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GardenSong Project | Fairy’s Portal Intro
GardenSong Project is a unique website oriented around conscious co-creation with Nature. In a way, it is about benevolent Contact, in that we must reach out to realms we haven't been able to see easily and get to know the beings that live close to us, yet unseen. Here we learn to operate in an expanded reality on a daily basis by getting to know, communicating with and responding into a previously hidden reality where Ancient Trees are our Elders with wisdom to be listened and responded to, Plants love to serve and help us if we ask, Flowers share their beauty and energy in a new way, Fairies become our friends and co-create with us, Nature Spirits share their gifts with us and Overseeing Elementals cooperate and coordinate their forces to help us enliven and heal all the damage man has unconsciously and consciously enacted upon Mother Earth and the Natural World. Here I share information and inspiration and my OD Life of Saleena Kí stories that orient around Nature and my experience with them. GardenSong Project is orient around a Vibrakey Kit of the same name.This website is a Branch of HomeTree. Buy her art from the Omni-D Store and subscribe to her OD Life Stories at
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Fairy’s Portal Intro

Welcome to our

 Fairy’s Portal 

Enchanted Evening by Mary Angelico

Fly on in…

Open your HEART…

Connect it to your BODY-MIND-SPIRIT…

Ground gently into the HEART of our MOTHER EARTH…

Then invite your INNER CHILDREN to lead the way

for they are the ones who know how to PLAY with Us!


 Message from Saleena’s House Fairies 

House Fairies: If you are here on a serious quest you may be in the wrong space. If you are here to have fun, loosen up, soften your lines of reality and open to new possibilities then this is the place to be! If you are here to explore something you have almost forgotten, welcome. If you are here to find new friends, we wait with our hearts and arms wide open. If you are here to prove to yourself that you are perfectly lucid and a fine human, even though you catch glimpses of us, or see a flash of us out of the corner of your eye, or hear us giggling amongst the flowers, then you will get all the support we know how to give to help you come to a place where you are happy and confident, knowing you are lucky you still have some doors open to our dimension, our home space. We are excitedly holding this portal, this door, open and cheerfully inviting you in… Come play with us…

P.S. Saleena wants you to know that if you have any stories, experiences or art about us that you or your children have experienced or created she would love to hear from you; Contact Her. We would love to hear from you, too. That is why we told you this…


 Overcoming the Logical Mind 
 with “Fairy Tale” Language 

Saleena: All my life I have loved NATURE, the SUN, Flowers, Trees and Fairies. Some people have the belief that Fairies are mean and troublesome creatures. I suppose that just like humans, there is a variety of personalities and levels of consciousness. I also believe that whatever patterns and beliefs we carry in our subconscious will attract to us beings and experiences that match. So I hold in my consciousness, as with all my CONTACT experiences, that I want to meet and play with BENEVOLENT beings who are interested in evolving into higher vibrations and consciousness and would like to co-create projects that are of mutual benefit to this intention. We share more about this on our OmniDimensional Travel Adventures page. A few years ago, I was lead to a very delightful book. 


Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings
Author Marko Pogacnik

When I read his explanation for the use of Fairy Tale language this totally resonated with me. 

Marko uses “fairy tale” language because he says these realms are places and spaces the logical linear intellect-mind is unable to process so it must be address with language that circumvents that gate and allows you to enter from a new perspective. What we see and perceive there is sometimes beyond our ability to logically track. When COLIN, MARIMAR and I, SALEENA, JOURNEY into our OmniDimensional Travel Adventures we have learned to just “GO WITH THE FLOW”, allow things to unfold as we are intuitively guided. We don’t have to understand logically, we observe and participate with our HEARTS LEADING THE WAY. 


Enjoy Marko’s Video: 
Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings Working with the Intelligence in Nature


In Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings, Marko was invited into the realm of the ELEMENTALS and introduced to their world, their life cycles and their roles. He developed ways of sensing the energies and working with the land energies and beings in very unique ways. What he does and how he presents it is so similar to what we do only we travel more broadly away from Earth into other spaces and dimensions. We also meet many of those interacting with and serving on Earth.

Here is a fun exercise you can do easily… 

 Flowers are Doorways 

Marko shares some exercises to meet the different levels of ELEMENTALS and NATURE SPIRITS. I love this one:

Enter a flower as a BEE does.

He says flowers are doorways where you can enter the Fairy Realms. It may look tiny yet when you enter you are in another time-space zone that is vast.

Enjoy our 

 Messages, Photos, Drawings & Stories

 here at our Fairy’s Portal! 



Consider starting your own GardenSong Project to assist you to learn and more easily connect with and consciously co-create with the Fairies and Nature Spirits that surround you all the time.


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