Bliss Breathing

Saleena: Bliss Breathing is one of the skills that has changed me the most and assisted in helping to move my consciousness upwards. For at least four years I began the bliss breathing as soon as I woke up and did it for at least 10-15 minutes a day. It taught my body a whole new way of processing emotions and helped me remember that my natural state of being is like this; Bliss.

It works quickly and it is easy to learn and remember. The effect is so pleasant and powerful, that I recommend using it with many of the Vibrakey designs.  

Above is the first design associated with this; VK20 Lightbody Bliss. This is the design that Thoth helped me with when I asked for something to help activate my lightbody.

I offer the basic directions here for all to use freely. I thank Thoth for the gift.

Bliss Breathing


Easily create a state of Bliss.

Raise vibrations or frequencies so you remember more.

Activate & regrow the pineal gland.

Stabilize you & your emotions.

Energize, calm, balance, soothe, relax, rejuvenate.

Open you to a more multi-dimensional perception of reality.

Improve health & well-being.

Improve relations.

Support sex or sacred sexual practices.

Activate your memory of your Lightbody & how to use it.

Pineal Gland: This breathing is part of a process to strengthen, regrow & activate the Pineal Gland (located in the center of the head) toward its original size & purpose.

It helps our body to remember
how to breathe naturally:
breathing Prana;
Universal Life-Force energy,
mixed with Self-Compassion

from the Heart.

Breathing through the crown & heart simultaneously to the Pineal Gland rather than through the mouth & nose.

This leads to the activation of the Pineal & the natural activation of whatever stage your personal LightBody vehicle is ready to activate, allowing you to expand your awareness of yourself as a multi-dimensional being truly connected to All Life.


Possible Results: Breathing this way can smooth & soothe jagged nervousness, calm, center & ground. I discovered it can assist in bringing my emotions into balance. It can raise the “seat” of your emotions to a higher perspective.

If you feel upset or disconnected, you can use this breathing to soothe yourself & bring yourself back into a more central perspective, more connected to the higher energies & self.

Helps insomnia or sleeplessness, or can help you relax & rejuvenate. If you are tired it can energize.

As the pineal gland activates, you begin to view your world more multi-dimensionally.

It can also result in a much happier & harmonious life. Can lead to improved health & well-being.


Use this Breath When: You are tired, hungry, blood sugar dropping, sleepless, stressed; feeling judgment, out of balance in any way. Breathe this way when you are ready for bliss, ecstasy, or harmony. Before you meditate or journey. Before or during sex or sacred sexuality practices.

Natural Bliss: When you desire to enjoy your natural state of Bliss. One of the benefits of this breathing is the ecstatic bliss it generates in the body after 10 mins. or more.

Ecstatic states are one of the
quickest ways to raise our vibration &
assist us in our ascension process.

I am convinced we “fell” in vibration after we forgot how to breathe properly. I believe this more natural way to breath will raise your vibration again & this is how we remember things we have forgotten.


Remember Naturally How to Activate
& Use your LightBody Vehicle:

When Thoth originally appeared to me, I had been considering taking some Flower of Life classes to learn more about how to use my LightBody vehicle. I was working with VK20 Lightbody Bliss which at first I called Mer-Ka-Ba, considering it as a higher octave of VK10 Electric Support & knew it was about activating the lightbody.

Thoth asked me if I wanted an easy way to activate & remember how to use my lightbody? Of course! Then he showed me the breath by downloading a packet or thought bubble full of information that held in it all the instructions & purposes. He then said that using this breath would help me remember what I already knew about activating & using the lightbody. For more about the lightbody see “Saleena Note” at end of this guide.


How to Bliss Breathe – 1st Stage:

Sit gazing into this design. Slowly breathe in & visualize breathing in 1-Prana-Mana-Chi (life force), thru your 2-Crown chakra to 3-Pineal (located in the center of your head). Do this until you feels comfortable with it.

Next, allow your 4-Heart to open & feel Compassion for yourself. Let it fill your heart. Breathe 5-Prana-Mana-Chi (life force) into your heart, where it picks up the frequency-vibration of self compassion, then direct it up to your 3-Pineal Gland.

Once you feel conficent you can do each one, then simultaneously draw them in together & let the two energies meet in your 3-Pineal Gland. For approx. 3 sec, at the top of the in breath, they will spin & mix naturally.

As you breathe slowly out, allow this powerful combined substance to flow from your 3-Pineal into your 6-Central Channel; a hollow crystalline tube running from above your head to below your feet. Continue to breath & fill it up with this special energy-substance. You may feel it begin to warm or glow in the central channel.

Using the Special Substance: At the end, you can direct this substance to flow into all cells of your body. Imagine cells opening their mouths & drinking it in, or send it anywhere in body as needed. You can also send it out to whomever or wherever it is needed.

Thoth – 2nd Stage

When Thoth first shared this with me, he said,

“Do not underestimate this
powerful substance
you are creating.”

Two years later he appeared briefly, while I was working on upgrading the Vibrakeys, to say:

“Add a figure eight, going over the top of your head, crossing in the Pineal Gland & looping under the feet; to distribute the energy.”

I see it as a dimensional figure 8; a double torus, or an hourglass with round ends. This seems to distribute the energy throughout your system.



Saleena Note: Today, Mar. 11, 2010, I am beginning to understand that there are a myriad of levels & types of light bodies to explore & activate. We are going through a startling transition on earth; heading toward the Equinox activation of the more crystalline version of our current lightbody.

Metatron through James Tyberonn – Earth Chronicles shares much about this lightbody transition & the sequential lightbody activations we will be going through in the next few years. Scroll down the page & start reading.

K-LBg LightBody Vibrakey Guide also go through this & has a guided Rainbow Lightbody activation.

VK46 Rainbow Lightbody Ship also has a Pineal-Master Cell activation; a gift from the 5th Age Rainbow God, Kahl. This prepares you to activate a kind of Rainbow Lightbody Vehicle.

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