8-8 Lifting Mother Earth

8-8 Lifting Mother Earth Adventure
Sun. August 8th, 2010

Special Personal & Planetary Activation

Follow-up Report & Links


Saleena: The opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal  while intersecting with another Rare Portal  caused the energy of the Lion’s Gate portal to amplify 10 times. We were called to Mount Shasta to enter into the presence of the Crystal of OM, one of the Master Atlantean Crystals that are going through a series of activations & amplifications during the next few years until they are up to full potential power of New Earth. This crystal is part of the transmission of the OM Wave to humanity, ALL Life & Mother Earth. It is being broadcast & amplified through certain sacred sites & the grid.


Crystal of OM; Most Complex Crystal 

“The magnificent crystal of Om is one of nine enormous and potent Templic crystals that were saved from the deluge of Atlantis before the fall and crash of the crystalline spherical satellite, termed the second moon of Atlantis. The Crystal of Om was and is the most complex of all of the Atlantean Crystals, second only to the great crystalline satellite in its omnipotent capabilities and technical intricacy. Indeed it was the most prized and first of the magnificent Templic crystals to be sought and relocated in the chaotic final days of Atlantis.”


“Beloved Sainte Germaine along with The Cosmic-Council of Light and the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will host the opening of an extraordinary portal during the Solstice Phase.  (May 2010)


Sainte Germaine and the heralded Council will generate and facilitate a wave of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE frequency of OM that will be transmitted to all power nodes on the planet via the OM Crystal of Multidimensionality.


This energy is a sacred & potent beacon

of energized hope and encouragement

for humanity and for the Earth.”


“These crystals are of
tantamount importance
to the Crystalline Transition
of the Grid and Planet.

They serve as the
blueprint of the new Earth…


…and  each serves a succinct  role in the Mer-Ka-Na of humanity  These have been  reprogrammed to assist in this transformation. And indeed many of you are proactively involved in this process. Dear Ones, the Law of One is returning, and this time the crystals will not be misused.“


Quote from Article: Solstice of OM; OM Crystal of Shasta & Gateway of OM /AAMetatron through James Tyberonn



These beings contacted me & introduced themselves as the Council of OM. They invited us to attend a special activation with them on 8-8.


Our 8-8 Experience


Suzanna: Incredible! What an experience. We journeyed through the BETH grid to Mt. Shasta and partied with the Council of Om. We received an activation and were invited to return during dream time and meditation for instructions in how to use our new tools and abilities from the Lemurian elders who live in Telos.


Saleena: I am still buzzing & high with the energies of this adventure. It was inspiring; very powerful & fun.  I had such an excitement to participate in this. One half hour before the call, the Council of OM asked me to come into meditation & invited me to the mountain… to Mt. Shasta. They asked for me to arrange for Marimar & Suzanna to guide the first part of the journey.


Night Before


08-07-2010 Saleena night before: As I am writing this and tuning into the OM Wave and the mountain's spirit  (Mount Shasta) and the higher dimensional beings that reside there… I am beginning to feel that we will be invited into the mountain tomorrow for the activation.


I can feel them now; the Council of OM
reaching out to me and through me;
bringing their greetings to us,

“Close your eyes, breathe deep and feel it…”


Saleena: This energy is almost as refreshing as high mountain air! I have felt wrapped in your love, I know that the transmission you have been sending us is designed to help me feel hopeful & to feel your presence, as a Council of Ascended Masters & Higher Dimensional Beings who love us & our Mother Earth. Thank you from my heart to yours!


They showed me how
Self Love = Crystalline


Here is a quote from The OM Crystal of Shasta that stood out to me:

"Much of this was to enable
and learn the
intricate aspects of self-love.

Love of self, I was told,
is essential to become ‘crystalline’.
It is more than just a feeling;
it is also a frequency,
a key code vibration
necessary to achieve the
higher levels of mastery.

Love of self enables passion,
to love others.

I was shown that it has
always been easier for me
to give love, than to receive it."



