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Beauty & Beasties of ALL the Changes – Our Ascension Dance – Strong Sun Activity

Dancing through the

"Beauty & Beasties

of ALL the Changes


Saleena: Let's start with some beauty. This is a chance to see some of the energy that you might be feeling in action.

This is a really beautiful timelapse of the most recent auroras from the Aug 5th Solar Flare: If for some reason you can't see the video hit the refresh button.

Aurora Borealis @ Tibbitt Lake, NWT

from Michael Ericsson on Vimeo.



A widespread display of auroras erupted late Friday, Aug. 5th, when a double-CME hit Earth's magnetic field and sparked a G4-category geomagnetic storm. The image is a time lapse video of the event recorded by Michael Ericsson on the shores of Tibbitt Lake in the Northwest Territories of Canada. "Although not the most intense auroras I've ever seen, this one is definitely up there on my favorites list," he says. 


For more

Light & Color Beauty


The show was not restricted to Canada. Northern Lights spilled across the border into the United States as far south as OregonUtahColorado, and Nebraska. (Note: The faint red lights photographed in Nebraska are typical of low-latitude auroras during major geomagnetic storms.) Observers in Europe as far south as England, Germany and Poland also witnessed a fine display. Browse the gallery for more examples.

Did you miss the show? Don't let that happen again. Sign up for geomagnetic storm alerts: textvoice.




On August 9th at 0805 UT, sunspot 1263 produced an X7-class solar flare–only the third X-flare of new Solar Cycle 24 and the most powerful so far. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the explosion's extreme ultraviolet flash:


The brunt of the explosion was not Earth directed. Nevertheless, radiation from the flare created waves of ionization in Earth's upper atmosphere, briefly disrupting communications at some VLF and HF radio frequencies. The blast also accelerated a mild torrent of protons toward Earth; they can be seen speckling the images in this SOHO movie of a CME emerging from the blast site. The CME will probably miss Earth.


At this time, however, we cannot rule out

a glancing blow from the flank of the cloud

on August 11th or 12th.


Stay tuned for additional analysis. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.


X-flares of Solar Cycle 24: Feb. 15, 2011 (X2), March 9, 2011 (X1), Aug. 9, 2011 (X7). Before these three, the previous X-flare occured on Dec.14, 2006, (X1) during old Solar Cycle 23.




Saleena Note: Let me assure you, as an ultra-sensitive, that every solar flare, no matter what direction they are aimed brings energy & information to the Earth and into our bodies. This latest one is X7!!!  That is HUGE ENERGY and it is still heading our way!


Now let's take a look at some of these intense energies; I will call the  "Music" of the Cosmos, the Cosmic Waves, that we have been dealing with and how we are learning to dance with them. A few people recently confided that they think there might be something very wrong with them or that they might be dying… They say they are soooo tired! Well mostly it is the old ways, the old energies that are dying as the new higher crystalline vibrations are coming in and we have been hit with some pretty intense solar music… 


Astrological Alignments & Influences


The Astrological Alignments are INTENSE! with Mercury in Retrograde for another 2 weeks and lots of MARS energy squared or opposing other planets, lots of anger and intense feelings are UP to be dealt with.




"August is a very dynamic month, with the potential for volatility. It features an active cardinal grand cross with Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn, along with Mercury and Jupiter retrograde stations.  An Eclipse point is triggered and Neptune travels back into Aquarius.   

The Mercury retrograde cycle occurs from August 2-26, beginning at 1Virgo 12 and ending at 18 Leo 42. Be prepared for…"


Saleena Note: This means there is astrological support for these potentials. I listed these in case any of you have been wondering about your behaviour or feelings so far this month. They are rather INTENSE!


Note that as we rise in frequency, as we awaken to more and more of our potential as Creator God-Goddesses, we become more and more accutely aware that what we focus on we bring in more of. What we spend our time thinking and reveiwing and imaging-imagining, we create. Creation and Manifestation is happening faster than I can ever remember this life.  


August to mid-September

KEYWORDS for the Dance:








Passive-aggressive behavior






Not suitable time for signing contracts

or making major decisions.


Computer & Car Challenges


Major Transformative World Events


We will be re-evaluating how we use creative energy,

take risks and gain recognition. 


