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The OD Life of Saleena Ki is the Home Tree Trunk for all her other websites, she calls Branches. It is the trunk that support everything she does, which she does Omni-Dimensionally, including Omni-D Storytelling, Omni-D Art and Omni-D Travel Adventuring.
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Omni-D Contact

Welcome to Omni-D CONTACT Projects!

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Each of these menu items are a Branch – Website of the OD HOMETREE

and, in some way or another, share many ways to LIVE, PROSPER & ENJOY our EXPANDING REALITY.


If any of you are wondering if and when Contact with Extraterrestrials will really happen,

these Branch-Websites may present some new ways of thinking and afford some new opportunities

to experience it for yourself NOW!


Some of you know it is happening. Some of you don’t. Some of you are in great joy and excitement it is happening and already participating. Some of you are nervous about it. In fact, some of you are in great fear it will happen. I am here to encourage you to rest assured it is happening and it is happening now.  It is happening now everyday! To the most common and uncommon of Human Beings. There is no stopping it. The time of trying to hide it from us, via non-disclosure, covert actions and interactions that benefit only certain select groups is over. The truth is Contact has been happening on Earth since the beginning of Earth and has never stopped. We are and never have been alone on Earth. Your greatest option is to learn more about it and empower yourself to make decisions to enhance your life by embracing it. One important key is to consciously choose only to interact with BENEVOLENT BEINGS. There are MANY LOVING BENVOLENT BEINGS that are loads of FUN to CO-CREATE with!


My Unusual Description of Contact


I have a very unusual description of Contact. I believe that the process of contacting new life forms embraces a wide variety of life expressing itself. I believe that we have been intentionally separated to make it easier to control us, not only from the variety of life that surrounds us, from each other as children of our planet Earth. I believe Contact is a practice of embracing and accepting diversity and practicing loving communications with many forms of life. I am excited that we have much to share with each other and it is high time we begin with loving hearts and open minds. I include in my Contact scenario many sentient beings that haven’t been associated nor popularly identified with this term.

For a few years I had as my email signature this saying:

“All things can be energized to act as gateways & bridges to the realms of life beyond our material world.  Let’s co-create a place/space where you & I can join all of life through these gateways. It is time for BENEVOLENT CONTACT, I say YES!” Saleena Kí

Until my new Branch-Website Omni-D Contact: The Art of Contact Happening Now is up and running,
you can read more at Messages of Our New Universe.


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