7-7 SOL DANCING into our SUN

Thank you for PLAYing WITH US!!! we had the most PROFOUND FUN!!! at our

7-7-2010 Teleconference

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure:

“SOL DANCING; Exploring our SUN”

For those who joined us:

Here are some pertinent Links:

Temple of Anuenue & the Sun Room

BETH, the Living Grid

Galactic Freedom Day Declaration & Petition

We Are Ready to Change the World? Petition


Here are some Vibrakeys to assist in continuing your exploration of the SUN

Each one includes guidance, processes, ideas & information to assist in fully utilizing all the multi-dimensional levels of energy, activations, gifts & pathways they present to you and your body-mind-spirit:


Gift from the Ambassadors; LIght Language to assist you in accessing and recieving from the great
Cosmic Library in the Sun. Guides you to learn Bliss Breathing, White Gold Alchemy
with a new perspective and then how to contact and read the Library in the Sun.


VK14 Seat of Power – Solar Plexus;Genetic Feast – Sun Disc

Asists in Clearing Personal Power Blockages, supports you at many levels in reinstating
your own personal will when it has been depowered, deeply feeds your genetic materials,
helps to clear old genetic manipulations.
I am learning new aspects of these designs all the time. Whatever I think I know about them,
as I open up my consciousness to new levels,
something new reveals itself in one of these Vibrakeys.


VK27 Golden Pyramid – Orgone Generator

Make friends with the Sun & Cosmic Energies, learn about how to communicate
and learn from them.
This is a amazing energetic treasure to assist in these intense times.
Includes comprehensive information from the many beings who helped me to co-create this tool.


HERE is Some of what we Experienced on our

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey
into the SUN:

Check back, I will be posting more here on what we experienced…


For Those Who Would Like to Join Us Now:

In an OMni-DiMEnSioNal REaLiTy you may purchase the recording and journey with us into BETH, increase your gold quotient in your energy field, journey to the Temple of Anuenue to soak in the SUN radiated waters of the Kanaloa Room,  meet the beings who call themselves the Collective of SOL, hear their message to humanity, then journey to the SUN with us. Receive your gift of a sun seed spark and enter into the heart of our SOLar Logos.


I am still buzzing with the delightful feelings and a new kind of peace that has settled into my being. I am grateful for such an amazing group of adventurers to play with. While we were in the Sun, Marimar looked around and saw about 20 of us. Then he looked at the next row back and saw 100s of you joining us from another point of time. He made a warm path for you to find your way here to join us soon…

You can get your recording Here

& join us in the SUN anytime!

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Come play with us…

Marimar, Saleena Kí, Colin Whitby , Suzanna Kennedy & Lanny Sinkin

as your

Omni-Dimensional Creation & Travel Adventure Guides

I will leave the rest of the invitation here since it includes some interesting information & stories:

SOL DANCING; Exploring Our SUN

Saleena:  Since we are approaching the
July 11th Solar Eclipse…
I feel this is an exciting way
to celebrate & benefit the most
from our adventure together.

I have been feeling the sun intensely
for the last few weeks;
really paying attention to it,
craving to sit in its rays
& soak in whatever it has for me.

Simultaneously, I am feeling the need to ground
& become a very red magnetic being
while we move through this intense portal
of astrological configurations & energetic portals,
transmissions & cosmic waves.


New Healing Room

So I wasn’t surprised when I received an email about someone who had translated the May 22nd Crop Circle disc into an interesting message. Here is one interpretation of the sun’s activities through this strong period of time:

 “On May 22 a Crop Circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of England; a crop circle with an encoded message. This crop circle speaks of a profound paradigm shift, a reverse of polarity


It alludes to two dates:

The Grand Cross, activated on June 26, 2010, and December 21, 2012.


It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution.


On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross. According to the message of the crop circle, the sun creates a new room, a healing room, a new field of consciousness on that day.


The sun unites two poles, merging them to a unity on June 26. This merging of polarities leads to a short-circuit, or in other words, a cosmic orgasm due to which a new room will enfold.


