Vibrakey Testimonials & Stories

 Testimonials & Stories 

Many wonderful people sharing about their experiences & interactions with Saleena Kí's Art

Vibrakey Mandalas 

Transformational Art

           OMNI-D SESSIONS      



Appreciation & Gratitude

for all those who:

1st of all who followed their heart & intuition

& brought some of these transformational designs & tools into their life, 

spent time with them & used them,

took the time to share their experiences with us.


These are stories and comments from many people who have in some way or another been touched by or had their life affected through using my Transformational Art,  Vibrakeys or experiencing a Personal Session. Also, from those who have joined our Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures. 


 Love is the Glue 

I don't know you that well, but I have always enjoyed your wonderful messages, your art, your spiritual vibrations, your Vibrakeys wisdom, and the beautiful art on your website.  And Love is my religion . . . so we are the same in that respect . . .Aloha Om Shanti, Taansen 2014-01-27


 From the Heart 

"Mahalo again for making these Vibrakeys available!  I believe that it is not only the creation of something that makes it so powerful but the Heart energy and passion that goes into the creation and I can tell from your emails that it is from the Heart that you create these so yes, you can expect drastic and powerful positive, healing changes to occur, especially with my use of them!… 

…These vibrakeys are not only going to be helping me and my mom with our own stuff, the whole planet and Universes will benefit from us coming into contact with you and your website!" Heather in North Carolina


 Living Her Art 

"My aunt Saleena was the first artist I knew that lived it. I was inspired into new mediums and ideas artistically by her. She creates an amazing journey with her website, and I wanted to share some of her Vibrakey mandalas (w/matching meditation)… Vibrational shifting through visual input from a uniquely cultivated mandala – neat idea and beautiful art." Kindra Wild 2012-01-08

For those who desire greater levels of HEALTH & WELL-BEING. Support to strengthen yourself biologically, emotionally & spiritually so you are more resilient & adaptable as you evolve & awaken. As we all move though this time of drastic change to a new reality. 

ARCTURIAN'S OFFERING OF LOVE: We offer FREQUENCY ANTIDOTES for greater levels of BIOLOGICAL STRENGTH, SUBLIME HEALTH, WELL-BEING & HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. This will make it easier to raise your vibration & ascend. Our intention is to, with your conscious consent & co-operation, assess your personal frequencies & create specific antidotal balancing & strengthening frequencies that are broadcast through this design to you. We are cropcircle designers & frequency experts. This design carries & broadcasts an array of general formulas & patterns that have been previously placed on earth as Crop circles for assisting your transition here on Earth. We are excited to offer this gift to you. VK37 – Sublime Health


To enjoy more of the story and description, visit 

The Sublime Health Project with Saleena Ki,

an interview by Colin Whitby.


In the Beginning I AM THAT, I AM

I was so excited when I saw the Vibrakeys. I knew they would help me and I was excited to meet you. This is all our fun and joy; the I AM Dream. It's just waking up to this; The I AM.

The keys effect us far below the neurons and brain cells, they effect the whole process. It's a holographic image project! They effect primal energies of consciousness… shakti. At a very primal level of energies.

The most remarkable things I've seen in my whole life! I want you to succeed!     Bill in Hawaii 2009-01-24


 Dreaming Vibrakeys 

Last night after I sent your email,  Vibrakey 14 Genetic Clearing  kept coming to mind.  I got the Vibrakey out to find that three word chant of OOH RAH YAM on the back. 2011-04-08 

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream which I had not fully understood.  In the dream I was saying that there was a three word chant that I finally had the courage to do and that I felt better than I ever had felt before.  I could not remember in the dream what the three word chant was and after I woke up I had asked for assistance from Source/Higher Dimensional help on what this dream was about. The question has been in the back of my mind since the dream.  The OOH RAH YAM feels like the chant in the dream.  


VK19 Codons – Metatform Circle – Metatron

Last night… I had a dream about your other Vibrakey VK19 (Codons) and that I needed to physically draw some of the symbols, especially the fish looking one, to lock in/secure/embrace this energy through another pathway in my brain, not just read about it or look at it, etc.  

