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"There is a Golden Star Activation" Jan 23rd – 2011 – Invitation

"There is a

Golden Star Activation."

Exploring Regulus & the Golden Star Portal

Jan 16th 2011 12:10:47 AM] Saleena: Aloha, long day…., woke this morning with a message, " There is a 


Golden Star Activation." Then I saw the star Regulus and that the energies were going to be coming through it.  I asked who was talking and what was the activation for? Then had to go to work… we did amazing job on remodeling the house… next level up… you should come stay at our vacation rental… nice vacation to Hawaii…. I know just the place…. energetically tuned and all…..

They said it would be on the 23rd… the Golden Star activation… maybe we can check in to see what it is… next time we're on….


Jan 17th, 2011  8:21:57 PM] Magical Colin: Hi, how are you, slept in a bit today, am going to tune in now

Saleena: I am wonderful… buzzing with the full moon energy or is it the Fire of the Rainbow Sun or is it the approaching Golden Star Activation?

How long do you have to tune in today?

I would like to check on this energy… what is it? Who is offering it… through the star Regalus?

Magical Colin: Have about 30 mins

Saleena: Touching in to find you now… there you are… hello!  Wow, you are fine and sparkling today! Lots of sparks, very sharp crystalline sparks in your field and you are beckoning me to follow you….

Magical Colin: I was with over 60 people in  a call last night connecting with our angels, very powerful and plenty of clearing… ah there you are

Saleena: Where are we going? To the Golden Star? can you see it?

I was asking to help us understand what it is so we can share it if it is to be shared…

Magical Colin: wow we are sparking already

Saleena: nice whoosh of energy, there see that stream… let's get into it…

It is like a golden liquid river of light…

Saleena:  Nice ride with you…. you are singing, and paddling a Gondola… fun… we can create anything we want here….

You look like a French Riviera boatman…you even have a twirl up moustache… LOL  making me laugh…

Magical Colin: mmm it just washes into everywhere, lighting us up even more

Seems we are going to meet a golden star being….

Saleena: I feel like we are on another grand adventure!

Magical Colin: wonder if it's another level of my soul energy, feels like I know him well

Saleena: Yes, there is the portal ahead…Regalus?

hmmm, isn't that what your soul portrait said, your codes? Golden Star Being?

Magical Colin: yes, beginning to feel tears welling up, it's him alright, yes, the one you painted

Saleena: Marimar said Regulus is a Lion Being place… Sirians?

They seem to be hosts for this energy to come through… a portal for it… the energy is not sourcing there, just passing through…

Magical Colin: I feel we are regal here, seem to be wearing king and queen robes, very colourful

Saleena: Regulus A is one of the brightest stars in the night sky…Rēgulus is Latin for 'prince' or 'little king'. The Greek variant Basiliscus is also used. It is known as Qalb Al Asad, from the Arabic قلب لأسد or Qalb[u] Al-´asad, meaning 'the heart of the lion'. This phrase is sometimes approximated as Kabelaced and translates into Latin as Cor Leōnis. It is known in Chinese as 轩辕十四, the Fourteenth Star of Xuanyuan, the Yellow Emperor. In Hindu astronomy, Regulus corresponds to the Nakshatra Magha.

What do you know!

"Shining brightly in the constellation Leo is a fast-spinning star that shoots through the cosmos like an extra-wide bullet, perplexing astronomers as it moves through space in the same direction as its polar axis.

Researchers have long known that Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, spins much faster than the Sun, but new observations with an array of telescopes pinned down the star's odd motion and a host of other characteristics.

Magical Colin: Am not getting much detail here other than it's to do with embodying the new energy

Saleena: Another Link for Regulus… 

Regulus , the Ruler or Lawgiver, the Heart of the Lion

"As the brightest star in Leo, Regulus has been almost universally associated in ancient cultures with the concept of royal or kingly power. The name Regulus actually comes from the Latin rex, or king. The star was known in Arabia as Malikiyy, the Kingly One; in Greece as the "Star of the King"; in ancient Babylon, as Sharru or the King; to the even more ancient Akkadians of Mesopotamia it represented Amil-gal-ur, the legendary King of the Celestial Sphere who ruled before the great flood.


The Hindu title Magha signifies the Mighty or the Great One. The Persian name Miyan means the Central One or the Star of the Center. The Latin Cor Leonis is the equivalent of the later Arabian Al Kalb al Asad, the Heart of the Royal Lion.


