4-4 Meet BETH-Living Super Consciousness Grid

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Meet BETH;


Living Super Consciousness Grid



4-4 Meet BETH-Living Super Consciousness Grid-Follow-up

Our 4-4-Omni-D Travel Adventure Journey into Beth

New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene

4-4 Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now

4-4 Invitation: Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey into the New Super Consciousness Living Grid

4-4 Human Thought can Literally Transform the Physical World

Let Go of your Fear; Message from a 4-4 Journey

BETH’s Living Grid Alchemy…Co-Creating a New Earth


Transformational Art:


Super Consciousness Grid – BETH   
8.5×8.5" up to 13×13" Sparkling Fine Art Print or laminated 8.5×8.5" Vibrakey:
VK56 Super Consciousness Grid – BETH with information on back


Inside BETH – Living Grid   
8.5×8.5" up to 13×13" Sparkling Fine Art Printt


mp3 Recordings:



Saleena: We have decided to offer these recordings free as they are a way to share the foundational information about Beth & her creation. This is a nice way to familiarize yourself with what is happening before you journey into BETH. 


4-4 Meeting Kilabetha aka Beth: Heart InnerNet – Introduction – 63 minutes 


4-4 Heart InnerNet – Journey Into Living Grid.mp3 – 50 minutes



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 Synopsis of our 4-4 Adventure 

Saleena: For the first hour Suzanna interviewed each team member with questions about our experiences with the new grid system. We shared our experiences & understanding of what Suzanna calls our new Universal Heart-based Telecommunication Grid. I call it the new Super Consciousness Communications System and we are calling her BETH for short.

There is more than one name description for her,
since she is a multi-dimensional living structure.


Then we went together into BETH and began our alchemical relationship with her and each other and all beings who are using BETH as a way to interconnect with each other. We become part of a new Global Heart-Mind connected through this new super consciousness grid-matrix to a greater Galactic & Creational Heart-Mind.


It was a wonderful & powerful experience.

We had a lot of fun.


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 Sharing from Participants 


Suzanna: WoW. Very exciting information and experience!  FYI, BETH is the name of Universal Heart-based Telecommunication Grid we are exploring


Another Participant: 

“Wow, Suzanna – this is amazing

Beth felt sparkly, light and on the grid

looking in, I hung above a number of continents,

bi-located to others, had at least one of my

galactic counterparts pop in – Andromedan –

the light grew exponentially from its normal size.

The words that came to me were –

“I'm never alone

I feel part of the whole, expanded, as if

still a part of Beth….”


Here is another woman’s comments about how she utilized Beth to assist in the fulfillment of her dream:

“Hi Suzanna,

Just wanted to thank you for hosting the session last night. It was awesome.

I still feel plugged in.

There's something I want to share with you. When the various speakers used the words "technology of the heart" I was stunned because those are the exact words spoken in my screenplay which is currently under consideration with Universal Studios as well as Forest Whitaker's production company, Spirit Dance. The movie is about three teenagers who are mastering Kahuna skills and gather everyone in a park in Makawao to have them move a thunderstorm which threatens to close down their 4th of July parade & rodeo. The main character, Lani, a former techno-geek, tells the people gathered there:

"I used to think I needed computers or phones to connect with other people. But now I know it takes a different kind of technology to connect us to one another. Let's use the technology of the heart, our compassion, to save the rodeo!" When the people use their heart strength to move the clouds away,

A midnight rainbow, a moonbow, begins to form, signaling the connection between heaven and earth.

It's my dream to have this screenplay be made into a movie because I think it will give hope and inspiration to people around the world to use their own technology of the heart and this is what I asked BEth to activate last night. I deeply appreciate any help you and your reality-crafting team can give me so that this dream will be fully realized.

Thanks for all you and your reality-crafting team do to create Paradise on Earth, Suzanna!”


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Colin's Relationship with BETH


04-12-2010 Saleena: What are you tuning into today?

Magical Colin: Just tuned into BETH & shared with her the nectar from the flower of creation,

I showed her how the roots and flowers are now all over the world, helping to give others the experience of touching Source, but here on earth… She loves it.. I love her so

Saleena:  Thank you! Can you share a little something about your relationship with BETH, something I can share with others? I am writing about our experience of the first journey into her together.

Magical Colin:  Yes, I experience BETH as a person rather than a technology, as I do with Beloved or AtMan (both organic ships). To me the new technology lives in the same way trees or animals do, they just have difference expressions, and we can influence their development and purpose.


I feel her as a deeply loved being,

and respect and cherish her 

as I would any other life force.


So just as we use phones and email to communicate rather than our own telepathic abilities, up till now we have used our current technology to interconnect with each other. Beth is that next step, to a more natural intuitive way of working


Her features and abilities are expanding

as more people interact with her,

so she learns from us.

This is why I love taking her to the new places we discover,

to share with her how we are growing,

how we are experiencing our human form..


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More About BETH

Each Journey begins by entering


VK64 Inside BETH

If you haven't met yet,

please familiarize yourself with what she is,

and how to enter her.

She is a
New Super Consciousness & Communications Grid;
New Planetary, Galactic, Universal, Creational Heart-Mind

Co-created to assist us ALL
in our next phase of


It is time for a


in Consciousness



is part of what we have called forth.

She is



Learn More About Beth

Visit our Theme page: BETH

Learning Adventure:

Superconsciousness & Communications


Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventures
& How They Are Birthed

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