Saleena’s Experience


8-8-2010 1:07 pm right before the Journey:  I am feeling called to go into meditation & meet with the Council. As if I will be there with them. Some kind of merging… I feel St. Germaine, Adama, Arcturus Council, Sirian Ahkus & many others. The last lightwork we did on 08-06 we left part of us there suspended in the golden crystalline light of the Ahkus. This has to do with the preparation to bring the Masculine & Feminine  archetypes into a fullness of their new seed souls, as it was given by the Divine Mothers. Part of the activation involves bringing them together inside our heart & lifting them to a new higher level along with the Mother Earth.


BETH & the Living Mandala

Okay… going into meditation:  First into my heart & expanding out to edges of Universe…. To Creator mind… feeling Bahr… the Creator Whale…. She smiles & swallows me… then we move into BETH…. Aloha lovely BETH… you are such an amazing being! Such a unique grid… living… growing…evolving…. She brings me a flower… Thank you BETH… She leads my attentions to the Living Mandala… it is there in the air spinning & moving as if it is alive… the ribbons remind me of colorful snakes… it is connected to all the projects & intentions of the newly awakening mankind…. Everything we are doing to create a new Earth & live in harmony with her & each other….

Now I see a group of very bright white lighted beings  stepping out from behind the mandala…They are extending their arms to me… Much emotion arises in me…. They send love & appreciation for this Living Mandala…They say it is having a great effect of amplifying our efforts since it is in BETH & she is connected to so many councils & beings… All our activities are easier to support this way….



Serapis Bey

One being steps forward & holds out his arms… I move into them & feel enveloped in his love. He seems familiar; an Ascended Brother of the Light… He telepaths to me he is Serapis Bey… He invites me to merge with him….and we instantly are… So now I can see out of his eyes. I still feel like me & I feel his energies. Wonderful. I share what is happening as the call starts.


Suzanna : He oversees the ascension chamber in Luxor… I take my groups there for ascension work…


Saleena: As people begin to come in on the call….my heart is expanding….so big….family joining….so many… Seems that the merging from Serapis is EXPANDING me….


Suzanna begins the introduction… now Serapis is taking me with him in a whoosh somewhere… we seem to be hovering over Mountain Shasta…. There is a circle of 10 Light beings surrounding us… they are white & transparent & circling faster & faster…. This is creating a vortex that is “burning” into the top of the mountain… into shoots into the air…. Moving upwards… as far as I can sense or see….


The portal is opening up & expanding….. they are showing me that this is the portal that is intersecting with the Lion’s Gate Portal to amplify it 10 times….



Rainbow Light, Kahl,
Portals & Crystal of OM

There is a beautiful rainbow of energy moving down from above…. I feel Kahl & this is the full spectrum Metatronic light…The idea comes from the Council that this is the kind of light that is now reflecting through all the crystals of Earth… During this last few months since May this has been part of the shift taking place….

The rainbow is moving now straight down into the mountain…. Deep into the chamber of the Crystal of OM…. Standing around it are a group of the Lords of Arcturus… these are the ones that originally created & watch over this Master Atlantean Crystal.  I must be seeing into the past as the now moment.


They are bringing me, via Serapis Bey, into the crystal. We are moving into the heart of this magnificent crystal. It is like I am standing in a house of mirrors, light reflecting from all the different angles of faces. It is beautiful & I can feel how powerful it is. They are showing me the “heart” of this magnificent being. When they took me inside it looked like the same kind of light; crystal golden light that was all around us when we were lifted up to another dimensions to work with the Sirian Ahkus on August 6th, right before 8-8. Marimar & Colin had been working with me at a whole other level to link this into what we did today.

Now they show me the space around the crystal. The temple it is in. This is the “room” they would like us to come to when we bring the group here today to participate in this special activation & lifting the Earth.


Marimar is describing how his heart is going out to those who have preserved our natural heritage…. He is talking about the Gene Banks & old growth forest in Russia that is about to be destroyed due to developers. He feels this is a direct attack on the Earth’s grid.


Saleena Back to Crystal:  Here is the heart of theCrystal of OM… I hear the vibration so strong it is vibrating my bones…. They say that my being here will help to “guide” everyone here when they are ready…. A kind of vibrational beacon to follow. Me being of Earth will help them find their was. Everything is ready….


Marimar is leading everyone to activate the circular rainbows…..Then to BETH…..


Energy is amplifying now as they are bringing the rainbows into the Waters…. It will take it to every particle of Mother Earth. I think about how happy the water has been since the oil gush was stopped.


