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Then invite your INNER CHILDREN to lead the way

for they are the ones who know how to PLAY with Us!



 Message from Saleena's House Fairies 


House Fairies: If you are here on a serious quest you may be in the wrong space. If you are here to have fun, loosen up, soften your lines of reality and open to new possibilities then this is the place to be! If you are here to explore something you have almost forgotten, welcome. If you are here to find new friends, we wait with our hearts and arms wide open. If you are here to prove to yourself that you are perfectly lucid and a fine human, even though you catch glimpses of us, or see a flash of us out of the corner of your eye, or hear us giggling amongst the flowers, then you will get all the support we know how to give to help you come to a place where you are happy and confident, knowing you are lucky you still have some doors open to our dimension, our home space. We are excitedly holding this portal, this door, open and cheerfully inviting you in… Come play with us…


P.S. Saleena wants you to know that if you have any stories, experiences or art about us that you or your children have  experienced or created she would love to hear from you; Email her.  We would love to hear from you, too. That is why we told you this…


 Overcoming the Logical Mind 
 with "Fairy Tale" Language 


Saleena: All my life I have loved NATURE, the SUN, Flowers, Trees and Fairies. Some people have the belief that Fairies are mean and troublesome creatures. I suppose that just like humans, there is a variety of personalities and levels of consciousness. I also believe that whatever patterns and beliefs we carry in our subconscious will attract to us beings and experiences that match. So I hold in my consciousness, as with all my CONTACT expereinces, that I want to meet and play with BENEVOLENT beings who are interested in evolving into higher vibrations and consciousness and would like to co-create projects that are of mutual benefit to this intention. We share more about this on our OmniDimensional Travel Adventures page. A few years ago, I was lead to a very delightful book. 


Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

Working with the Intelligence in Nature

Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

Author Marko Pogacnik


When I read his explanation for the use of Fairy Tale language it totally resonated with me. 

Marko uses “fairy tale” language because he says these realms are places and spaces the logical linear intellect-mind is unable to process so it must be address with language that circumvents that gate and allows you to enter from a new perspective. What we see and perceive there is sometimes beyond our ability to logically track. When COLIN, MARIMAR and I JOURNEY into our OmniDimensional Travel Adventures we have learned to just "GO WITH THE FLOW", allow things to unfold as we are intuitively guided. We don't have to understand logically, we observe and participate with our HEARTS LEADING THE WAY. 

In Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings, Marko was invited into the realm of the ELEMENTALS and introduced to their world, their life cycles and their roles. He developed ways of sensing the energies and working with the land energies and beings in very unique ways. What he does and how he presents it is so similar to what we do only we travel more broadly away from Earth into other spaces and dimensions. We also meet many of those interacting with and serving on Earth.


 Flowers are Doorways 

Marko shares some exercises to meet the different levels of Elementals and NATURE SPIRITS. I love this one:

Enter a flower as a BEE does.

He says flowers are doorways where you can enter the Fairy Realms. It may look tiny yet when you enter you are in another time-space zone that is vast.


 My 60th Birthday Present: 

40 Years with Fairies

author Daphne Charters

Saleena: I am 60 this year and I have always been interested in meeting them and seeing them. Over the years, I have spontaneously met a few of these beautiful beings. All through the Summer this year (2013), I have played and worked outside co-creating with Nature beings within our GARDENSONG PROJECT to bring more vitality and harmony to the land surrounding the home I live in. I found myself yearning to really get to see and meet the Fairies I know are taking care of the Flowers and land. I had begun to read Daphne's book. I also watched some videos and read some websites (I have listed some of them at the end of this portal) that helped me form some new ideas of how to do this. 


written by us Fairies

How to See Fairies

Befriending Fairies
Author Jenni Mckinnon


This has been one of the most exciting and uplifting books I have read in a long time. I am reading it slowly and savoring every story. I am learning things about Fairies I didn't know. Dorothy's story of how she arrived at the place where she could sense and communicate with the Fairies is fascinating. How she becomes instrumental in bridging the Fairies with humans and also with those who had passed from the Earth plane to another dimensions. I didn't realize that, like here on Earth, the Fairy Realm is on a different dimension or frequency from the astral plane where many humans go for their next phase after Earth life, so most of them didn't know the Fairies either. She introduced many of them to each other. Over the 40 years she communed with and interacted with the Fairies, Dorothy helped create and participated in an event they called The Fairy Congress. For 40 years she was the only Earth human attending. 

