Vibrakeys 101

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Vibrakeys 101

a simple version…

(with links to more if you want more)


What are Vibrakeys?

They are mandala-like art.

They are very colorful.

There are lots of them.

People can feel them. 

They are a form of

Art that Does Something

Sometimes they make you feel better.

Sometimes they stir you up.

This happens when you need change to happen in your life.


Vibrakeys bring in potential for change at many levels and are always aimed at helping you raise your vibration, elevate your consciousness, and encourage you to open your heart. They also may activate new abilities and senses beyond your material plane senses. I call them Super Senses. They help you function in a more omni-dimensional or all dimensional perspective. Each Vibrakey offers such a variety of possibilities, it is up to each individual to utilize it in a variety of ways  that expose you to its gifts. My intentions are that ALL levels are carefully governed to align with Benevolent Pure Source Love & Life energies and that they function "through the heart".. They are designed to help us move out of the old false Matrix and its accompanying fear & lack patterns and enter a new level of life where there is only Love, Creative Freedom and respect for ALL Life.


How do I get the ideas for them?

Sometimes they pop into my head.

Sometimes I dream them.

Sometimes I get ideas in

my meditations, adventures or during conversations.

Sometimes someone asks for one to do a particular thing.


How do I create them?

First I jot down the ideas and make drawings.

Then I give it a first name and a VK number.

VK is short for Vibreakeys.

Then I make them a home;

This is a set of files on my computer in BirthArt.

Then I gather images, photos for ideas.

Sometimes I talk to beings in other dimensions

and ask for their help.

They share many things with me

and help me do things I haven't done before.

Sometimes I am guided every step.

Sometimes I do it my way. 

Sometimes inbetween.

They are very unique.


I create them in a digital art program called Photoshop;

Layer by layer.

One has 500 layers!

It is one that can help with you with all the

Cosmic energies bathing us

and Sun Energies, like the HUGE Solar Flares. 

I have it right in front of me now.

in fact, I surround myself with them.

They really help.

All Vibrakeys have very

specific intentions and purposes.


Why do I do it?

I want to create art that uplifts and helps us.

I love telling stories.

Vibrakey tell vibrational stories.

The whole process of its birth and creation 

are fascinating stories I love sharing.

I am very curious.

I love inventing things.

I love it when a little art card can discernably

change something physical!

I hope they help people's lives

be alittle easier, nicer, more fulfilling.

I meet amazing beings,

Make new friends

I see amazing things in the creation process.

Each one is an Adventure.

I love Adventuring…

It is all very fun and fulfilling,

and I get zapped by all the

energies and codes and light languages

so it helps me to raise myself up out of the densities

of this last age we have been in.


What happens when I am ready to share them?

Each Vibrakey begins its public life here

in this online Gallery:

Each new Vibrakey design when it is first released

enters this Creativity Laboratory-Birthing Chamber

aka the Birthing Gallery

and may undergo more design changes as the

vibrational alchemy simmers.

It is fully functional already.

It can be purchased as a print

without information

for here there is no "organized" information

as yet for the back or eGuide.

You can keep track of What's New Here.


What's Next?

Once I organize the stories and information 

a Vibrakey "Graduates." 

When is is ready to be fully released 

it travels into the


It now has a written back with purpose and directions for how to use it. 

Sometimes there is an eGuide with expanded information; 

guidance & lots of stroies about each design.

You can read it online or print it out.


At this point you can order it as

a Laminated Card with an info back


a very very nice Fine Art print.

Vibrakeys & Pricing


Why am I telling you all this?

I hope you will take a chance and buy one

or a few and have some fun with them.


What's in it for you?

They can make you water taste better

and work better in your body.

How about Super Charged Food?

They might help you get to a new level of

Health & Wellbeing.

Help you get biologically stronger and more adaptable.

How about a safer more comfortable place to live in?

They do help you in your

Waking Up Process:

Help with things like opening your heart,

opening your mind,

activating super senses

activate DNA potential,

opening up new parts of reality for you.

How about finding out more of your

true purpose or where your true power is?

They help your raise your consciousness and vibration

and when you are vibrating higher

you get to go more places in this creation

They help you get used to having much more

light in your body

and that means you can feel the love and oneness

of ALL THERE IS easier.


Why would you want that?

Because that is where we are all going.

Mother Earth has made her descision to ascend;

to raise her vibration until she is 

shining with so much light she is a new kind of being.

This is called "ASCENDING."

It is a decision YOU make.

You have an wonderful opportunity to follow her right now.

Just say it out loud that you want to Ascend.

Your Guides and Angels will hear you and help.

It is really going to get easier sometime…yet

for now, this whole end process can be pretty uncomfortable

and sometime it can scare your old parts.

I believe these designs and their stories can assist

in smoothing and quickening our process.

I use them all the time.

Maybe they are leading you to Vibrakeys!


Where do you buy them?

When you are in any Gallery

Birthing Gallery

Vibrakey Art Gallery

Vibrakey Kits Gallery

Vibrakey Sets Gallery

Click on the Vibrakey you want.

It will take you to a page where you

add whatever version you want

to your shopping cart.

You pay with PayPal.

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