11-11-2009 Rose Stargate-Temple of Anuenue


Opening of the Rose Stargate

Temple of Anuenue




The Opening of the Rose Stargate 11:11:11 

includes a Sacred Rose Meditation by Celia Fenn

11-11-11 Grand Opening of the Temple of Anuenue

Temple of Anuenue


The Opening of the Rose Stargate

is an ongoing process for many

& for Mother Earth. 


Saleena: I believe in non-linear time so I encourage anyone who reads this after the 11-11-11(2009) date to participate right when you discover the information! I see a vision of the Earth like a rose garden & each of us are the roses and we will be opening continuously from this point forward. 


"Dearest Ones, in this last phase of your transformation, you have activated your original perfection blueprint in your DNA, balanced your inner masculine and feminine energies, and brought your Lightbody into full activation. You have activated the Pineal gland and begun the process of transforming the gland into its crystalline new energy form so that it can receive and transmit the higher frequencies of crystalline light. 

Now, you begin to unfurl the "petals" of the Rose within your energy field and to form or create the Auric "stargate" that will allow you to access the Cosmic Light of the "One" directly and as a Collective. As you begin to formulate this coherent pattern of Beauty within your energy body, so the Planet also begins to create this stargate beginning over that region that you know as the southern pole. 

Beloved Ones, this is the culmination of the Mystery of the Sacred Rose and the Twin Flame, and the Activation of the Grail Codes. The Sacred Rose is the symbol of the Ascended Christ Consciousness, as it encodes a Sacred Truth about Who You Are and your Ascension process." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn 


Read Celia Fenn's Full Message that Inspired & Supported our Journey:

11:11:11 The Energies for November 2009
Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn



Omni-D Travel Adventure Journey: 

Our Recorded Adventure includes a Sacred Rose Meditation:

"This Rose, or in the eastern tradition, the Lotus flower, opens to create a portal to Cosmic Consciousness, and it was known to the Ancients to be a part of the "design" of the "Divine Human" or Human Angel. Many of the ancient spiritual practices were designed to ascend power up the spinal channel of light and to open the "blossom" which was the Sacred Geometric Portal known as the Rose Stargate. " Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


The Sacred Rose Meditation for the 11:11:11 given by "Our Lady" Mary Magdalene in her role as Teacher of the Christ Consciousness:

"For, you are the Sacred Rose, you are Beauty and Coherence and Grace and Passion. You are Divine Love enfolded into Human Form. 

At this time of 11:11:11, those of you who are ready will begin to create the Rose, or "unfurl" the "petals" of Light that will coalsce into the Rose Stargate of Cosmic Light and Consciousness." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


Read her words here: The Opening of the Rose Stargate 11:11:11


Synopsis of Journey:

11-11-11 Journey to Temple of Anuenue; Opening the Rose Stargate

We first journey into BETH, then into the Temple of Anuenue to meet MaRi-Mary Magdalene who leads us into the crystalline heart of the Temple of Anuenue (a 5D interface where we can practice visiting and getting used to living in the 5D energies) to activate each of our own Rose Stargates.



Related Transformational Art:


Creating the Art

Saleena: VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate was an unexpected experience. It only took me about 3 hours from start to finish to complete it. The fact that I hadn't planned to do it and all of a sudden the inspiration struck me and a few hours later it was done still amazes me. I had one of the 13×13" prints in my room and sold it right away, so I made another and sold it. When you see it in its full sparkling Fine Art glory at that size it is awesomely beautiful and powerful. Your body can feel it.


Cosmic Rose Stargate 
8.5×8.5" up to 13×13" Sparkling Fine Art Print  

Living Mary   
8.5×8.5" up to 13×13" Sparkling Fine Art Print 

Temple of Anuenue   
13×13" Fine Art Print of each side or doubled sided laminated 8.5×8.5" Vibrakey:
VK51 Temple of Anuenue 
with guide



Ordering the Art:


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Journey Recording(s): 

11-11-11 Journey to Temple of Anuenue; Opening the Rose Stargate  111 minutes

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Journey & Art Package:


Includes Recorded Journey and Related Digital Art.

Art included in this package: 

VK62 Cosmic Rose Stargate

VK51 Temple of Anuenue

Each art piece includes 2 versions, one resolution (780x100dpi) for printing or higher resolutions screen saver and a smaller and lower resolution (480x100dpi) for Devices. 

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