| Vibrakey VK03 Feminine Power by Saleena Kí
Vibrakey VK03 Feminine Power's detail page with benefits & description.
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VK03 Feminine Power

VK03 Feminine Power

Benefits of Using VK03

Get in touch with your Feminine Power

Guides you to Complete the Past

Provides the energetic Womb for Rebirth

Blesses you with the Triple Goddess energy

Helps you strengthen your Feminine Power

Paves the way for your expression of your Full Feminine Power

Helps balance your Magnetics

This design supports you to surrender into the Fullness of your Feminine Power with Angelic & Divine Feminine present.  Great for men or women who are in process with or ready for completion with the past in any way it diminishes your confidence in your own feminine aspect. Very helpful in trauma abuse recovery, assisting in gently opening you to deep cellular release of past trauma & no longer useful beliefs.