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Venus Transit – HUGE Transition! Eclipses-Portals-Alignments-Opportunities-Reboots

Saleena: Aloha ALL! This blog portal is for sharing Messages pertaining to Our New Universe and there has been so much energy flowing through my body with ALL the Solar and Galactic activity with astrological alignments and portals openings-chaotic nodes-transitions-reboots-redirects-resets-activations that I have been very tired at times, so tired I haven't been able to post much.    

So I am going to post this first part before the Transit and will add some more of the sharing and offerings I have from Venus hopefully tomorrow. Also some of the Vibrakey updates through this year so far.          


We certainly we have been through so much so fast that we might not recognize ourselves. There is very little time to integrate before the next wave is upon us.


Have you thought about what reboot means?

Well when I need to reboot my computer, it is ususally because I have installed new software or hardware or it is is need of resetting its memory from an intense day of work. What do I do? I turn it off and back on. It shuts down all its programs, then turns off, a moment of stillness and then it starts back up. Well, I can say that I have moments that feel just like that off and on the last month. All of a sudden my brain and body just shut down and I feel deeply tired to the core, then after a rest, sometimes a very short one, I am back online and running fresh.


What ever old programming that doesn't align with the new energies inside us and out in the collective mind that hasn't been dealt with is surfacing with intense fevor and zeal; acting out its last foray of playing out the old patterns and bringing them into the open before we release them and move on creating something new.

I am beginning to love and appreciate ALL parts of creations, yet there are some I sigh a great sigh of relief when they have transitioned on to the light!


I really relate to and have been experiencing most of what this message I received from Aluna today shares: 


Aluna Joy: The universe is really testing our balancing skills with extremes since the May 20th eclipse.

The universe has us coming and going like a yo-yo with bursts of intense electric energy that is rebooting our bodies.

We and our families are really feeling the pressure with huge losses and amazing victories.

We are working hard to let go of beliefs and history at a core level.

Being in a physical body is hard work this week.

Feeling tired, agitated, migrating pain in the body, digestive issues… dizzy etc ?

Saleena: Add Burning sensations throughout the body…

Aluna: BUT… We felt a shift this morning! 

After viewing the lunar eclipse (4 am), I woke feeling like we are coming out of a month of very hard work. So if you are reading this…. Congratulations you made it! 

We have emerged from one of the

most intense the eclipse portals

we have encountered in our lives! 


And today we close out the 8 year Venus transit portal!  Use your solar viewing glasses!    So everyone hang in there…

Don't judge your process no matter how ugly it gets.  Let the ugliness all out…

We are clearing mis-qualified energy of an ENTIRE AGE.  

Our emotional and physical bodies have had a VERY strong work out.  

Mis-qualified energy is being cleared out of us with jack hammer force. 

YET… Our spirits are all queued up and ready to go with a new sense of calm, peace, and an inner knowing that ALL is in divine order.

Now our bodies need to catch up. 

We are going to feel lighter, clearer and have more authentic power very soon. 

Things will shift to another level after the Venus transit on June 5-6th.

Fingers crossed.

Solstice coming up soon with yet another huge gateway. 

Read more about the SOLAR WAVE on the June Solstice at

SO Glad we are joined together with this work.

Support one another.

We will be broadcasting out Love and Visions of Paradise from Avalon over the June Solstice. Blessings to our strong and courageous spirit family!

~ Aluna Joy ~Venus Transit


Estaryia Venus shares:

Venus Transit Is Coming June 5th!   


The Venus Transit, that only occurs every 113 years,  

will open a balance point in the heart which will enable you to connect with your deepest source.  


Cellular DNA will be activated through the mathematical relationship that is being created via the 5-pointed star geometry angle completion of the Transit.

This activates the phi spiral inside of our DNA – awakening cellular consciousness!

What kind of Cellular Consciousness?   

Divine Balance & Harmony, Love & Light of Venus and the Sun.


The fusion of light of the Sun and Venus will be transmitted to the Earth during the  6 hour portal of the Venus Transit.   


This light of the Sun – which gives life to all things on planet Earth, including human life, and considered by the Egyptians to be the key to Eternal Life, and is the golden light of of Christ Consciousness will be fused with the light energy of Venus – the Divine Feminine – also known as the Queen of Heaven – Isis, Mother Mary, Aphrodite  


This Divine Union of energy of the Divine masculine light of the Sun with the Divine feminine light of Venus – the Holy Father energy and Holy Mother energy will be united forming a trinity with the Earth.


Earth will be receiving this light, the waters, oceans, plants, animals, and human life


Receiving and absorbing the light into our pulse systems of our body is important during this time. 