I am looking around to see if I can see any particular Master  or beings I recognize… they all seem to have made themselves the same & all look likewhite lightbeings; all the same right now. They show me how each person will have one lightbeing to attend them during this process… activation…. Some will recognize the one who is supporting them by their vibration…

They also show me how the Ashtar Command… the Pleaidians & Sirians, & the Arcturians are all helping to amplify & transmit the OM Wave  transmission into the grids, to BETH & into each of us… & to Earth…. I see many ships are involved in managing, directing & amplifying this cooperative wave motion of love to us.


Marimar is talking about repairing the Bio-Shpere…. Process of bringing the whole Earth up… creating a foundation to serve this movement…..


Suzanna  leads the group into BETH….


My heart is expanding more & more… They are asking me to surrender deeper & deeper into their love & this grand crystal being.


Now I am feeling all the different Masters; Jeshua, Christ, St. Germaine & many others… I feel a whole circle of Angelic hosts & Arch Angels  around us….



Venusian Corridor

They are asking that we connect a Venusian Portal  to this place today… We will be asking Suzanna to do this….


Okay they are all arriving at the chamber now…. I surrender….


Call Begins


When the call began, Suzanna introduced everyone, then Marimar talked about the perspective of what is happening in the world since our last journey. How nature is being exploited in certain ways that is compromising our grid system. She needs to be protected.

Then Marimar and Suzanna prepared everyone by helping them get into their heart, then to expand and journey to BETH, the super consciousness grid. They all let go of their bodies and became golden sparks as they all drifted to the mountain. We met in a beautiful circular space above Mount Shasta.

Greeted by the Council of OM, who all look like white lightbeings, each participant was drawn to a guide and invited to merge with them for the activation. Some were familiar with the master or guide they joined. They will continue to be their host for the week…. while the full alchemy occurs.




We all went through a beautiful activation with them where we got to review our whole history of polarity between our hands. Go through yet another level of Sacred Marriage between our inner Masculine-Feminine & merge our heart with Earth to create a new creature;  EartHeart. We went through a special process to “Lift the Earth.” Using an ancient key to activate the whole process to a higher level.

See more about this HERE:

How to Participate; August Grand Cosmic Event: Amplify Your Lifting the Earth Imagination-Creation

After we finished, we all stayed there in the chamber of the Crystal of OM.  They said that for a week our body-mind-spirits will be working the alchemy for the new level of Earth. So when you join, you too will be there with us.


Nature & Serapis Bey


Since we were working with Nature at the beginning it was interesting to me that he was the one greeting me: Serapis Bay encourages creative ideas, artistry and attunement to nature.

Serapis Bay is a
Master of the Devic kingdom.
Call Serapis Bay in when
working with the nature kingdom.


“Serapis Bey[1] [1], sometimes written as Serapis, is regarded in Theosophy as being one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom; and in the Ascended Master Teachings is considered to be an Ascended Master and member of the Great White Brotherhood. He is regarded as the Chohan (or Lord) of the Fourth Ray[2] (see Seven Rays).

It is thought that Serapis Bey was incarnated as a high priest in one of the "Temples of the Sacred Fire" on Atlantis who migrated to Egypt at the time of the destruction of Atlantis.[5] It is also believed that he was incarnated as the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep III (who constructed the Temple of Luxor to the god Amon) [6] and also as Leonidas, the King of Sparta[7], who was killed in 480 BC defending the pass of Thermopylae against the invasion of Greece by Xerxes I, Emperor of the Persian Empire. According teachings of Agni Yoga,[8] Serapis Bey was in past lives the roman King Numa Pompilius, the philosophers Confucius, Plato and Lucius Anneus Seneca. He is referred in the book Supermundane as "The Thinker". Wikipedia


8-8 Crop Circle Gifts for Today

Pewsey White Horse, nr Pewsey, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August

Stanton Bridge, nr Honey Street, Wiltshire. Reported 8th August.

Click Here



Final Message of 8-8:


Saleena: Aloha, I have been feeling that there is someone who wants to give a message. I am quite tired & happy to listen….. what wonderful Crop Circles for today…any comments about what they are or who did them?


