Vibrakey Blog | 16 Reasons Vibrakeys Make AWEsome Gifts
Saleena Kí expresses her Omni-D STORYTELLER through Stories. They can be Word Art, Visual Art, Vibrational Art with lots of Color, Light Language & Geometry woven into many layers. Sometimes she is whimsical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes mystical, sometimes musical, sometimes she is barefoot and rooted into Earth, with her nose stuck into some micro world and often she is off flying about in the other dimensions. She calls it OD or Omni-Dimensional. Often you find her at the computer or behind her camera creating new worlds and new realities. Her art is often created with many vibrational layers that often can be felt vibrationally by those in its presence. This website is a Branch of her HomeTree. Most of her art is available for sale from her own Omni-D Store. You can subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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16 Reasons Vibrakeys Make AWEsome Gifts

Are You looking for a VERY UNIQUE GIFT

This shows my Vibrakey Art, Sacred HeartGate with a Gold Border with beautiful message from Mary Magdalene. This can be purchased here as a Fine Art print up to 13x13" as seen here on my kitchen wall.

Here is one of my Vibrakey Fine Art prints: A version of VK38 Sacred HeartGate with a Gold Border inscribed with a beautiful message from Mary Magdalene as seen framed and hanging in my kitchen. This can be purchased here as a Fine Art print up to 13×13″ . Click on the photo and it will take you there.


Vibrakeys are a SUPER WONDERFUL CHOICE for many reasons: 

1. They are BEAUTIFUL ART that actively assists you to BECOME MORE OF WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

2. They are a gift that KEEPS ON GIVING and giving and giving.

3. They are EASY TO USE; they work just having them in your space.

4. They HELP ANYONE CHANGE parts of their lives that are ready to change.

5. They work in a CUSTOM way for each individual, NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS they are at,.

6. They are dimensional and EVOLVE AS YOU EVOLVE so their “power” doesn’t run out.

7. They are GOOD FOR ALL LIFE; people, animals, plants, etc.

8. They are VERY UNIQUE. There is no-thing like them “out there.”

9. They are a HEART-BASED TECHNOLOGY. They are all c0-created through the heart and work only from the heart. 

10. They help make things a little EASIER as THEY SUPPORT YOU in these intense energies that move through us in waves now.

11. LOVE & SUPPORT from many benevolent beings and dimensions flow through them.

12. They CONNECT YOU with parts of yourself that you may have forgotten exist.

13. They come in so many designs, with SO MANY DIFFERENT FOCUSES AND PURPOSES, you can find some that will be just right for the one you love.

14. They are EASY TO USE with written guidance on the Back or in an eGuide if you want to go deeper with them.

VK16 Receive the Mothers eGuide

15. You can CHOOSE FROM SEVERAL FORMATS;  Laminated Card with Guidance on the back or a print that can be framed.

16. They come in many convenient KITS & SETS to choose from for even more easy support for home and loved ones.



How do you choose the best designs for someone else or for yourself?

1. Intuitively choose whatever you are attracted to while holding them in mind and looking through the Vibrakey Art Gallery. Hover over the thumbnail and you will see a code # like VK01, VK02. Just note that number so you can remember which ones and that will help narrow it down.

2. Choose something to make their water better. Transform Your Water is a good choice.

3.Choose something to refresh and enhance their home environment and protect them from harmful waves, like from cell phones, computers & more. A Safe Haven Kit is a good choice for this. There are several variations and more Kits here.

4. You can give them a Vibrakey Reading ($66 value) and 1 Vibrakey ($33 value). Shipping is extra. Just contact me and I will help you purchase it.


Where do you Purchase Vibrakeys?

Visit’s Art Galleries. Click on the ones you want to see. Click on the blue Details and Purchasing link and it takes you to the page where you can add whatever version you want to your shopping cart. When you are finished, you will check out with PayPal.