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Choose Peace Now – Introducing Peace Keyper – Michael White


Saleena: I am happy to introduce you to a fascinating friend of mine, Michael White. He has started a new blog called

Choose Peace Now;

Keys to a New Paradigm of Peace

VK31 PeaceMaker by Saleena Kí


Michael is a very unique being. He is a Peace Keyper. He, along with his partner and daughter are "on a mission to awaken humanity’s peace potential." This is one of our familiar connection, since I am a Key Maker and have always known my mission involved bringing us to a state of Inner Peace on this planet. You can read more about him here: About Michael


Recently Michael was inspired to begin to share all the amazing adventures and insights he has gained over the years. I am having a similar inspiration this year to bring forth many of the adventures and experiences we've had over the years, as if this year is the time to begin to share them more freely. He is on a roll sharing many of his past present and future experiences with insights he has gained in his omni-dimensional travels about our Creation.

I met Michael in Hawaii in 2003 during the first Psychic Children's Conference hosted by James Twyman. I immediately felt that resonant familiar family soulness with Michael. I have stayed in touch and followed his adventures and insights; enjoying his perspectives has greatly added to my life. At one point he offered a Teleconference experience where all who were called to participate released and activated certain sequences of information we. yes we put them there, had stored in the stones of the Eqytian Pyramids. That was very exciting, fun and a powerful activation for us all. Here are some more recent recordings of a similar 


Egyptian Clearing Meditation

Egyptian Initiations – The Death of the Ego –

conference recording


At another point in time, he was writing a book called, The Promised Key. Colin, Mary Angelico and I all participated in a series of teleconferences and bought his book as soon as it was out. During this time, this all inspired me and one of my Vibrakeys involved meeting Einstein and being shown how to "fulfill" his E=mc2 formula to a new level. It is within VK55 Oneness in Wholeness.

VK55 Oneness in Wholeness-E=mc2 "Fulfill the Coding" by Saleena Kí

Here is an interview Colin Whitby did with Michael at the time.

Recently Michael contacted me asking if I might share his new blog with you.  His creative endevors to assist us in coming to a new place of Peace and Empowerment here on Earth are certainly worthy of some attention and support. His new blog is the same style as this one, so I feel it is a familiar feeling and I consider it a "sister" site to this one. His way of traveling through the unseen worlds is very similar to our Omni-D Travel Adventures. Maybe sometime we will team up and offer an Adventure together…. might be really fun!

So here is a beginning point of connection.

Feel free to explore and enjoy the rest of his site.

He has presented a very wonderful series on DNA there.

HERE's Michael!…..

Regenesis! —

A Message From Our Future Selves

August 18, 2012

This morning I traveled out-of-body and into the future by more than a decade. Could have been as many as two decades but I wasn’t sure. What stood out during this experience is that I was able to talk to people about the planetary shift and learn some thing about it from their memories.

Secrecy was gone. A new age of space exploration had begun. There was peace in the world and a unity consciousness that was continuing to nurture everyone’s spiritual growth, but the most exciting part of all was what they said about the environment.

Our future selves were describing to me how the energy of GOD had entered the world and healed the environment. There had been some kind of miraculous restoration of the environment that defied scientific explanation…

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