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The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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HiVibe Art & Graphic Design

Hi-Vibe Art & Graphic Design

Creative Consultation & Business Support

All Art & Graphics on this page © 2015 Joan Ov’Art, all rights reserved

unless it was commissioned then you own your own copyrights.


Hi-Vibe Art & Graphic Gallery

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My passion is working with you to bring something out of you that will empower & excite-ignite your passion & help you align to the truest expression of your soul’s purpose & mission. I have a huge library of my own resource photos, transformational art & intuitive, psychic abilities that enhance the artistic creative process, with many skills & training that dovetail nicely into creating a wholistic experience.


Vibrational & Energetic Support

Sometimes I embed codes, light language & geometries into your design that will enhance & create a supportive vibration in your graphic or logo. Using the right colors can enhance & attract. Often there are guides or groups working with you from the other dimensions that have energies or messages to share. They love to support you in fulfilling your dreams.


Rates & Terms

It works out best to charge an hourly rate for graphics & the consultation that happens with a project. This way you feel free to use me for consultation about a variety of subject that always come up. You can ask me anything you like about other projects, life, or engage me in further brainstorming your project with you. Sometimes we find you need to clear yourself to freely move ahead with your business, project or chosen expression. There are ways to clear yourself, your project & your products for more success.




I AM a CREATIVE & ARTIST covered under the

Law of Creativity Reasonableness

and the

Artists are Valuable Assets to Our World Act


My art work is unique, filled with design elements that actually radiate energy and is so non-typical that if you want something professionally zen or typical please continue looking.


I AM very selective taking time to do other people’s work so I choose carefully what I will accept. It HAS to be FUN and productive for both of us. I have given up stressing out. Take a deep breath and learn to do Bliss Breathing if you are still stressing.


I create decently fast most of the time. Sometimes I am really fast and even astonish myself. If the inspiration is there I am right there with the creation.


My Rates-Value Exchange

My minimum rate at this time is $55 an hour and may be higher for some kinds of play and can change suddenly at anytime, at my whim, when I feel like I am worth more, though not in the middle of a job for you. Once I start a creative project for you I will honor the rate we agreed upon to finish the job for you. After that, the current rate applies.

I play & create for you for 5 hours at a time, paid ahead. You can choose how you want me to spend my time using your money. Consulting, conversations directly about your art, coaching, discussing the progress, prepping the art… etc. are all included in the fee. You pay for the use of My time, wisdom, skills and talents! This makes it $275 for each 5 hour parcel of time.

This Artist-Creative doesn’t do bids period! One Artist-Creative friend just said to be, “Yah, everytime I do a bid I lose my shorts!” Well you get the picture… maybe too vividly… It needs to be “right relations” for both of us. 

I never work for free or nearly free up-front in the hopes that I will get paid someday when your product actually sells. I’ve tried it and it NEVER works out. If I give you my time & experience it is a gift.


Using Vibrakeys for Your Website

I don’t sell or license my Vibrakeys 

to use on any of your products or publications. 

I will create your own unique energetic piece though.

I am happy for you to promote my art and products on your website or blog as long as you link them back to the original page you found them on. For all commercial uses you must contact me, as the artist, for any terms. See Honest Usage Terms


It most likely will be a FUN en-lightening up and activational adventure for both of us. I like adventures. If you found me and are attracted to my style and want me to design something for you, there is something more your soul wants beyond the Art



If you are interested, CONTACT ME ,

for a longer lovely detailed description

of my services and terms available.

Websites I Have Designed & Created

All Banners & Headers on ALL our Websites are

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…each Gallery has Banners, Logos & Headers I have created. Many have my Photographs & other Art.


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Intergalactic Omni-versal Artist Alchemist
Starry-Story Teller Saleena Kí aka Joan Ov’Art


All Art & Graphics on this page and in my galleries are Copyrighted.
©1998-2014 Joan Ov’Art, all rights reserved
unless it was commissioned then you own your own copyrights