A lot of fears are surfacing, physically my body has been vibrating all day and feeling REALLY weird at times.  I guess I am dealing with some genetic clearing, I don't fully know yet. It has been A LONG TIME since I last saw these two Vibrakeys and it is just now with VK 14 I have felt a strong pull toward. (She bought them at the end of 2009)

Much Love, Thank you again,  Heather – North Carolina   My Heart is my Greatest Strength


VK 19 Energetic Research

Research by Barry Martin

Barry's observations about VK19 Codons: A vortex opens at the top of the DNA tri-helix (I see three manifest in my body).  Colorful geometries of higher light coding are pouring in.  I can see the new codings taking the existing lattice structure. These codings transform primal genetic memory patterns in the DNA, patterns of fear, separation, exclusiveness, distorted repetitive patterning processes that keep us going in the same loops again and again. 

Biological repetitiveness, things that have sustained life in the path that now interfere with the requisite evolution into a fourth dimensional body.  They will kill life if they are allowed to continue.  I can see the death response code is being transformed. When frequency changes to a certain degree in the body the cells go into a death response.  When frequency increases to a certain degree, the de-densification reaches a threshold the body interprets this as the crown charka opening that has traditionally only occurred with death.  This is why the cellular programming is to anticipate death.  

Essentially all coding and gridwork is laid down over the existing web of information, the DNA that allows it to be bridged between the third and fourth and ultimately fifth dimensional body of light.  Brilliant coding, nothing but awe for how perfectly effective it is for doing this. I am aware of how Metatron has been working through Saleena for some time.  What is coming through this key is a complex and highly transmutative coding program of a very high order.  I have received many of these codes through other vehicles so it is not so transformative, however I can see the quantity and quality of coding that it transmits.


Barry Martin also inspired VK21 Flower of Eternal Life 

He helped co-create and test it. Read more

His workings with the

Christ-Crystalline Consciousness also inspired

VK66 Luminous Self


 VK25 Retriever 

…I've shared "Zacka vacka von natcomid shema" with quite a few people and they're getting back to me sharing some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING stories about their successes in using it for all sorts of stuff…They're very powerful indications of the power, lightning speed and painless effectiveness of the mantra.  Also, several of them have asked me if there is an English-translation "meaning" for the mantra.  I told them I thought not, that it's Cosmic language for which there is no English "meaning."  Is that accurate?  If not, please tell me what to tell them.  You know I want them to be as clear as possible about it.

Also, several people have written me saying how much they appreciate the closing for my e-mails ("May Love have Its way with us all") and that they're sharing it with others.  I explain to them that it came from your Precious Wisdom.  So Darlin' Joanie, your sweet name, your wisdom and your Love is spreading far and wide.  I Love you maybe more than you know.

May Love have Its way with us all, Sao

Saleena Note: "Zacka vacka von natcomid shema" is one of three mantras that are included in VK25 Retriever. The effectiveness of each of these mantras is truly amazing. The best ancient translation I know of this one is something like, "I recognized the Divine in you, return to the bosom of the Father."


 How She Found the Vibrakeys 

2009-12-07 Heather: Aloha Saleena!  First I would like to provide a big "Mahalo" for making the Vibrakeys!  I am really looking forward to receiving them!  However, if you don't mind, there is something very important (at least to me) that I would like to share with you and ask you. 

You asked me how I found your website & the Vibrakeys.

For the past three or four months I have been very interested in mandalas and have been doing quite a bit of coloring with different mandala coloring books and designs.  I just returned to North Carolina from a three week "trip" in Maui, Hawaii.

Recently I started having dreams of different Mandala designs and then I feel like I began to receive some direct messages from a higher realm through some mandala designs I saw in my dreams. One night during my stay in Maui my mom called me with a very excited tone in her voice.  She had visited a website of Celia Finn which had a link to your website on it. 

I have been especially interested in the Rose Stargate and since I have had such an interest in mandalas my mom immediately noticed the images and linked to your website.  The more research and "exploring" that my mom did of your website the more excited she became and could hardly wait until I got home to show me your website. 

For Christmas this year my mom and I decided that as our Christmas gifts to each other we would financially split an order of your Vibrakeys.  A few of the Vibrakeys we will both use but mostly we were drawn to different Vibrakeys. 


Actually, just a quick note –

(about) the Rose Stargate Vibrakey 

that you have in your Birthing Chamber

This one especially drew me,

the Cosmic Rose Stargate 

and I felt an extreme "homesickness"

when I saw it, it was an extremely strong

"I have to have this one" feeling. 

