Omni-D Adventure Session


 Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Session 

If You Are Ready for a QUANTUM LEAP in Your Life…

If you are ready to Move to a NEW PERSPECTIVE…

If you’d LOVE to ADVENTURE in the name of

Your Own Evolution…

If you are Ready to Discover MORE about

Who YOU Are


Why YOU Are Here…

If you are Ready to Meet your STAR FAMILY & GUIDES

& begin Conscious Co-Creation…




let’s DIVE DEEP together into your own


Join us for an 

 OmniD Travel Adventure Session 

 Marimar & Saleena Ki

will be your Travel Guides. 

This kind of adventure can be life-changing and extremely fun!

 Who Attends Your Session? 

We, along with our Guides and yours, present unique ways of finding fresh insights, solutions & resolution to Age old patterns and opportunities to understand more about why you are here and where you came from.

We journey together in your behalf and may meet with your Whole Soul Committee, your Guides, your Star Families and any Soul Aspects that are ready to meet and merge with you to begin conscious co-creation with you. They usually bring in new gifts and skills and sometimes ancient wisdom, trainings and memories become available to you. 

Often blockages to your progress and evolution will be revealed and resolved. Insight into what is next is sometimes gained.

We may visit the past, present, future or parallel existences, and experience more about: who you are, where you came from, your past skills, knowledge, events that created certain beliefs,

Meet more of yourself, your guides & your soul family. Time & Space melts & opens for your explorations & insights.

Many skills are used to open the possibility for change. Healing occurs when the patterns change. 

 Your Omni-D Travel Adventure Guides & Our Teams 

We have some highly skilled support teams who often show up to assist in exploring the dimensional landscapes of your soul. 

We, Saleena & Marimar, serve as your personal Omni-Dimensional Travel Agent-Guides. We each have of our own set of trainings and skills and see things in uniquely different ways

Some of our HIGHER DIMENSIONAL FRIENDS who may assist are:

SARA Future Selves Medical Team

Belees and the A-Team (Arcturians) 


Creator Whales

Divine Feminine 

Hirogsna who offer Untangling and the safety and dimensionality of the Circle of Life.

The Founders who are also known as our original parents

Crystal Dragons or others in the Elemental Kingdoms, including Plant Devas

Your WHOLE SOUL COMMITTEE is invited to assist as long as it is for your soul’s highest purpose and mission.

We meet so many marvelous beings and some of them are different aspects of you!

We ask that all who attend align to the intensions of BENEVOLENT Source Creator.

We will be traveling through many dimensions so be prepared for some wonderful sensations and possible sleepiness. It can come and go depending on the energy levels where we are working. The work we are doing is effective even if you are unconscious of the exact details at any moment.

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Session

 Your Investment:$355 


 2 hour session  with Saleena & Marimar

a hand written transcript with drawings & diagrams,

a mp3 Recording

Vibrakeys you most need to support your session work.

(up to $66 value)

 Session is by phone 

(We currently live in Tennessee)

Long distant phone charges & shipping costs are extra.

 $222 deposit leads the way for your appointment 

If you are 100% excited and ready

Pay your deposit for your Personal Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Session 
then email or call us and we will assist you to schedule one.

 Payment in full is due immediately after session is complete. 

If you need more information, or if you are ready to schedule, Click HERE for a detailed document with more about the session, how to schedule & pay, how to prepare for your session to make the most of it.

We look forward to serving you and affirm that your awakening and evolution assists us ALL. Thank you! & Aloha

Saleena & Marimar