She met a man, Michael Pilarski, with whom she shared much of her activities and interest in Fairies. He was instrumental in making sure her manuscripts were and are being published after she transistioned in 1990. He has also carried on the tradition of the yearly FAIRY CONGRESS, only he has helped to bring it into the human world on Earth as the Fairy & Human Relations Congress. You will read more about it on down the page…

Her manuscripts are written from many perspectives; her's, her friends from the Astral Realm and various Fairies, including a message from an OVERSEEING HIGH DEVA who shares FAIRY EVOLUTION better than I have ever heard. She met and cocreated with many kinds of Fairies, including House Fairies, Garden Fairies, Elves, Gnomes and certain Fairy leaders.


Michael Pilarski: "The explanation that Daphne herself gave for these hundreds of stories is that Daphne could see the fairies and carry on long conversations with them. She had ongoing friendships with fairies for decades. The fairies told Daphne about their lives, their exploits, their work and their spiritual development. Daphne wrote it all down. In this explanation these manuscripts are narrations which Daphne transcribed. As such, they are stories about the lives of the fairies told in their own words. The fairies in the stories are mainly nature fairies or house fairies.

Taken as a whole, Daphne’s manuscripts include hundreds of characters from many different evolutions and planes of being. Most are fairies, but there are also humans who are not alive on our physical planet at this time. Some of the humans are highly spiritually evolved, while others would seem quite normal to us.The explanation that Daphne herself gave for these hundreds of stories is that Daphne could see the fairies and carry on long conversations with them. She had ongoing friendships with fairies for decades. The fairies told Daphne about their lives, their exploits, their work and their spiritual development. Daphne wrote it all down. In this explanation these manuscripts are narrations which Daphne transcribed. As such, they are stories about the lives of the fairies told in their own words. The fairies in the stories are mainly nature fairies or house fairies.

Taken as a whole, Daphne’s manuscripts include hundreds of characters from many different evolutions and planes of being. Most are fairies, but there are also humans who are not alive on our physical planet at this time. Some of the humans are highly spiritually evolved, while others would seem quite normal to us."


Saleena: As I read Daphne's stories, so many of my own experiences come to mind, so I am jotting them in the borders of the pages. I hope to share them here someday. It still amazes and delights me how one human with new ideas can help change reality for many different beings and their experience of their world. I will be sharing here as I remember, learn and experience. I am weaving in some titles here and there to remind me to write about them when I am inspired



What does Plant Spirit Medicine have to do with Fairies?

Asking for a Mediator


Meeting the Fairy King & Queen
at Spring Creek, Sedona, Arizona


Parallel Lives; I Am a Fairy?




 Fairy Art 


 Saleena Kí Fairy Art 


 October Mystery 

Saleena: This is a painting I channeled through for my Mother. At the time she was experiencing the phenomenon of feeling like she was going to die on a specific day, Oct. 3rd, in 2012. Much to our relief, she didn't die and instead has come back to live more fully and enjoys a rich creative life. Later we realized it was the exact day, only 10 years later, my Dad, Kent, transistioned from the Earth realm in 2002. She has requested that I do a painting for her. She wanted it to make her feel happy and had shared the colors she loves near her at the time. 

I hadn't painted with physical paints and canvas for 11 years. It was so refreshing and fun to get out the paints and sit with the blank canvas to see what wanted to happen here. I felt it was a co-create. I say co-creation for as I sat and opened to see what would come forward, I had the feeling of a much greater reality underlying the fabric of an Earth Garden. As I painted the background, the sky would split open a tiny bit revealing the greater cosmos behind it. As I painted the flowers, little beings appeared here and there, peaking out from behind a flower or transisioning from petal to a tiny sparkling being flying up and off the canvas into a kind of light portal, that one could either believe was a moon or a magical door to another space somewhere unseen to us. I felt this tiny little Fairy below was an aspect of my Mother's soul. When it was done, we named it "October Mystery."