This new room is a gift, because in this new room what seemed devoid of meaning all of sudden makes sense again. What enfolds is a new, corrected reality, shifted in phase!


According to the message of the crop circle this new room can be accessed by everyone through the power of consciousness.


If LOVE succeeds on earth, and be it for only a few hours in just one person or in just one loving couple, this experience of LOVE will leave a trace in this newly opening room, a trace which is eternal and will remain active forever. A shining trace, a trace of love, which will remain visible far beyond earth atmosphere. Each experience of love and every experience of peace will stimulate this room, fill and adorn it.


The power of this room is going to grow exponentially. The songs of the Healed Matrix are the hymns which will fill this room!


Each person who dares to leave behind the matrix of power and violence, everyone who is not afraid of letting go old belief systems but live instead in harmony with Mother Earth and ALL that IS, will be able to access this room. Each person will receive healing impulses from this room through his consciousness and heart and will give in return his/her healing experience back to this room.


What we find in this room will exist within ourselves and outside of us. It is a Secret of the Universe, that what is being formed outside can be accessed from within; you find it in your own sacred inner space, your personal centre.


And once this Healing Matrix in this newly created Healing Room will be powerful enough, the matrix of fear will dissolve and the Healing Matrix will expand.


This is the Plan of the Star Master and the Planetary Beings.


This Healing Room is less than an atom in distance from us.


This Healing Room is in our own Sacred Space Centre when we are in unison with ourselves, in unison with Mother Earth and in unison with ALL that IS.


Werner Johannes Neuner describes the process of decodification of the message of the Crop Circle of Wilton in detail and all the information is available in German at this link:


He is looking forward to entering this Sacred Room together with all of us,

In the Light of Unity

Werner Johannes Neuner and Sonja Myriel, who translated this message

Light Grid Group


We Journey into BETH
& from there
We Explore the SUN.

Saleena: Earlier this year, my dear friend, Veronique, brought to my attentions, this wonderful chapter in the book,  Earth; Pleiadians Keys to the Living Library about the SUN. Here are a few quotes to get you excited:

"The sun is the governor of your solar system and is the seat of intelligence that rules this particular locale you occupy. The Sun reaches into your domain and reads the vibrations as it touches your skin.


It is intimately connected with every aspect of life as you know it.


It is a force of intelligence that fuels your very existence and creates the environment under which you can evolve.


The sun is very interested in your evolution, for as you evolve, you feed everything that you do back to the sun as it touches you.”  “The sun reads its creations and in turn feeds the creations what they need.”


“In many cultures, the sun is revered as an intelligent force that governs this world, like a God".


"You would be amazed at
who & what dwells in the sun.

The sun is an illusion."


"Highly advanced worlds can disguise themselves as suns to protect themselves from invasion and penetration through the force of light. For some, the sun is a place of great learning, while for others it is simply an initiation they pass through to get beyond and behind the sun.” 

From: “Earth; Pleiadians Keys to the Living Library” by Barbara Marciniak  page 204

Enjoy the audio book HERE.

I shared more of what I learned
from the Pleiadians, the Arcturians
& from omni-dimensional journeys
we have taken through the Sun ourselves.


You can get your recording Here

& join us in the SUN anytime!

Scroll down the page to the Journey you are interested in.
We ask a Donation for each recording.

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  • From:Suzanna Kennedy
    Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 7:16 AM

    Aloha Beloved Being of Light,

    WOW. We learned new and ancient wisdom about the true nature of the Sun. We journeyed through the Universal Heart Grid, right into the Sun and met with the Solar Logos and other solar beings and received incredible golden gifts for healing and manifestation.

    This Sunday is a full solar eclipse. Our Sun has been so active and there is INFORMATION in those Rays.

    It's not too late to experience these Solar Initiations through a guided journey with Saleena, Marimar and Colin.

    You can still receive the recording at http://www.vibrakeys.com/wordpress/teleconference-adventures/



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