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Saleena Kí expresses her Omni-D STORYTELLER through Stories. They can be Word Art, Visual Art, Vibrational Art with lots of Color, Light Language & Geometry woven into many layers. Sometimes she is whimsical, sometimes shamanic, sometimes mystical, sometimes musical, sometimes she is barefoot and rooted into Earth, with her nose stuck into some micro world and often she is off flying about in the other dimensions. She calls it OD or Omni-Dimensional. Often you find her at the computer or behind her camera creating new worlds and new realities. Her art is often created with many vibrational layers that often can be felt vibrationally by those in its presence. This website is a Branch of her HomeTree. Most of her art is available for sale from her own Omni-D Store. You can subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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Vibrakey Co-Creation Stories

Vibrakey Co-Creation Stories

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What do I mean by Co-Creation?

I am excited today to open this portal to share my Vibrakey Co-Creation Stories! What I mean by this is that when I get an idea for a Vibrakey, (If you don’t know what they are read this: What is a Vibrakey?)  it involves co-creation, usually with HOSTS from other dimensions, other planets, other cultures. I am very careful to approach everything I do from my heart in balance with my mind. I trust my strong intention and intuition to only play with those who are benevolent toward humans on Earth and in relation with Mother Earth. I have made agreements that Vibrakeys only work through the heart. Any malicious intent is quickly discerned and turned away. It would waste all our time and energy because Vibrakeys will only work if they are approach with heart oriented intentions. I have seen them “shut down” when negative energy was part of the creation process.

That is because the ideas and initial images are being given to me from other dimensions by other dimensional beings. This can mean they are a Star Race group, a more evolved individual being from another dimension or timeline, or even one from the mostly unseen dimensions of Earth, such as a Fairy, a Dragon or a Tree. Not that you can’t see a Tree, just that most people are unfamiliar with talking to, much less co-creating something with, one. In fact, I do have a Vibrakey in process that I co-created with 3 Fairies to help with communicating and interacting with Fairies… now those are the kinds of stories I want to share here!


Faery Portal by Jane E. Ward

Just because you can’t see someone doesn’t mean they are unreal. They are just vibrating in such a way that their form is not seen by our physical eyes. It takes intention, activating our inner vision to “see” them and practice. That is actually one of the things that Vibrakey designs do, they easily help you activate whatever Super Senses you are ready for so you begin to perceive the Omnidimensional worlds. This can lead to interacting with them, if you want to, and if there is a reason why they want to interact with you.

Help & Support on the Earth Plane

Many times, as a Vibrakey is coming through, I have an Earth-based team here on Earth, like Colin Whitby or Marimar or my sister, Mary Angelico, helping with the co-creation. There have been a few others who have helped over the years. I have been bringing Vibrakeys through since 1997, almost 20 years now! This can involve checking in to see what there is to do next, or receiving guidance about how to translate the design into physical form. Often our “checking in” results in amazing Omni-D Travel Adventures. At times, it involves a running conversation with me and the other dimensional hosts that are on the team to bring it through. Whatever it takes…

How do I Know what they Do?

First of all, I wouldn’t bring it through if it didn’t feel right. Sometimes I get an understanding right at the beginning what it does, what it is for. I record this kind of understanding as a kind of descriptive name for it. As I go along, I realize more that it does and add to the list of names it has. Marimar calls these its long names. As soon as I know one is coming through and have at least an idea what it will be, I give it a VK00 number so it has a place in the Vibrakey system. They all fit together dimensionally somehow, I was shown this once. They all are interconnected into this big onmidimensional Vibrakey energy system. It was such an omni-d vision I don’t even know how to put it into words or even draw it. I tried. It was astonishing! The closest thing I have ever seen to it was one scene in the movie, Interstellar, when he entered the black hole into the tesseract.


Why do Vibrakeys have so many Names?

When it is all done, I choose its first name, like:

VK01 Creation Cosmology

Creation Cosmology helps you understand, from the deepest level, you create your own reality however you desire it. Assists you to return to the core level of existence; I AM THAT I AM. Assists you to access the truth of who you are. Opens chakras, and activates the DNA/Codons. This is a symbolic Creation Story.

