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“My impression in a nutshell of what you are offering is that it is a brilliant, beautiful, visionary way of reconnecting people with themselves on a galactic level, greatly expanding each person’s awareness of their true nature as infinite, loving, co-creative beings, facilitating rapid alignment with their purpose/mission, and assisting them in grounding their pure essence more fully into their life experience.

There seems to be also a great many “side benefits” that happen in the journeying process, such as individualized activations, healings, reconnections with soul families, guides, and galactic friends, and so much more that is probably even difficult to put into words because it is happening outside the framework that the human mind can accept or relate to.

In fact there is probably so much that goes on in journeying, and the concept is so visionary, that the main or primary challenge that I see…is how to get people to understand what is being offered and why it is relevant to them…”    

Mnt Shasta, CA 2012

 How Saleena & Marimar Work Together 

“I appreciate how Saleena and Marimar were able to work harmoniously together.  I wasn’t sure at first, how it would work out as I had not before had a session with two healers.  However, the experience ended up being very positive and I felt much more supported having two healers assisting me.  Sometimes Saleena and Marimar both saw and held the same opinion, vision or perspective as they scanned my energy.  And, sometimes the information they both shared was different, offering varied insights.  It was impressive that they were both able to listen respectfully to one another and consider each others perspective – there was not a competition of who’s right, or who’s not.  The visions, opinions and perspectives of both came together cohesively and with balance, resulting in some very helpful, healing information for me.

During my session, I felt ‘listened to’.  Saleena and Marimar were patient as I explained my feelings about my situation.  And, during my session, I felt ‘heard’.  They both used my lingo, or my choice of wording to paraphrase my words to be sure they understood my point of view.  

I felt safe during my session.  Not once did Saleena or Marimar become alarmed by what they saw in my energy field – and believe me, there was some toxic energy/entities to deal with.  I was constantly reassured by them and of the presence of the loving support coming from the spirit guides who showed up to assist, guide and support us. 

I was very impressed at the level of skill Saleena and Marimar personify and work with.  It was exciting for me to listen to them describe the energy, spirit realm and or spirit beings they saw during my journey-session.” 


 Saleena Kí  

“Saleena used an amazing ability to sketch significant scenes during my session, and then presented a copy to me after my session.  These sketches really helped me to visualize and understand what she was seeing and what was taking place.  I would not have been as clear on certain aspects of my session, had I not seen these sketches.

Saleena was excellent at tuning into my feelings and helping me to understand the importance for me to integrate, heal and nurture myself after the session.  This was a very important concept for me to grasp, as there was a lot of shifting and clearing that took place during my session.  

Saleena has an integral and smart business sense which was evidenced by her timely responses to my emailed questions, her clear and concise Vibrakey Gallery with descriptive, easy to understand wording to explain each Vibrakey’s transformational art/energy, and her timely response in sending me my accurate and detailed, invoice after my session.  

Saleena also has a wonderful, warm, loving personality that is coupled with balanced assertion and leadership.  She masterfully kept the session on track, moving and flowing where it needed to flow, in cooperation with the spirit guide’s advice.  And, I first noticed her gentle, supportive and loving energy the first time we interacted via email to set up the session.  I remarked to her that she holds dolphin energy, (playful, lighthearted and loving).  I feel this is a very necessary energy to withhold in her line of work.” 



“I was introduced to Marimar for the first time at the beginning of my session.  After warm introductions, Marimar took us through a series of steps to connect us with beings and teams of light who would aid in the healing, release and removal of entities no longer relevant to my unfolding, as well as any other toxic energies encountered during my session. 

Marimar was specifically excellent in his ability to offer a detailed description of the surroundings and beings he encountered which were connected to my energy.  His descriptions included feel of the room, intensity of light (i.e. shaft of light beaming down from a skylight; intense, brilliant ball of light on a pillow), objects present in the scene and their purpose for being there, etc.  When describing a being he would depict the color of skin, size, gender, attire, purpose for being there, gifts the beings offered me upon their release or departure after he cleared them, etc. 

I was intrigued that Marimar used ‘gold and crystal’ colors/energy to ‘paint’ the beings or their tools/gifts to help raise them to a higher vibration.  And, it was fascinating to listen as he described his interaction with these beings and there willingness to release from me, and step onto the “ascending staircase”.   

