| VK01 Creation Cosmology
Creation Cosmology helps you understand, from the deepest level, you create your own reality however you desire it. Assists you to return to the core level of existence; I AM THAT I AM. Assists you to access the truth of who you are. Activates and optimizes chakras, and activates dormant DNA/Codons. This is a symbolic Creation Story.
vibrakey; vibrakeys; vibrational art; art; Saleena Kí; Joan Ov'Art; transformational art; VK01; Creation; Cosmology; I AM; Freedom; self esteem; self confidence; awaken; lightbody; activation; DNA; Codons; genetic; truth; energy centers
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Benevolent Contact

VK12 Stargate & ET Contact Sent: Monday, January 22, 2018 Subject: A Vibrakey Story Hi Saleena, I wanted to send you emails of stories about the Vibrakeys as I rememeber them and how they have helped me. This one is from the Stargate Contact one. Last year I began to...