Help to communicate our needs

and get in touch with our ideals


Emergences of sensitive side
and need for security


Unresolved family issues can emerge now


Awaken our healing impulses to

bring us back into balance.


Aug 8-12 shows a great potential

for earth changes

and general volatility in terms of

accidents, explosions, etc.


Aug 17th Domestic and security issues

August 13 Full Moon occurs 

at 21 Aquarius and is aligned with Venus.



Both lunations this month are aligned with Venus, which reminds us to stay heart-centered and be willing to share, assist and work with others.  A favorable trine from Saturn will help us to stay constructive and grounded.


Aquarius themes include being inclusive, tolerant, idealistic and progressive, while the shadow side is being unpredictable, aloof and eccentric.


This period favors gaining a new perspective about

individual and group relationships and finances.  


The Sabian symbols for these degrees remind us that perseverance, strength of character and personal integrity will help us maintain balance in challenging times.


Aug 22-25 that could bring some

setbacks or disappointments. 


August 24 we can have any illusions knocked down

with a hard dose of reality at this time. 


Aug 25th…intractable type of energy that can create

stalemate situations and repressed anger



August 28  New Moon 

occurs at 5 Virgo, and forms a 

grand earth trine with both Venus and Pluto


Virgo themes include being pragmatic, detail-oriented, efficient and industrious, while the shadow side is critical of self and others.  


This month will be favorable for releasing obstacles to love and experiencing more depth and commitment in relationshipsPower and control situations can be more effectively resolved at this time, along with financial issues.  The Sabian symbol for this degree is a “merry-go-round,” which reminds us of the cyclic nature of life and the possibility of stepping back to see the larger view


August 29 Venus makes a trine to Jupiter,

which is very favorable for prosperity and all social events.  

Promising new relationships can form at this time.


August 30 This is supported by a Jupiter station in Taurus .

Jupiter turns retrograde for the next four months,

until December 24, giving us time to

re-evaluate our beliefs and re-examine our priorities.  



At least it eases some toward the end of the month so for full details: 

Astrology Report for August 2011

Thank you Dorene Carrel!



Energy Weather is EXTREME!


Saleena: I repeat: Aquarius themes include being inclusive, tolerant, idealistic and progressive, while the shadow side is being unpredictable, aloof and eccentric. That is part of the dance!


Now for more about the

Ascension Dance


The Energy Weather is EXTREME! The alignments, portals openings, astrological influences, cosmic waves, new codes beings sent in, chaotic nodes all lead to CLEANSING of the older denser energies we lived with for so long and CLEARING of EVERYTHING that is no longer useful where we are heading.


We are still in the influence of the 8-8 Sirian Lion's Gate opening. To me this opens us to a direct hotline with the Heart of Creation. This is a place that exudes the frequencies of the ultimate Feminine and Masculine dancing in dynamic harmony together. When we accept this kind of dynamic harmony inside of us then we dance a powerful dance.


I could go on and on about all the amazing bodily symptoms we have been going through as our whole body-mind-spirit-reality changes. Just for fun… I will share a few of the top ones…


Symptoms As WE CHANGE


Mild Mannered …Not...


Saleena: Some of the symptoms we have personally been feeling are intense irritabiltiy, even Marimar, who is usually "Clark Kent " mild mannered was edgy and abrupt yesterday.




We have been feeling like our brains just opt out for the afternoon and sometimes don't even come online at all for the day. A feeling like my head is stuffed with cotton instead of functioning brain matter. Most of the time when this happens it is best to sleep, which we have been doing EXTREME amounts of, or wander around and do something aimless…


Remember that our MEMORIES and Physical Brain processes work with ELECTRO-MAGNETICS and those have been fluctuating wildy!


One suggestion is to take the supplement L-Glutamine to help support our new brains pink up (they say that a healthy highly functioning brain is bright pink and that most of ours are a sort of brownish pink now) and get more and more balanced, This means, for anyone influenced by the western industrial culture, getting more and more right brain and intuitive.  


This suggestion came through an Andromedan

in one of Elaine Thompson's books,

To Andromeda and Beyond


The Andromedan, Ptplec, says on page 6 that we will

"witness a conscious movement away from

"logic" into open linear/spacila 'right brain' thinking."


"Within the next 5 years (2007-2012),

people on earth will advance much closer to being

an intuitive based society, and this brings with it

the abiility for people to affect their own realtiy."


