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Saleena Kí expresses her Omni-D STORYTELLER through Stories. They can be Word Art, Visual Art, Vibrational Art with lots of Color, Light Language & Geometry woven into many layers. Sometimes she is whimsical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes mystical, sometimes musical, sometimes she is barefoot and rooted into Earth, with her nose stuck into some micro world and often she is off flying about in the other dimensions. She calls it OD or Omni-Dimensional. Often you find her at the computer or behind her camera creating new worlds and new realities. Her art is often created with many vibrational layers that often can be felt vibrationally by those in its presence. This website is a Branch of her HomeTree. Most of her art is available for sale from her own Omni-D Store. You can subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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Vibrakey Exploration

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About Stargates, Portals & Creator Gods Have you heard of Stargates? Most of us have seen Sci-fi movies where the ships approach these amazing colorful spinning holes in deep dark space and enter them whooshing in record time to wherever they are going. I am here...