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Here is a FUN INTERVIEW with more details
about how the project works:

  The Sublime Health Project with Saleena Kí  

Saleena – Yes, the Arcturian team interacts personally with each individual who chooses to go through the program. This is an opportunity to meet, interact and co-create with these loving and wise beings on behalf of creating a greater level of sublime health and well-being for us all. They explained that as the vibration frequencies of the earth rise, we must become biologically stronger to move through this great shift & thrive. Their intention is to support us as we strengthen ourselves biologically, emotionally and spiritually so we are more resilient and adaptable as we evolve and awaken from our density experiment of polarity and the illusion of separation.

 Arcturian Crop Circles & Contact 

Belees: “First of all each cropcircle is created with many different inputs. They are co-creations from the start. At least the ones we participate in. There are many authors & artists that participate.

Sometimes they are artistic expressions of things that are of interest in the moment, just as you create your art, at least before the Vibrakeys.

Sometimes they are scientific experiments.

Sometimes, they are solutions to pending challenges developing because of the disharmonious ways the human race has been living on earth.”

 Co-Creation with Arcturians 

Saleena: Here is an example of how Belees works with me when I am co-creating Vibrakeys: 

“Now you asked about that particular cropcircle: Moreahl’s Key. (Saleena Note: It is also used in the Vibrakey VK65 New Universe)

We chose this one because it reflects at a tonal level the triadic nature of the new Universe. There are quarter sections that take it into the 7th octave of creation along with fractal levels of subatomic directions for the Earth. It is a tuning resonance emitter; you might say… we are looking for ways to describe it in a way you might understand.

The hexagon shape is displayed in a flat surface though it is truly dimensional in the energies…. It is a diamond, a tetrahedron, of hexagonal fortitude. This pattern can fold & shift waves in such a way it can inform the space around it.

When Moreahl chose this shape to use & the central key, we agreed it was a good choice.

Look at the spaces in-between & you will receive further understanding.


As you saw, it connects to the StarGate wormhole portal systems or travel & will activate stronger during certain alignments.

There are circles, triangle that are pulled by the curvature of space. We chose this to assist in the re-harmonization process from the old to the new…. By adding the next key circle…



We added the tuning needed to adjust it to the new system. This one brings a new construct to the old matter. Like tuning a harp, you are all being tuned to a new octave, a new scale of creation.

There is so much to share. We feel you have reached your capacity & recommend you rest & sleep & we will adjust some more for you. We are working overtime with Marimar & with Colin as each of you are channeling these new energy mainline to into the Earth plane.

Saleena: Thank you for your effuse sharing…. I feel so much just beyond the words, sometimes it is frustrating!


Belees: We choose words that are bringing in more than what the mind thinks they mean, relax. It is all perfect for the moment. More will open, especially in the next two years…. You are in for some delightful events… all of Earth is.

Abadonia, coreth a kua keohla. Our love runs like a deep river through your soul & you through ours. We offer you support & love & trust you will shine for us all. Our deepest gratitude to you all, all the lightworkers who have held the vision & unfalteringly held up the hope & dreamed in the new.

Sleep in our love & frequencies. You are a beloved one. Akoashia. Belees”


 Crop Circles Keep the Earth Stablized 

More from Belees: We are here to keep the Earth as stable as possible through her ascension process, thus keeping the doors open for yours. We work with the Whales & the other Cetaceans in keeping the harmonic girds of Earth tuned & strong. There has been many incidences where a particular group interest has “played “with the energies of Earth in such ways as to cause potential disruption & harm to these grids & thus cause an imbalance in the whole StarGate system. These beings are acting without discernment for the greater whole of Creation, much less of the Humans. They are greedy & ready to destroy for their own power & gain.

This has gone on for a very long time on earth for your experience & opportunity to experience polarity & duality. It is a co-creation & has gone to the limits. We have been here assisting for the majority of time this has been happening. The only difference is that this controlling group has grown in power over the time & they are reaching pinnacles of skills that could potentially damage all Creation with their imbalanced acts of aggression toward all. It is already dissolving… their power & influence has gradually been severed… they are flailing now & rapidly will disappear from their places of power & control With the birth of the New Universe the potential for a complete freeing is pending now.”


“The exciting part of this is that our

reunion with the human race is nearing

& all the reasons we had to stay back

& be discreet are disappearing too.

Open contact with the masses is approaching.”


“We are nervous & excited as this is a delicate thing, to present ourselves in ways that invoke trust & friendship rather than fear & disruption.  So many have already been in constant contact & communications, as we have, & the numbers are growing. Soon it will become a natural way of life & the stories of the times when all was withheld in secret for control of power will be ancient stories.”


“For now, we are grateful for the opportunity

to serve you in the best

& most consciously supportive way possible.

We are ready to serve further

in the Sublime Health Project…”


“Your health has improved with the challenges you were experiencing diminishing. As we shared earlier, when these negative patterns disappear it is easy to quickly forget they were ever experienced… Humans like to move on & forget the unpleasant things… We see that you are in much more harmony than before. Sophia’s energies will correct many of your previous imbalances & you will come to a greater level of Sublime Health & Well being with your service to her, with her, to All.” From a 2009-12-24 channeled message from Belees, the Arcturian through Saleena Kí 


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Colin – One part of this process is getting to know and love the Arcturian team who are assisting us with this. For me they appear to have a very similar vibration to Angels, so they feel very close and comforting, very loving.

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