Our amazing CREATIVE MOTHER, Shirley, is one place we received our connection to and love of nature and the magical realms! She is wonderful artist. Here she is in her BLUE GARDEN. I have always called it her BLUE FAIRY GARDEN:


 Drawing a Fairy Soul Portrait 

Once when I was visiting Utah, my sister, Mary, invited me to a Portrait class she was enjoying. We had a young pretty model, Karen, and I was using pastels.Everyone else was intently drawing the woman in various styles. 

Mary Angelico was sitting right next to me doing her own drawing. I found a very decorative frame forming on my paper. 

Then I started seeing another aspect of her emerging; a Water Fairy! I didn't plan it… she just magically appeared! The finished drawing it below…

To order your own Soul Aspect Drawing visit my

 Soul Art Gallery 


 Mary Angelico's Fairy Art 

Enchanted Evening

Fairy & the Rose

The Observer


 Belves of WindHaven 

Visiting WindHaven

In 1984 our Mother, Shirley, came out to visit us; her daughters, Joan aka Saleena and Mary and our families. We lived on 53 acres of beautiful woodland sanctuary in Middle Tennessee. I had 3 children and was expecting my 4th. Mary had just had her 5th. We called our home WindHaven (a refuge of safety and spirit).  Earlier that year Mary had this urge to create a miniature Fairy and Rose Garden. While Mom was there playing with her Grandkids and walking in the woods, she caught glimpses of magical areas; a little cave in a tree, a hollow log with a mossy entrance, and her imagination caught fire. She began to imagine these tiny little Bear Elves that might live there. Being a bear lover she easily became friendly with the idea of them.

Belf Stories Begin

Later at home in Utah, she wrote the first of many Belf stories. and how they interacted with her Grandchildren. The photo at the beginning is the first sculpture, created with salt dough and natural materials from our surrounding WindHaven woods, of these tiny little Bear Elves wearing their Acorn Hats with fluttering little Mushroom Wiings, by Mary. 


Three generations of woman played together to self-publish our first Belf story, The Belves of WindHaven. Mary illustrated it, I did the graphics and editing and my daughter, Angela, did the physical layout. We xeroxed our first edition copies, hand stapled and folded them, gave them as gifts and sold a few. A new version as an eBook is in process and may be offered someday…Shirley wrote many more Belf stories, each one seemingly highlighting a grandchild or sharing a quality she cared about. Eventually they became the poster children for Mary's family's business; a wonderful line of liguid light children's herbal formulas called TriLight Health, now carried forth by one of Mary's sons.

(OmniDimensional Travel Adventure
with the Belves)


 Meeting my Local Fairies 

 House Fairies 

Saleena: I met my first house Fairy on Nov 7th, 2013. Her name is TINKER BELL. I laughed gently when I heard her name. She explained that when she was studying to become a HOUSE FAIRY, she scanned all the Earth records and found the story of PETER PAN and Tinker Bell. She said Tinker Bell was her hero and so she changed her name at that time. She was studying so she could return to the Earth plane and serve, for a period ot Fairy time, as a House Fairy. I did a drawing of her: 




Next I met another HOUSE FAIRY on Nov. 17th, 2013. It was right after watching Fairy Tale, A True Story .  That night we met KAROL (Kay-roll), the ELF Leader, first. His story is below in the Elves section. Next we met his partner. SERAL (Ci-rall). I had been feeling them and having conversations with them since I met Tinker Bell. It is very exciting when we are ready and they allow us to see them clearly. Seral is about 12 inches tall, very pert round face, medium brown hair, beautiful whitish wings, like a Mayfly's wings, and a soft brownish dress with a kind of flower petal edge on the bottom of the skirt. She seemed to be barefoot.