I sensed that Marimar operates through his heart chakra when working because his words felt gentle, honest, true and respectful.  I am very thankful for Marimar’s ability to offer the information he saw and sensed in a straight forward, truthful way, yet always delivered with tact and gentleness, so that I was not shocked or shaken by the information.  The gentle, honest, truthful and respectful qualities that Marimar operated by, in my opinion, are signs of a person who has done a lot of work on him self, and who as I mentioned above, resides in the heart.” 

“My Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure session

was worth the money and

I would recommend it to others.”    

Yreka, CA    2013-05-05 

 Psychic Session with Saleena & Arcturians 

Shared by Yreka, CA 2013-11-22  “I just listened to the recording.  What an entertaining session, lol…..  I really got a lot out of that.  You are wonderful to speak with.  You may be interested to know:

1.) (To summarize):  That ( issue) I brought up as one of the questions during the session was a whopper and weighed very heavily on my mind.  And it required me to ask the Arcturians several “clarification” questions surrounding  it,) because (this) has affected me so deeply.  So….. I want to thank you for your patience and gentleness, and skills as a channel, when I was very confused on (these) issues, and therefore needed to ask the Arcturians several clarification questions.  As the subject and experience of the (issue) was/is so very sensitive to me, I was greatly helped when you patiently explained what the Arcturians said, using a neutral, flowing, controlled voice tone, and allowed me to ask questions until I understood.  I found that very selfless, skillful, and compassionate of you.  Not everyone can do that in a tense situation.

2.) Both, in between the channeled answers, and after the session, you offered some of your own insight.  I appreciate your “intuned” and wise sharings.  You offered some good examples that resonated with me 🙂


Saleena Note: I agree, the session was very entertaining. I loved the way the Arcturians presented options with such clarity and patience. Answering without any pressure or judgments. I enjoyed going over the transcripts several times to really let their wisdom sink in to this earth-version of me. Their insights are powerful.


More from Yreka, CA: “The following is a very ‘cool’ tidbit, in my opinion:  When I downloaded the zipped files to my computer, the size of the files were exactly 777 KB!  Check it out for yourself.  Try to download the file you sent me, to your computer and click on the details to see the size.  If you follow numerology (I love numerology), you probably, like me, already have an idea of what 777 means.  Even though I have an idea what the triple 7’s mean, when something significant pops up like a file being exactly 777 KB (not 776 KB, or 778 KB, but an exact 777!), I like to type in “the meaning of 777” into my browser, and click the first site that comes up to see what the messengers are trying to tell me.  In this case, it is quite possible the Arcturians sent the 777 message, or it could be others….  The first site that popped up was this lovely site.  Her definition of the triple 7 is so nice.  Check it out: 



“Number 777 is a highly spiritual number with the mystical number 7 appearing tripled, making its influences most powerful.  Number 7 resonates with the attributes of spiritualenlightenmentdevelopment and spiritual awakening, persistence of purpose, intuition and the inner voice of wisdom, mysticism, contemplation, knowledge and understanding, discernment and consideration, and good fortune.  

Angel Number 777 indicates that you have listened to Divine Guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your life, and the time has come to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts.  You are being commended by the angels as your successes are inspiring, helping and teaching others by example.  

Angel Number 777 informs you that you are being congratulated and your efforts have been well noted by the angelic and spiritual realms.  Know that your wishes are coming to fruition in your life as a direct result of your positive efforts and attitude to life.  777 is a very positive sign and means that you should expect miracles to occur in your life.

The 777 repeating number sequence (or Angel Number 777) is a message from your angels that you are on the right path and living and serving your Divine life purpose.  The Universe is happy with your progress and due to your positive efforts and hard work you have earned your rewards.

Angel Number 777 is an extremely positive sign and means that you should expect many more miracles to occur for you, both large and small.”         Joanne Sacred Scribes

Saleena Note: It is very interesting since it was 7 Arcturians that show up to answer her questions. Everything that is shared on this websites about 777 aligns with their intentions for us as humans by the Arcturians that I know. They are also very closely connected to the Angelics. Marimar first began working with the Angels. Some years later, it was the Angels who introduced him to the Arcturians. they are a most Angelic Race of beings. As far as I understand, they are not of the same race as the Angelics, though the ones I know and interact with have very Angelic tendencies and are unconditionally loving beings.


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