Beloved Saleena, this is Serapis Bey & I am with you now. Together we are continuing to hold the frequency from within the Crystal of OM. If you are feeling  somewhat tired, image this could be why. Your body needs rest please surrender to the kindness of sleeping… remember to ask that you are taught by the plants at night & the Masters & how to use the new tools that you have been given…….


Please surrender soon… we love you & all of you so deeply…. We will work together during our dream time….



Join Us Anytime via the Recording


Since time & space all exist at once, I know that if you join us you will have a powerful time using the recording for the journey. Intend that you will meet up with us & be assisted to go through your own activation.

I know you if you join us you will have a powerful time using the recording for the journey.

All archive recordings are available HERE

If you plan on participating via the recording

Familiarize yourself with what is happening by reading these three messages:

Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning for a Grand Cosmic Event
August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene

Message 2: Stabilize the Earth & Yourselves;
Belees the Arcturian; Rainbows & Crop Circles

Message 3: Council of OM: Lift the Earth; Call to Action!

The Council of OM shared a special activation with us, that includes creating an EarthHeart & activating ourselves with an ancient key that will help us reach our home frequencies easier and quicker.

We will go through this activation together during the teleconference adventure. They said that the energies are so magnified during the 5th – 8th that we can make a huge difference in the lifting process this day. They will be with us, supporting and lifting, also.

Full Message Here:

8-8 Teleconference Adventure Invitation:
Lifting the Earth; Special Gift Activation from Council of OM

Prepare yourselves by using the Circular Rainbows everyday to stabilize:

How to Participate; August Grand Cosmic Event:
Amplify Your “Lifting the Earth” Imagination-Creation


If you haven't been into BETH, the Living Grid,
Please learn about her to be prepared to enter her
for the Activation.


Register Here for the current event

If you are unable to attend, register anyway & receive the recording;


Free Monthly Wave of Love:

8-8 Wave of Love Lifts the Earth;
Free Monthly Meditation

General Info About the Wave of Love:

Wave of Love in the Living Grid

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    At the very end of the meditation, boy! did it come through my crown and down the right side of my face!! among other impulses in other ways! In other words, I really experienced a huge activation which continued for a couple of hours after and during the next day. It may have gone on longer. Question, was my activation dependent on my level of sharing and therefore personal or did we all get the same initiation. Any way to 'know' what we received? Okay, as of writing this, I realize how completely novice it is (not going to erase it) to ask such a question but I just thought I would in case you can share something with me that I haven't gotten. I must admit that I'm so activated these days that I can't manage to remain focussed for more than a hot minute. Can't spell anymore either and we won't even go into the dyslexia! Much gratitude for all you do, and

    Heart's Love,


  • Aloha

    Incredible! What an experience. We journeyed through the BETH grid to Mt. Shasta and partied with the Council of Om. We received an activation and were invited to return during dream time and meditation for instructions in how to use our new tools and abilities from the Lemurian elders who live in Telos.

    If you'd like to share this experience or share it with others, refer them to http://RealityCrafting.com/Beth where they can get the recording.

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    Mark your calanders. Our next adventure is 9:9, Sept. 9 at 6pm PDT.



  • Note from Ginger Vogler on 08-11-2010:

    Aloha Saleena, Was not on the prior call but was on this last one which was wonderful. I love your work as it is so clear and to the point and can feel how much you are deeply appreciated by all the Beings.  Much aloha to you and all!

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    Dear Sistar,

    WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!   Thank you for who you are and what you do.  You have no idea how powerful and beneficial your transformational blog is for me, as you are providing me with vision- the inner pictorial vision I have never had.  I was just led to go through the 8/8 activation.  It all was current, as you promised, all occurred step by ste within me and powerfully, I would say, even better for me, thanks to your stunning and powerful visual additions to the blog.  It helped me so much to SEE.  You are providing the images that my inner eye does not conjure yet, as I am a heart seer right now.  I LOVE this new addition!   Thank you… the energies have been blasting me, firing me, energizing me, lifting me,  tears and tears and tears and love and gratitude and so much STREAMING FROM MY HEART!!!!!!    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Angel Bridge Art by Mary Angelico

  • We had 55 participants on our journey! Please Feel free to share your experience here and invite your friends to join us at any time via the recording .  Much love to you all. Gratitude from my heart to yours… Saleena

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