She introduced herself as the LEADER of the House FairIes here and informed me there were 6 others here in our home. One of them being Tinker Bell, who is Karol and Seral's daughter. She said that they all wanted to introduce themselves to me and were very excited I was open to this. They decided to take their time, giving each one a special day when they and I have the time to really enjoy meeting each other. I asked her why I couldn't see them? She said they could veil themselves as the wished and show themselves in the same way.

Marimar got the impression from them to create several little sitting places for them, one in each of our office-studios. He had some ornate ceramic baked potato plates he filled with soft cotton balls. He said he needed to place them up high so they could rest and observe us when the wanted to.

She shared many things with me that I hope to transcribe and share here later. I love feeling the Fairies here.




 House Fairies Offer to Help with My Paintings 

 Golden Eyed Cat Experience 

Photo of Painting Background

Saleena Note:  On 2013-11-05 I was walking through my kitchen and I glanced up at a painting hanging on the wall. It is a rich nebula looking background, the beginning of a painting I had done in the Fall of 2013 while visiting my Mother in Utah. I had been sitting outside in her beautiful backyard gardens, pulling the mint leaves I had dried, off their stalks. A gorgeous fluffy light grey cat jumped over the fence laden with Grapes and vines, and carefully moved over and sat close to me watching what I was doing. He looked intently at me with the most astonishing golden owl like eyes. I could feel a presence beyond a "normal" cat experience. I had read a message a while back about some cats being from Sirius, Cats & Dogs – Who Are They Really???


I told him how beautiful he was and that I would love to do a photoshoot of his face and eyes to paint. 

That day in the kitchen, my House Fairies offered to help me with my paintings. "If you paint your colorful backgrounds, we will show you where the Fairies are."It will be exciting to see how this co-creation goes," they telepathed to me.


 Garden Fairies 

Saleena: I have yet to meet any Garden Fairies in our BluStar Tripopli Sanctuary.


Saleena: Elves are of the Fairy Evolution. Karol (pronounced Kay-roll) is the Leader Elf in charge of the Trees in the surrounding area here. He has gone to school to learn to do this before he came into the Earth plane to serve in this capacity. Marimar and I met him one evening, Nov, 17th, 2013, when we were watching the Fairy Tale, A True Story movie. I felt Fairies sitting behind us on a table as we watched. I had already met Seral, the Leader of the House Fairies and her daughter, Tinker Bell. Karol stepped forward and presented himself to us. He is tall and thin, about 15 inches, with long straight black hair, dark eyes and was wearing a brightly decorated vest that seemed very silky. I knew he had dressed special for the occasion. He said he was Seral's partner and Tinker Bell was their daughter.







 Fairy Resources 


Fairy & Human Relations Congress

 Communication & Co-Creation with

Devas, Nature Spirits & the Faerie Realms

"The Fairy & Human Relations Congress affects the planet by joining with the nature, devic and other higher realms to bring more peace, love and understanding into the world. Our goal is not to escape the outer world but to positively affect it.

At this time of multiple crises affecting humanity we feel it is very important to seek alliances with as many light forces as possible in other realms.


Mother Earth and the fairy realms

ARE big players in what is transpiring on the planet.


Though many deny their existence, the numbers of people who are tuning into the spiritual realms and to the nature spirit/fairy/devic realms is increasing by leaps and bounds."  Michael Pilarski



 Fairy Documentaries 


The Fairy Faith



 Movies with Fairies 


Fairy Tale, A True Story

Fairytale a true story.jpg

"It's not what you see with your eyes that matters, it's what you know in your heart."



Mary Katherine: My dad always told me stories about a hidden world. Where brave warriors watch over and protect us.

Ronin: Many leaves, one tree. We're all individuals, but we're still connected. No one's alone.

Queen Tara: You're here for a reason. Sometimes the connections aren't clear, but they're always there.

Ronin: If our world dies, your world will die too.


Fern Gulley

Crysta: But trees give life. They make the clouds, the water, the air!


For Our Children, and Our Childrens' Children.

Magi: There are worlds within worlds, Crysta. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is a balance between the forces of destruction and the magical forces of creation.