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10-10-10 StarGate – Message-Invitation from Council of ONE through Suzanna Kennedy

Suzanna Kennedy: Aloha ALL! This is what I received regarding 10:10:10:


Council of ONE:

The significance of this

10:10:10 Stargate Opening

is such that we, the

Council of One,

encourage you to

Power Up your I AM Presence.

In the alignment of
your many selves
Your Self,
then come into alignment with the

I AM of All in One.


This is the first time
in your celestial history
that that you have experienced this
10:10 Stargate while the
Celestial Unity Wave is flowing. 

This generates a wave of change
so profound; your very particles of light
spin differently than before. 

Spinning faster, jumping, twirling in joy; 
expressing an
ecstatic dance of particles
on waves of unity.


When you become conscious
of this

Sacred Union,

it gladdens your heart.

The frequency of


your focus upon 


will be like a

rocket booster

to the
collective consciousness of humanity;
raising all to a timeline
that is even more graceful than before.


Your world is transforming.


Humans tend not to like change.
And transformation is


This is difficult to cope with for most on your planet. The Council of One's focus is dedicated to

graceful change,

graceful transformation.

Focus on more grace,

more ease with the

right balance of speed.


Yes, we also see those of you who are not afraid of change, those who embrace transformation.  You become impatient and perceive the changes as happening much too slowly.


Come to the
10:10:10 Stargate!

Cocreate & Celebrate
a graceful transition into


Play with the energies of


and watch what you call into being.

Register HERE

Council of One
transmitted through
Suzanna Kennedy

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!