walk amongst us and share their wisdom with us.


We have Sublime Health & well being available for ALL.


We are rapidly optimizing our senses & super senses – becoming more multi-dimensionally aware everyday.


We are Opening to & consciously learning from the Living Library of Earth. It is all around us & we are the keys.


We are Raising our vibrations so we can access the vast libraries of knowledge in the Sun, through the Sun & all around us….


We are Beginning to embrace our Galactic relations & open to space travel & exploration.


As we go through the transformations & shifts, We flourish regardless of today’s uncertain economic times.

We easily hold the “tone” of the new as the old crumbles & falls away….


For our
9-9 Omni-Dimensional
Travel Adventure
We are Going to Plant  Seeds
for our Paradise Garden
of the New Earth

Thurs Sept. 9th at 3pm Hawaii Time


You are excitedly invited to
participate in co-creating a
Paradise New Earth Garden.

1. First we are invited to choose our “seed” ideas; what we want to grow in our new Earth Garden.

2. Then we prepare them to fully contain all the information from us they will need to be able to sprout and grow the fruit that will support us in the best way. Do this by taking them into your hearts, then into your pineal gland in the center of your head. Breathe into them in each place until you know it is enough and they are imbued with your essence-energy.

3. Next the Creator Whales have prepared an alchemical container to gather our seeds in. They will gestate here until it is time to plant them on 9-9 when the portal opens.

4.To successfully grow this Paradisical Garden of a New Earth we need to cultivate a space to plant the seeds of our choicest dreams-visions-desires.

In preparation, the Councils of LIght are broadcasting the OM, giving attentions & energies, through their interconnections to BETH, the Living Superconsciousness Grid, to the energies & focus to imbue the magical garden soil with nutrients to feed our seed-intentions. They are creating a powerful condition (love) where our seeds can flourish.

5. Then we choose 9-9 as a time to plant all our seeds together.

6. Next we need sun light (information) & water (catalyst) to wake up the seeds. Water, light, & nourishment (love) while they grow.

When they sprout, we have the beginnings of Paradise Earth & a new Reality.


I know that many already have planted seeds for our New Earth Paradise Garden & they are already sprouting. We are inviting you to plant more…. We need many ideas, dreams, desires, visions, solutions, creations to shape & fill our new reality with more of what we desire it to be.

Come & play! Prepare & Share your seeds! Let’s prepare for a glorious planting of our Paradise Garden of the New Earth on the 9-9 Portal Day.


Choosing your SEEDS

1. You are invited to write a short description detailing what “seed” you would like to plant in the New Earth to help grow our new Reality.


2. I will post them online HERE so everyone can share.


Join our Omni-Dimensional
Travel Adventure Teleconference Call

9-9 Planting our Paradise Garden of the New Earth

On 09-09-2010 Thursday


3. Then if you would like to journey with us on the 9-9 Portal Day into BETH, the Living Grid & meet the Council of Light-Council of OM, they will lead us from there to plant the seeds in a special alchemical process. I only know right now that they will meet us & lead us from there.

You can register for the Teleconference call HERE.

Please read this before the call and take at least one journey into BETH, the Super Consciousness Living Grid so you familiar with what she is and how to get there. We have several recordings and many articles About BETH.


-OR- Join People ALL around the World
to Co-Create the


9-9 Wave of Love;
Planting Seeds into the
Paradise Garden of the New Earth

On 09-09-2010 Thursday

Begin at 9:09am or 9:09pm your local time

or any time…

Create your seeds for the New Earth Paradise Garden, then feel free to journey into BETH & send out your Wave of Love into her living grid. Then let her guide you to a place where you can plant your seeds.


You may find inspiration in the
Anastasia model

for creating a Space of Love
& planting a conscious garden.


As we learn to garden and understand the process of planting, we learn the lessons of patience; as we wait for our seeds to first germinate, then grow, and eventually bear fruit.

We also learn that our seeds bear fruit as we care for them, love & appreciate them, love & care for the ground; the soil, Mother Earth. Remove the weeds, water and feed our flourishing crop, and prune the unnecessary growth away.

Soon we pick and eat the
ripe luscious juicy fruit;

the fruit of

A New Life,

A New Earth

A Paradise Garden

as it was intended to BE.

And this new fruit will

provide more seeds for our New Earth

& begin to create abundant new Life

in our Paradisical Garden

& so it is…

Full of Aloha!

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!