However, when I looked the Vibrakeys over a second time this time with the question of which ones DIDN'T appeal to me, the VK53 Cryst-o-Gold Human caught my attention and I felt the same "homesickness" as the other one, but with the Cryst-o-Gold Human I started crying as I read the description and my Heart started physically hurting so I feel there is something in BOTH of those that I am especially needing to understand and experience…"

From VK53 Description: It is barely enough to just remember the patterns through words, it is much more important to remember patterns through the energies of the heart! This is a Homecoming. A glimpse into a way of life focused in the 5th Age, the 5th dimension or higher. This Vibrakey is still evolving and so many energies are converging through it I am in wonder to watch ot take shape and form. It all seems to focus around the heart and the original language of love lies at the "heart" of everything presented through this new key.

"…I feel in a way though like I already know you and your energy some through the Vibrakeys and if your energy wasn't a positive and supportive, loving, energy I really don't feel I would have felt so much excitement and desire to purchase the Vibrakeys, so a big Mahalo for creating the Vibrakeys! 

I am one of the Leaders of the New Earth and I feel like these Vibrakeys are going to assist me in reaching my next "level" of enlightenment-a VERY exciting level indeed! 

I know that I will have a lot of internal/spiritual "work" to do over the next few months with the Vibrakeys that I have ordered and I don't want to overwhelm myself but once I get involved with the communication with other entities and "ET's" I will see if I feel a spiritual "pull" to purchasing your new Safe Haven Vibrakey


What's NEW?

I will keep track of your website but if there is any way for you to keep track of customers special needs and requests, if there is ever a Vibrakey made relating to the meeting and connecting of soul mates I would really appreciate it if you could email me and let me know when it becomes available…" 

"Mahalo again!  These Vibrakeys are not only going to be helping me and my mom with our own stuff, the whole planet and Universes will benefit from us coming into contact with you and your website!"

Heather 2009-12-11: My mom and I have ordered quite a few Vibrakeys! We will be busy with these for a while… Heather   When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, then the World Will Know Peace


In reference to

VK10 Electric Support

…and what you told me about your son's dog having Epileptic seizures, I am really looking forward to seeing if this Vibrakey will help me physically, also.  I have had Epilepsy since I was 17 months old and I am really tired of dealing with seizures.  I am going to set my intention with this Vibrakey to heal from my seizure disorder.  I choose to believe and have faith in myself and my dreams and accomplish all I desire so, I will let you know when this happens.  Heather



 Using Vibrakeys for Meditation 

VK17 Biological Strengthener – Starfire

& VK64 Inside BETH


Aloha Saleena! No I didn't get Triple Stargate – I changed it to BETH or the Final Key – can't remember but I think it's The Final Key then I added BETH which I LOVE !!!!!!!!!!! Actually LOVE them ALL!!! BTW this is great that u r emailing me TODAY as I had an amazing meditation this morning using the Vibrakeys #17 BONES and BETH!!!

I started with 20 minutes of Bliss Breathing and everything just flowed from there and lots of great INSPIRATION showed up – WOW!!! Here's an AMAZING insight I had, which when applied to LIFE will change it………….Whenever in stress of any kind breathe deeply and shift to "DO it with THE LOVE" Realize  fully……….." It's ALL FOR LOVE" How wonderful is that???? Much Love, Frances in Canada 2011-07-02 


 Water Stories & Testimonials 

Vist our Water Portal 

Water Art Gallery


"Hi Saleena, Got the Vib Keys About a week back…(Elixir of Liquid Love SpecialThanks so Much, it definitely is powerful stuff.. i have felt a noticeable change in my water." Thanks Mumbai, India 


…thank you so much for the guide!!!  I have been focused on another project, first, and have intentions to really work with the VibraKeys soon, and will include you in my experiences.  I can share that the WaterAlive keys are amazing….tested and found to have great results.  I also have been sleeping with Rainbow Lightship in my bed, and my dreams have been very different, since doing that….so many issues that I thought were non-issues have been making presence and allowing me to forgive with love.  So I already am enjoying the energetic impact of using the VibraKeys via intention. Blessings to you for your gift.  Earth City, MO 


Elixir of Liquid Love Special

Aug 14th, 2014

Saleena, Thank you, I received the physical disks yesterday and already my water tastes sweeter and doesn't leave my mouth so dry. Although I love the designs in the Water and Venus designs, I wasn't attracted to the Rainbow Disk.  However on the backside the design is more complex and I see spirits peeking out from it!  Love your art!    Elaine

Sept 5th, 2014 

Hi Saleena, It's Elaine; I recently bought the Elixir of Love.  Well, there are new fairies and spirits winking out from the Venus Water Card.  Almost every day a new fairy introduces herself.  I can definitely say that I'm more psychic than before and am loving all the connections. I hope your life is delicious!


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