Stress and tension creates blockages to being able to assimilate higher frequencies into the body.   


Most important now is to relax the body to open to receive the impulses of energy that will be transmitted to Earth.   


This Divine Union Portal of higher frequency light energy from the Sun and Venus, will also be a channel for the cosmic energies of Orion to flow through.


The Orion Star System is where the Venus Transit is occurring!


The Orion star system is considered to be higher knowledge – original knowledge and connected with the Tree of Life.   


Adam & Eve Story – Tree of Knowledge – Original Knowledge –


This is the awakening of knowledge inside of humanities cellular structure.  


This if 5th dimensional knowledge and above.   


This higher frequencies and colors of light are passing through the Venus Sun Earth Trinity portal and coming into Planet Earth.  


All we have to do is be relaxed, connected in our heart, and in a state of equilibrium to receive them.   


Feeling our heart connected with our brain/mind, feeling the rhythmic pulse of the Earth pulsating through our body, mind and heart.   


The Star Gate of the Heart is the portal that we can receive this higher love and original knowledge through.     


It is the equilibrium point that allows energy to absorb and integrate into to the electro-magnetic field of the human system and Earth.




The image above was shown clearly to me so I created the image.  It shows part of the Star Gate portal that is activating in the Earth and Hearts of humanity through the Venus Transit.   


As you can see the Diamond being created by the interlocking cones/vortexes of energy.


This vortexes of energy are in phi relationship and this energy is uniting in the Equilibrium point in the diamond center which is the portal of union in the Vesica geometry and is the sacred holy vessel womb of creation.   


All life is birthed through this holy grail – spirit into form.   


The codes of awakening inside of our cells are activated through this equilibrium and the divine union of Mother / Father energy being in balance.


This is what is occurring on Earth.   


A re-balancing of Feminine and Masculine energy –  


The sacred holy marriage of the Sun and Venus – Father / Mother energy being transmitted to the Earth Child.  


Notice the DNA Star Pentagram – Stellated inside of the Diamond –

the angle of our DNA ratchet!


The Venus Transit of the Sun is completing this spiral activation that began in June 2004 when she made the first part of her transit.  


I personally was called during the Venus Transit initiation of June 2004 to an ancient Isis Temple at Rennes Le Chateau – the place that is on the Star Pentagram grid on Earth.  There I was to do planetary grid work on the night of Mary Magdalene and during the first point of the Star DNA Activation.  (I'll send the article on what happened on that night for those who would like to read about that)


Think back to where you were June 2004 during the transit ~ What has occurred in your life during this 8 years of pregnancy?  What are you birthing from within your heart?


This is the completion of the cycle that began June 2004 transit.   


We are birthing thru this portal of the Sun Venus Earth – into higher dimensional aspects of our self that is in harmonic balance and union with source.   


Unified field consciousness is activating and peace and harmony once again will be restored.   


The New Earth is being born into this next vibrational octave of love and unity, and as we move beyond June 5th the Venus Energy of  

love, light, beauty, harmony and peace will continue to blossom and unfold within our hearts, the truth of who we are.   


  *Venus Transit June 5th:

11:09am – 5:50pm Hawaii Time  

2:09pm – 8:09pm PST

5:09pm – 11:09pm EST 


For those of you who would like to attune more deeply with the  

Venus Transit alignment and instantly bring your heart and brain into connection 


Please see the link below for the Venus Wave Brainwave mp3's


Venus Brain & Heart Attunement  


Frequency of Venus & Sun with Brainwave Entrainment    


Powerful brainwave sound technology to bring your heart & brain into a  coherent state of entrainment in less than 5 minutes, putting your pulse systems into equilibrium for deep relaxation, stress release, meditation, receptivity, rejuvenation, and more. 


Plus free bonus Venus Wave mp3 included ~

Venus Wave Brain & Heart Synchronization


"I have to tell you that I just downloaded the Venus Wave mp3's and listened to Alpha, me and the 3 dogs and it attuned all of us- they are still in  the depths of the sound vibrations penetrating their beings and I am so grateful as the vibrations continue expanding within me like waves of rippling matter attuning my brain and being to the new energies. 


I feel so much more grounded, connected and in alignment with  

the true essence of the shift as my brain has finally quieted down. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!" 

Alecia – Colorado 


VENUS TRANSIT VIDEO – To see more Info on the 

Global Heart & DNA Awakening that is occurring during the transit 

Click Link Below to See VENUS TRANSIT VIDEO:

Venus Transit Video


Much love & light!

Estaryia Venus 



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