He goes on, "This has always been there as a possibility, but it was not realised before. THose people who are closer to the land and live in more simple circumstances than those in the wolrd of high tech and consumerism will make this transition form logic into linear/spacial right brain thinking more easlily, as this is the way they have traditionally operated within their societies—more from a creative way of thinking."


Here is a fun exercise from Elaine: 

Everyone Has  ESP



Just Try to Write Something that Makes Sense

and Keep at it until it is Complete….


I had to laugh with Lauren (report below) when she said she was writing about a 3 words per hour with TYPOS! I relate! Writing has been very challenging off and on all this year and especially the last 2 months. I have lots of it to do and I end up sorting photos or organizing files (which I needed to do anyway). I apologize to anyone reading this who is waiting for their order to be finished or for another message on this blog. Please forgive me… I do write on the days when something eases and clicks in and the thoughts flow… slowly and surely I am getting there…


Like today… I could write! So I am and this is why there is a posting! Believe me, it isn't because there isn't anything juicy to write about, there is so much exciting going on… I have so much I want to share! I realized, when someone asked me why they never see me out anymore… I am writing the equivalent of a 100 books…. at the same time!


Letting Go of the OLD STUFF


It has been a time that is requiring us to sort through our "stuff" no matter where it is; physical, mental or spiritual, and toss out EVERYTHING that no longer serves you in the new sparkling energies coming online. If you are having to make desicions about what to keep and what to let go of… ask yourself if it sparkles and makes you feel really good to have it. 


You Want Me to EAT What?


This last few months I have noticed that my eating desires are changing. I have been experimenting by asking my body to show me what it wants to eat each day. It seems quite happy I am listening to it and actually taking its suggestions and giving it what it wants.


I went through a big bug virus for about 10 days and that gave me the opportunity to do a major cleanse and rejuvenation. I drank  lots of my own pure structured water (click the link for my favorite way to structure my water – hint – Liquid Love), garden herbal teas and sun teas and fresh fruit juices and alkalizing minerals. Breathed immune boosting viral bacterial busting essential oils. Ate lots of Meleluka or Tea Tree honey (soothing healing). Took herbs to support the healing process and expectorate and I got through it fast. 


Here is a Fun Manifestation Story:

I Wanted Lemons…


They are out of season. So I asked the Angels, the Universe to provide me with some. That evening our dog-friend, Brandy-Love took me for her usual walk. When we were almost home coming up the back way… I spotted a little lime tree with a few tiny little yellow fruits. It was in front of a house nobody lives in right now so I looked. There in the deep grass were handfuls of these little yellow treasures with a beautiful green inside! I was grateful my request was fulfilled so quickly. I did savor every highly soothing and vitamin C packed serving. Thank you!


Empower Yourself… Use New Skills


I made myself Medicines of LIght every few days. The Hathors say that during Chaotic Nodes bacteria and viruses can mutate wildly so this helps to protect yourself from and heal from them. I made a growing list of more things to qualify the light with: Medicines of Light List. It is a rather easy and effective way to empower yourself to help support yourself through all the changes. 




I came out the other side craving SUNSHINE & LIVE FOODS! I can hardly stand to eat certain things I was eating a month or so ago. That is an indication that my whole system is shifting into a higher vibration and wants foods to resonate and support this new level. 


My sister shared that she has been also been craving live green green green foods and smoothies and they are the same things I am craving 2000 miles in another climate zone.


Saleena Note: Since a high quality broken-celled Chlorella is one of the things my body is craving and Japan was the number 1 source of it, I am looking for a source that is safe of radiation toxicity. If anyone knows of one please email me.


I walk around outside and ask what I can eat to support me best? Lots of flowers are edible and weeds turn out to be powerful herbs, fresh fruits and vegetables with lots of live force. A little goes a long way to nourish and energize you. The sooner you eat something after it is harvested, the more life force-nutrition-solar energy-mana-chi-qi it has to offer you.  


If you want to learn to connect more consciously with Nature and co-create "custom grown just for you food" that can heal and nourish you: 


Learn More About Anastasia & Her Ideas Here


look at the 

GardenSong Project


This kit includes a 4×4" laminated card with double sided design to help bring in a variety of positive powerful energies for your home, garden and land and helps you interact with your Overseeing Land Elemental and smaller more local Nature Beings to bring friendship & harmony to your land and set up the potential for an upgraded energy to co-create an expanded and uplifted environment for optimal growth & nourishment. This includes you!  