Creation Cosmology helps you understand, from the deepest level, you create your own reality however you desire it. Assists you to return to the core level of existence; I AM THAT I AM. Assists you to access the truth of who you are. Opens chakras, and activates the DNA/Codons. This is a symbolic Creation Story.

then refine its longer names, and there can be many, to clearly describe the kinds of things it does or is about:

Creation Story
Meet Your I AM That, I AM
Core Level of Existence
Access genetic historical truth of who you are
Awakening DNA

Sometimes I get the whole design done and I am very clear about what it is for. Sometimes, because it is stretching even me, I have to ask for more understanding about all the levels of things it can do, or what kinds of energy it is going to bring through. I also ask if there is anything any of the HOSTS want to share about it. Then the next part is writing about it, making sense of how to explain something so omnidimensional using the English language, which is limited. Some say that I use a whole different language they have to get used to. These stories and guidance first go on the back of the design to form a kind of ART TOOL. Art on the front and guidance on the back, easy to reference if you want to explore the Vibrakey deeper and access deeper levels of its gifts.

Back-Front of a Vibrkaey

Then they eventually get organized into an eGuide. If you are lucky, I have taken the time to put together all the information, guided meditations, ceremonies, processes and usually some of the Creation process notes, and a few of our Omni-D Travel Adventures related to its co-creation. Often I have a series of drawings, sketches and diagrams done along the way. They are sometimes like little mini books cram packed with treasures and fun.

So you see, the whole process of co-creating a Vibrakey
goes way beyond me “painting a pretty picture!”

How long does a Vibrakey take to complete?

Once Marimar laughed and said he didn’t think that Vibrakeys ever get done. He was referring to the many times I have gone through the whole system one by one and asked if there were any changes that would keep them fresh and up-to-date. I also go through them with my most trusted guides to weed out anything that might be compromised in any way. I intend that they are safe and coming from only benevolent sources who are based in LOVE and oriented from the HEART. Those that care about supporting humanity and Mother Earth through this phenomenal and tough shift we are in process of now.

So, how long? Well, sometimes I work on a Vibrakey as long as there is energy and liveliness in the process. Sometimes the energy settles down and it seems to go into a kind of integration time. Energetically I have them in a kind of birthing chamber or alchemical laboratory while I am constructing them. They can stay there for several years before I am inspired to bring them out and finish them. There are a few that may never get out… Occasionally one comes in like a flowing river and sweeps me up, carries me along and in a few days, it it done! It happened even faster to VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate hosted by MaRi Magdalene! This one holds the record…

VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate

Here is an example of some writing about VK62:

VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate had one of the most amazing births for a Vibrakey. We were working with Mary Magdalene to create a group Omni-D Travel Adventure for 11-11-11 (2+0+0+9=11) double portal day. As soon as I aligned with the intent to bring forth an artistic design to support this project, it poured through in about 4 hours! It was evident that Mary Magdalene and all the other hosts knew just what they wanted.

This design is a Cosmic Rose Stargate aligning with and bridging you to your own Cosmic Christ. It assists you to fully open your Crown system in a higher dimensional way & begin to activate your true Cosmic Self. It also helps to activate your Pineal Gland to a whole new level as you open more fully to remember you are an omni-dimensional cosmic being simply residing on Earth for experiencing duality and separation. Time to remember that you are Love in Motion; a walking living Flower of Life and Love. You are Divinity Embodied. This design includes a guided journey to the Temple of Anuenue to meet Mary Magdalene who will assist you to open your own Cosmic Rose Stargate, Grail Code Activation and is a Meditation & Journey Tool. It is hosted by Mary Magdalene – JeSu – our Lyran Home – Sirian Ahkus Council & is a Sirian Ascension Grail Project.

VK62’s Purpose: To help open your Rose Stargate & activate this coherent Pattern of Beauty within your energy-spirit body as you restructure into Sacred Geometric patterns of the Sacred Rose. Connects you with your own Cosmic Christ Consciousness.. Opens your Crown Chakra to reconnect you fully with your Divine Essence. Helps you remember you are already Divine Perfection, on an adventure to discover more ways you can remember & express this. Become One with the Divine Light of Creation. Helps to Activate your Cosmic Self-True Self. Through Lyran and;the Blue Crystalline Energy Pulse of Home, offers you another level of Crystalline Pineal Gland Activation to be able to access, and hold more crystalline light.

Guided Omni-D Travel Adventure

It is rare that we have a recorded journey associated with a Vibrakey where you can travel along with us and receive all the activations. This is a link to some like this, the Rose Stargate being the first one that kicked off a year-long of once a month adventures on double digit portal days. There were a number of Vibrakeys birth along with those adventures. Here is the page if you would like to come play with us on a guided Omni-D Travel Adventure.

How did you get started with Vibrakeys anyway?

Now that is another story…



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