01-2011 GoldenStar Activation


Journey to Regulus Star Portal 


Colin & Saleena

as your Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Guides

to receive your

Gift from the Golden Star Beings


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 Journey Itinerary :


Meet in our Heart.


Enter the golden stream or river of light-energy.


Follow it to the Star Portal of Regulus.


There at the star portal-doorway we
will meet the Golden Star Beings.


Present yourself to receive your gift.
Receive whatever they give you.
It will be adjusted to be harmonious with your energies.


We open to anything else…


Journey back on the Golden River.


Visit  BETH, the Living Grid and share with her.


Send our new energy into Mother Earth.



What We Know About the

Golden Star Beings & Their Gift:


Saleena: These star beings don't have faces… just a kind of star-like rayed halo around their "heads…" When we journeyed there to meet them for the first time, there were three of them… when we were approaching the portal I saw several star being… literally "Star" Beings… they remind me of elementals like the Sun beings we met… like Helios….

They are hosts for this energy, they will present their energy gift at this star portal.

Colin: These (the gift they gave us) are our transformers. They help us offer the energy into the world at the appropriate frequency

Saleena:  They are standing in the portal holding something each… at first I thought they had candles….

Magical Colin: I hear 'staging post'  like this is where we bring the new energies in…

Saleena:  It is something they want to give us… 



Message from the Golden Star Beings


Saleena: As I woke Jan 16th, I heard, "There is a Golden Star Activation."  Then I knew it had to do with meeting at the Star Regulus Portal to receive something.

"It's another new frequency to introduce into our bodies and into our world," the Golden Star Beings say… "Anyone can come here to this portal on the 23rd and receive theirs… each one will bring it in in harmony with their own consciousness."

Saleena:  Why are you offering it to us now?

They say it is simple like this;  "Follow the golden stream and meet us there to receive yours…."

Golden Star Beings:  We are Stars, beyond the ones you have on your maps… beyond the ability to see, even if you see with your telescopes farther now. We gathered together our best gifts to offer humanity at such a crucial time. We combined them, like you might call smelting or melting them all together. Yes, like Alchemy… he would understand…."

Saleena: They point at you…Colin.

Golden Star Beings: We now represent many Stars. As you would understand "Spirits of Planets" like your Mother Earth, only we are bright Sun Stars…


We offer you something now from the

best in each of our hearts.

It is crucial for us all that you
awaken and rise up to create a grand place,
a place of harmony and love from Earth
for the power of Earth and her inhabitants
touches us all



Thank you ahead for receiving our gift…

when you do, sit with it…

  You may feel little at first and
it will grow into you.
It will light you gradually
and you will shine.


Something like an internal sun-star

 will be lit inside you and

you will shine in a new way.


Golden Star Beings: Invite all who desire our gift to make their way to us on the 23rd…. (Those who join later, intend to go back in time and join us for the journey and you will be there.)

Magical Colin: ok, why 23rd?

Golden Star Beings: …of Jan. This is the most potent time to receive it from us. The alignment creates the greatest support and opening for our giving. The energies of other planets and stars align in such a way to support our desires.

Regulus is one of four Royal Stars considered to be sentinels watching over other stars. Our Lion friends are hosting our gifting. We thank you…and we thank you, Golden Star Beings in Earth suits. We are confident you will make the invitation and bring others to receive our gift.



Register anytime and you will receive the
recording of the live event to listen to at your convenience. 


Join us at your optimum time.

Time is flexible; set your intention to meet us
at the exact perfect time for the journey.

And you will be there with us.


Saleena: When we journeyed on Jan 23rd, 2011,  
when we arrive at the portal,
we saw many beings flying in from other places.

I mused that it might be you,
those who would join us from
sometime in the future and
move back in time to join us now.


 Book Your Ticket 

by sending $15.55 to PayPal

saleena at vibrakeys dot com

(the name on the account is Joan Ov'Art)

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Golden Star Activation Adventure Poster



2011-01-23 Star Being Activation Journey

Marimar Shares Highlights of His Experience:


River of Living Energy: Golden River is filled with life, like ocean in Hawaii.


Jump in the River: Reminding me of Galapagos Adventure and how they taught us to treat a sacred landscape.


River flows uphill, gently lifting us to higher vibrations.


Star Consciousness as a Network: Beings are individuals in loving community forming the whole star light.


Receiving the Gift: Mine was an Emerald-like stone, that on closer inspection has green earth, blue water, white air, golden yellow fire. It appears to be a piece of the original Earth, when created, before we started moving things around on it (i.e. disturbing the sacred space.)


Return to Beth: She gives me a purple plant; Penstemon pachyphyllus. This reminds me of a science article:


Islands in the Sky: How isolated are mountain top plant populations?

Do mountain tops act as sky islands for species that live at high elevations? Are plant populations on these mountain tops isolated from one another because the valleys between them act as barriers, or can pollinators act as bridges allowing genes to flow among distant populations?    Article  


Star light within us joins into a

loving fraternity with others inside Earth.

Star being community on Earth.


We have this star light inside the Earth, stars have it shining on the outside. Could be just a dimensional difference. Ummites call planets “cold stars”. Perhaps we are evolving into our own planet/star.



Other Comments: 

Ginger: On our Galactic Community;

The road others on Earth will take has been paved by our journey.




Click the link below for the story of how we met them
and the full message & invitation
from the Golden Star Beings:

“There is a Golden Star Activation” Jan 23rd – 2011 – Invitation



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