Includes a  WaterAlive card design to structure your water with "water teachings" and 2 PDF eGuides  The GardenSong eGuide is 64 plus PACKED pages to give you lots of ideas, guidance & stories. 

This new kit price is $66. Please email me if it isn't online yet and you want this version.


Saleena: So the potential to cleanse deeper and come out sparklingly clear and shining with new light in a brand new body-mind-spirit at the end of this time period is great. Pretty much we are piggybacking one intense period to the next for the rest of this year and most likely the next. I call it transition labor.


Get used to it.


Use your skills.


Nourish yourself at all levels.


Be kind to yourself.


Love yourself and others.


Remember UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Yeah… unconditional… that  is the magic elixir that will fix and heal and straighten out even the most tangled up events, feelings or messes we have gotten ourselves into or find ourselves challenged with.


I have posted many methods, skills, tool you can use to empower yourself, keep clear, balanced, nourished, charged. Then keep yourself in the more Ecstatic States as much as possible.


Use many of the 

Useful Techniques and Tools 

to empower & support yourself.



Feeling Off-Kilter? 

from Lauren Gorgo


Just as predicted,

we have been hit repetitively

over the last several days with some

heavy duty solar activity.

Speaking of which,

I have been getting a handful of emails about


which is a

common heart-opening/thymus activation symptom

associated with solar flares

and my advice is always the same:

baking soda and water! (about 1tsp per 8 oz H2O)

works like a charm to neutralize the acid 

and put out those treacherous fires in your thorax.


Things are really heating up (which usually means symptoms too) and so the unseens have been giving me some tools to help us navigate this very physical embodiment phase that we are well into by now.  My intention was to create a single handbook, but there is just too much information to get it out quickly…and with the increase in solar activity, coupled with Mercury being retrograde, I am averaging 3 words per hour…WITH typos…so I decided to create two separate handbooks instead (each are separate topics)… the first of which is ready for purchase today.


This first (digital) handbook is titled…

From Suffering to Spiritual Ecstasy:

simple integration techniques for sacred embodiment


To make it available as soon as possible, and to as many as possible, I decided to offer it for donation first…for those of you on my mailing list…before I pretty it up with all the bells and whistles.  Translation: design/create a cover.


The handbook is about 20 pages and contains valuable information & insights, as well as simple, but powerful exercises and techniques for wherever you are on your journey, and applies universally to any challenges you may be facing (financial, health, relationship, etc.)…but I find it especially helpful (with some timely reminders) for the very physical changes associated specifically with the sacred embodiment process that many of us are facing now as these energies intensify within our cells, and as we rapidly approach the completion of the Universal 9th Wave. 


At least, this handbook is an infusion of support, a much-needed boost to help us finish the race with dignity.  At most, it will encourage you to step-up to the mastery involved in choosing spiritual ecstasy over suffering.  Either way, the unseens want us to remember that we have a say in how we experience this transition.


Here's an excerpt from the foreword

from the

Seven Sisters of Pleiades:


"What we want most is for you to realize that you have a say in how these changes affect your overall well-being. If your desire is to integrate these changes with greater ease, then we can assist you to achieve this balance through some simple exercises & techniques provided in this handbook."


How to get a copy:


To receive the book via donation CLICK HERE  


After you complete the transaction via PayPal,

click the link to "return to"

and you will be given the option to download your copy.


With deep respect for your journey…

Lauren C. Gorgo



Lauren Note: 

—–Original Message—–

From: Lauren C. Gorgo [] Sent: Tuesday, August 09, 2011 9:11 AM
To: Saleena
Subject: A heads up….


Hi there…it's me again : ))


This time to let you know that if you are having trouble downloading your copy of the new handbook, it's because my server crashed from all the activity at once…well, that and I am sure that merc retro has a hand in my dilemma.


Anyway, just wanted you to know that I am dealing with this as best I can, and that if I have not replied to your email yet its due to the sheer volume of requests.


Hang tight…help is on the way!


Thanks in advance for your patience,




The full version of a

new energy update from Lauren entitled:


The (re)Education of Sacred Embodiment

is available to view HERE




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Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!