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4-4 Invitation: Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey into the New Super Consciousness Living Grid

Teleconference Invitation 4-4-2010

Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey
into the

New Super Consciousness Living Grid:

VK56 New Super Consciousness Grid -BEth

Activate & Become One with a new
Super Consciousness Crystalline
Omni-Dimensional Living Grid

New Heart-Based Telepathic Communications Network

Join us for a Guided Journey to Explore her Grid.

Play with our potential as Creator Gods to co-create a New Reality

& most of all Have Fun Adventuring into multi-dimensions to LightPlay together!

This is our time to practice omni-dimensional skills together.

Teleconference April 4th, 2010 at 4:30pm Pacific Time


Marimar, Saleena Kí, Colin Whitby

& Suzanna Kennedy

as your

Omni-Dimensional Creation & Travel Adventure Guides

This brand-new heart/mind consciousness technology was developed by our Divine Human team in co-creation with our Star Families in response to a request to:

  • Develop heart-based technologies to replace current unsustainable/polluting technologies of the industrial age
  • Stop/neutralize the harmful-to-life technologies currently being broadcast, designed to stop our evolution into Paradise
  • Claim our sovereignty and freedom to co-create Paradise

The result of this collaboration is a new consciousness grid that can be accessed through the heart & runs on love frequency.

It connects  humanity with each other through the heart & all other beings operating on love frequencies, including Mother Earth, Inner Earth, natures spirits & higher dimensional beings. Those unable to be in their hearts broadcasting love will miss this station!

When you attend this Teleconference Event you will:

  • Join the Divine Human Team Members: Suzanna, Saleena, Marimar & Colin as they discuss the history, purpose, benefits and potential uses of this technology
  • Gain personal access to the Universal Heart InnerNet and learn how to use it
  • Amplify the power of the grid through group synergy

Get Your Teleconference Access Here

Money is energy. Energy moves at varying speeds, measured as frequency. Frequencies imprint your experience of reality.

Your Choice: As an energy exchange, what frequency do you want to tune into?

*Not a convenient time? If you cannot join us live, register anyway and you will receive the recording within 24 hours the live event to listen to at your convenience.

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