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11-11 Stargate2 Frequency Mandala – Transformational Art Offer – Special Price with 11-11 Travel Adventure Recording

11-11 Special


Transformational Art Offer


11-11 Crystalline Stargate2 


Frequency Signature Mandala


When you purchase our 11-11 Crystalline Stargate2 Adventure recording, you will have an opportunity to order the 11-11 Crystalline StarGate2  frequency mandala for a special price of $10.10 as a download. This is  part of an ongoing Transformational Art  creation process that spans 10-10-10, 11-11 and 12-12 portal days.


This process began when Saleena created the 10-10-10- Crystalline StarGateONE mandala which shows new codes coming in from "beyond" our local Source.  Since 10-10-10  these new codes from beyond Source, as we know it, have been "unpacking" and stepping down levels until we are able to receive them locally, meaning in our bodies and on Earth and into her new systems.


The 11-11 Stargate Adventure built on these energies & led us in a process to disconnect from the old fear-based grid and reconnect with our BENEVOLENT Higher Self and BENEVOLENT Source. This clears the pathways for an even deeper assimilation of the new codes.


Before the 10-10-10 Stargate AdventureTransformational Artist, Saleena Ki, co-created the first base stargate design with her StarBand OutReach Council's support. She asked that whatever BENEVOLENT Beings of Light we interact with; The FoundersLyransArcturiansAngelicsSiriansCouncil of OM or Council of Light,  Council of ONE or any other beings working with us from beyond our known Source, share new codes, gifts of vibration or frequencies via glyphs, light language or geometries.


After our 10-10-10 Adventure, she went looking for what to add.


She saw floating on the surface of the bubble
that holds within it our ALL THERE IS,
all our CREATION as we know it,
beautiful golden glyphs;
light language from a
Source beyond our Source.

To her this meant that we were
being downloaded with
brand new energies from outside
our known paradigms of creation.

She had seen this once before in 2005
when something brand new was being birthed
into our universe from outside itself.


These new codes are now represented in the
10-10-10 Crystalline StarGate ONE Mandala.

It can be purchased
HERE along with the 10-10-10 Recording.


During our 11-11 StarGate Travel Adventure:
Re-Connecting the Benevolent Self,
she was on the lookout for any
new codes or glyphs that would
upgrade and reflect the added energies
of this 11-11 portal opening
and the journey we embarked on together.


Saleena added these to the design and you will have the option to order your new 11-11 Stargate Mandala full of the special essence-energies-codes as a download when you order the recording of 11-11 Stargate2 Adventure HERE. This will help you continue to bask in the energies of your expereince.


What to do with your Vibrational Art?


You can print it out and keep it in your sleeping space or where you will see it often. Meditate into it. Journey into the portal via the bridge it creates. Use it as computer wallpaper or screensaver, upload it to your phone or other electronic devices. It works on you while you work at the computer. 


You will receive an 780×780px image to use for a larger screen saver and a smaller  web version with a watermark to be used on personal blogs or websites. Please add a link back to the website following Terms of Usage. For up to 13×13" high quality print or laminated Vibrakey see the Birthing Gallery to purchase.


If you want to use any of Saleena's Art for commercial purposes or in printed material please contact the artist for terms.


To order the newest

11-11 Stargate2 Mandala

follow the link below:


11-11 Stargate2 Travel Adventure –
Benevolent Re-Connection – Webinar Invitation


To order the 10-10-10 Mandala:

10-10-10 Crystalline StarGate ONE Adventure Info-Recording

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!

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