Regulus is known as one of the four Royal Stars of the heavens, the other three being Aldebaran, Fomalhaut, and Antares. Regulus, in the constellation Leo, is the northern Royal Star."


Saleena: Okay… got the point… royal…. lion's… when I saw us approaching the portal I saw several star being… literally "star" beings… they remind me of elementals like the Sun beings we met… like Helios….

They are standing in the portal holding something… each… at first I thought they had candles….

 Magical Colin: I hear 'staging post' like this is where we bring the new energies in…

Saleena:  It is something they want to give us…  I am holding out my hand and smiling… they aren't talking…

It feels right and resonant in my heart, I will receive some… and they hand me something that looks like a piece of a star or sun… a little chunk of something burning bright tho not hot… just almost blinding light though….

Magical Colin: ok am with you, cant quite see yet

Saleena: I can hold it in my hand… again I feel like it is something precious… like a treasure… my child is very happy with it…they are offering you one….

Magical Colin: ok… I can see them now. I'm familiar with my 'globe', it's like I know it well.  I stroke it like it's something I've known for a long long time

These are our transformers. they help us offer the energy into the world at the appropriate frequency

Saleena: Mine looks more like a piece of a molten chunk of stone… irregular like raw rock but molten even though it holds its shape…. I will stroke it…

These starbeings don't have faces… just a kind of star like halo around their "heads…" I see three of them.

"It's another new frequency to introduce into our bodies and into our world," they say… "Anyone can come here to this portal on the 23rd and receive theirs… each one will bring it in in harmony with their own consciousness…."

Saleena:  Why are you offering it to us now?

They say it is simple like this;  "Follow the golden stream and meet them there to receive yours…."

I have to really listen to hear what they say… no words, just ideas come through…


Golden Star Beings: "WE are Stars, beyond the ones you have on your maps… beyond the ability to see, even if you see with your telescopes farther now. We gathered together our best gifts to offer humanity at such a crucial time.

8:55:33 PM] Magical Colin: yes I struggle to see them. just a vague impression

Golden Star Beings: "We combined them, like you might call smelting or melting them all together. Yes, like Alchemy… he would understand…."

Saleena: They point at you…

Magical Colin: we are golden star beings, you and I,  like them…


Golden Star Beings: "We now represent many Stars. As you would understand spirits of planets like your mother earth only we are bright sun stars…"

Magical Colin: I can feel a surge of power when I acknowledge this…

Golden Star Beings: We offer you something now from the best in each of our hearts. It is crucial for us all that you awaken and rise up to create a grand place, a place of harmony and love from Earth for the power of Earth and her inhabitants touches us all.

Thank you for receiving our gift… sit with it… you may feel little at first and it will grow into you. It will light you gradually and you will shine. Something like an internal sun-star will be lit inside you and you will shine in a new way.

Magical Colin: Makes me a bit dizzy. I need help to bring this in, I need to go now too, time to get my train


Golden Star Beings:  Invite all who desire our gift to make their way to us on the 23rd….

Magical Colin: ok, why 23rd?

Golden Star Beings: …of Jan. This is the most potent time to receive it from us. The alignment creates the greatest support and opening for our giving. The energies of other planets and stars align in such a way to support our desires.

Regulus is one of four Royal Stars considered to be sentinels watching over other stars. Our Lion friends are hosting our gifting. We thank you…

…and we thank you, Golden Star Beings in Earth suits… we are confident you will make the invitation and bring others to receive our gift.Saleena:


[9:06:55 PM] Saleena: Suzanna just came online… and I feel to share this with her, too. This seems to be all of the transmission for now.. they seem content we have received their gift… we know the way now and we will share this invitation with others

Magical Colin: ok

[9:12:30 PM] Saleena: I think the third piece is for Suzanna… I saw three beings holding three gifts.

Magical Colin: Will you take her or shall we 3 journey together sometime?

Saleena: Taking her there now…nice timing… amazing how the universe aligns things so syncronistically!


[9:08:18 PM] Saleena: Aloha Suzanna, I have a new kind of energy flowing through me… I am happy… excited about everything… passionate… resetting for something new…Sunday morning I received a message, "There is a Golden Star activation." I saw the star Regulus and heard the 23rd. Tonight Colin and I checked to see what this is about…

Suzanna: WOW.  do tell

Saleena: We were standing there with three beings who are offering us a gift… and there were two of us… then you came online and I knew they wanted to offer you the third gift…They are Golden Star beings…

Saleena: I can share the story or just take you there…

Suzanna: take me there…

Saleena: And I did;  her presence was two fold… Regulus means something special to her and now she has gone to lay down and enjoy the energy which she said was blissful and it was simple…


So this all started two days ago… Sunday 16th when I woke up to the message, "There is a Golden Star Activation.

