| How this OD HomeTree Works
The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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How this OD HomeTree Works

The Story of OD HOME TREE

In the truest nature of our lives we are all INTERCONNECTED.

The OD Life of Saleena Kí TREE is the psyber (online) HOMETREE TRUNK supporting my network of INTERCONNECTED WEBSITES.

Each of my websites are BRANCHES of HOMETREE.

They are ALL an INTERCONNECTED SYSTEM woven together by my STORYTELLING.

Each BRANCH expresses different focused areas of my CREATIVITY, INTERESTS, OFFERINGS & EXPERTISE.

Omni-D Storytelling

I like to express my STORYTELLER through

WORD ART,  VIBRATIONAL ART (Visually, Musically, with Light Language & Geometry…)

These are scattered about like leaves on my HOMETREE.

Omni-D Resources

Each BRANCH benefits from certain OD RESOURCES that originate in HOMETREE.

Omni-D GLOSSARY is necessary since I add lots of words & terms to better express the Omni-D EXPERIENCE.

Omni-D Themes help you find what you are looking for easier. For now it is living on the branch of

I offer LOADS of FREE RESOURCES such as Omni-D Tools-Techniques & Links 

Omni-D Products & Services


My Product Catalog shows all my offerings.

My Service Catalog shows all the ways I can personally support you.

Buying my PRODUCTS & using my SERVICES are ways YOU can SUPPORT ME
to continue to do what I LOVE so I, as a Visionary ARTIST CREATIVE, can LIVE ABUNDANTLY with grace & ease.

Clients of my Omni-D SESSIONS & LIFE SUPPORT have lots of FUN, make little & BIG CHANGES, meet new aspect of self & seem very HAPPY & SATISFIED with their new Omni-D PERSPECTIVES. There are TESTIMONIALS & STORIES scattered like little seeds of happiness on the breeze in the fertile ground of the HOMETREE and BRANCHES.


I am HAPPY to receive DONATIONS and set up ways for YOU to SPONSOR ME so I can continue sharing with YOU.

Contact Me if you would like to Sponsor Me as an ARTIST CREATIVE.

Omni-D Community

For some of the BRANCH websites, there are (or will be) COMMUNITY OPPORTUNITIES.


You will be redirected to HOME TREE to manage these.

Eventually we will offer LIVE EVENTS & CLASSES through our Omni-D-versity, so we can have LOTS MORE FUN TOGETHER.

If you want to stay in touch, sign up for my free OD NewZ letter .

I will share about the different websites and my various Omni-D activities in the NewZletter from time to time or space to space.

What is OMNI & OD?

You will notice that I use the terms Omni-D and OD all over the place in my Saleena Kí psyber Tree.

I use the term OMNI instead of MULTI because I am referring to ALL instead of a few.

So I adopted the term Omni-D to describe the ALL DIMENSIONAL aspect of everything I do & experience.

I add DIMENSION to OMNI because in my WORLD REALITY i LIVE & PLAY & CO-CREATE & OBSERVE EVERYTHING as part of a greater whole with many LEVELS and LAYERS.

The Vision of OD

Now OD was birthed with a vision. When I was opening for inspiration about how I could present all the stories of my life a fun and cohesive way. I felt that binding them into one book and publishing them that way wasn’t my path. I kept feeling some kind of living expanding online book. I also knew that I had to have some kind of way to share them as they come to me. I wanted an exciting fresh way to present them that wasn’t going to take me YEARS to write and get published. I knew I wouldn’t do it. I have been opening myself to Creation to receive inspiration and support to actuate this BIG DREAM, I have been dreaming in for many years, to find a unique and successful way to share all my creations. One day the whole vision came to me and the name of it was The OD Life of Saleena Kí. I was shown that OD meant Omni-Dimensional! Well my life certainly, in some aspects is an odd one and is certainly OD, so I agreed heartily and the whole design unfolded from there.

And so it is that from this tiny SEED The OD Life of Saleena Ki Home Tree with ALL its BRANCHES has grown.
FEEL FREE to CONTACT ME if you have further questions.

Saleena Ki aka Joan Ov’Art

P.S. Joan Ov’Art is my legal name and was the name I went by during some of my CREATIVE ERAs such as THE ART of JUICEY LIVING. Saleena Kí is a vibrational name I adopted when my whole life changed. It expresses the VIBRATION of me that moves into form now. Read more