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VK12 Stargate & Benevolent Contact

VK12 Stargate & Benevolent Contact

VK12 Stargate & ET Contact

Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018
Subject: A Vibrakey Story

Hi Saleena,

I wanted to send you emails of stories about the Vibrakeys as I rememeber them and how they have helped me. This one is from the Stargate Contact one.

Last year I began to feel an interest in ETs. I have always watched the scary documentaries about ETs and they terrified me although I could not resist watching them.

I decided that they were scaring me too much in 2016 so I stopped watching. A Spirit named Erik showed up in my room one night and told me that I should change my mind about this and that the result would be really fun. So I went and looked at your Stargate Contact Vibrakey one night.

Immediately after that I was on YouTube one day and was looking for videos with UFOs in them. There was a comment under one of the videos and I swear the message was written for me. It was all in caps and seemed to be a channeled message from someone. It said something to the effect of go outside and look at the sky and you will see UFOs.

So I began to look at the sky at night and there was indeed a UFO in my neighborhood one night. I used to stay up late and it was about 2 a.m. that night when I saw it across the field in my neighborhood. It was two story with windows and was the traditional shape of a UFO. It hovered over the field for about 10 minutes and then disappeared.

Later that night I was introduced to the Tau Ceti ETs who were the owners of the ship. They appeared in my bedroom in Spirit form, not physical so as not to startle me. They were beautiful. They looked like humans except that they had the bluest and greenest eyes that I have ever seen. They had long straight hair and were very tan. They were also accompanied by beings that looked like bears. The bears had the same beautiful eyes.

They worked on me energetically. This was powerful energy work and I actually had to ask them to take the intensity of the session down a few notches. They did so immediately. I felt great afterwards. They came back every few weeks and I ended up having a telepathic conversation with a female Tau Ceti being from on her home planet. I asked her questions and she answered them.

One of the questions was what kind of music they listened to. She gave me a few examples of the types of music she preferred in a mini sound clip in my ear and Enya was the closest thing that I can think of to give you an idea of what their music sounded like. Whale sounds also reminded me of their music.

I have since met one race in physical form and have met The Grays, The Alpha-Draconians and a Reptilian Woman in Spirit form. Since I am so new to this world I ask them not to appear in the physical as it startles me. I love the Grays and have had a telepathic conversation with one on his home planet as well. The Grays come and work on me too, balancing my energy system. Their technology is so advanced that is may as well be magic.

In the conversation that I had with the Gray gentleman, I did ask him about abductions. He was so sad and embarrassed that this had occurred. He said that it was not allowed but that similar to humans, they were also all on different soul journeys and it would be like blaming Buddha for a violent person’s behavior.

They cannot control everyone and he called the ones who do the abductions lost souls and was deeply saddened by this. He said that they were here to help the earth.

I spoke very briefly with a Reptilian woman with beautiful amber eyes and amber skin. Talk about knowledge keepers! She was very kind. I saw another UFO months after the Tau Ceti and it was the Alpha-Draconian one. One of them appeared in my room that night very briefly. She was beautiful. She had a dragon head and a humanoid body. She had a pink pearlescent helmet on and was very friendly and kind.

So, thank you to the Vibrakeys and yourself for helping me open up to this magical and amazing world!

Love, Leni Dubel, Pennsyvania

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