We seem to have representative on the planet Regulus too…and a part of the Golden Star beings…and here in our Earth suits…

All is perfect… it was simple… and the gift seems to be growing…

Magical Colin: cool… still a bit disoriented, asking for balance…

Saleena: okay… what is causing that?   oh, there… see… that little fear there… of letting this much of yourself in… right there….

Magical Colin: combination of angel journey and sun vistit

Saleena: stroking that little fellow… there there it is safe now to let it all in…

Magical Colin: wow, why choose a busy train for this?

Saleena: I will write up their invitation and message…the directions and post it and send it out…and let it fly around the earth and people can do their own activations… I can open the comments for anyone who wants to post their exxperiences…

…and in the middle of it all…here comes

the Platinum Ray… on Full Moon Jan 19th, 2011

Invitation from the

Golden Star Beings:

Sunday Jan 23rd, 2011

Option 1: Do It Yourself Guidance


Anytime during your calendar day of Jan 23rd,
find a quiet space and take a few moments to relax
and get into your heart. Breathe deep.


Set your intentions that you will
find your way easily to receive your gift.


Ask that everything align for your
highest mission and purpose to unfold here.


Now reach out and sense around you
until you find the golden stream or river of light-energy.


Get in it and follow it to the star portal of Regulus.


There at the portal doorway where
you will meet the Golden Star Beings.


Tell them you are here for your gift.
Receive whatever they give you.


It will be harmonious as you
receive of their energy.


When you feel complete with them, 
express your gratitude then

journey back on the Golden River.


If you have been to BETH, the Living Grid,
stop there and share some of it with her.


This will help bring this Golden Starlight to
all the sacred sites and grid crossings on Earth.


Share some with Mother Earth if you like.

Feel free to share your experience with us here as a comment.


Now since you are multi-dimensional, if you read this after the portal day is past, set your intentions to move back in time to the day and present yourself for your gift as if it is the 23rd. I am so glad time is a spiral… and we are learning how to navigate around to wherever we want. We are no longer caught in the blindness and illusion of linear time. Have fun. Enjoy the journey. Maybe I will see you there.



Option 2: Join Us  

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure

Journey Together

Travel up the
Golden River to Regulus
with Colin & Saleena
as your Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Guides.


We will meet via
TeleJourney (phone only) on

Sunday Jan 23rd, 2011

10am HT or 8pm GMT

12noon Pacific Time or 3pm Eastern Time





We will travel up the Golden River to the Regulus portal.

Meet the Golden Star Beings and receive your gift.

Then we will journey to BETH, the Living Grid
and share the Golden Star energies with her
and Mother Earth.



Jan 18th 2011 Saleena: The first day I just received mine. I didn't really do anything with it. Today, I lay down to rest and began to do the Bliss Breathing to balance myself. Then I looked at the gift, the glowing piece of the best of their hearts. Wow, it is beautiful energy. I felt inspired to take it into my DNA. It immediately spread through it like wildfire. It felt blissful! Then I went to sleep for 3 hours! and got up and posted this message…

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Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!

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  • Wow, I had  s u c h  a ride….wild at first, sinking, almost dropping me, then high speed with loops, was scared at first, then understood I was on a test ride to remember my trust in being held, carried and cherished by the Love I AM…adjusted to the imaginative, high-fun ride until I co-piloted it….
    On arrival at the Gate of Regulus, I was ever so lovingly welcome and ushered into the 'giving-room' by a luminous guide who, for a moment, jerked my hand. I asked for gentleness, and was told that this was my first gift, to be applied to my own holy Self. Got it!- Focussed intent was my gift after that….yes, so very welcome! Receiving it in deep gratitude opened the way for my next gift: the fearless sharing of my creative flow with my world. Yes, I am willing to step out….another three gifts followed…..on leaving I was told that total wholeness of my multilevel being would result when I apply all the gifts, each and every gift, lovingly, caringly, joyfully…..when I was gently (!) back home again and opened my eyes, six fluffy clouds formed a circle around the seventh one….whow, what a whopper! Thank you, Saleena, I never expected this overflowing abundance of gifts….and, yes, I am ready to own and share them! Big Hug to you and Colin! E

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