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Virtual Peace Summit; Recordings Available

A Global Telesummit for
Building a Culture of Peace:

Join our Virtual Peace Summit
Sept 14th-21st, 2010

“The dream of a peaceful world
has been with us for millennia.
Are we the generation
that will make that
dream a reality?”

“In the years ahead,
we have the opportunity to help
wean the world of its
addiction to violence

by harnessing best practices,
deepening our personal commitments,
healing ancient wounds,
building bridges between cultures,
advancing the science of peace,
and teaching our children
to live peacefully.

In fact, most of the
for creating peace
at all levels of society
are well advanced –
we simply need to share them
on a wider scale.

The broad trend of
human evolution
is to move beyond

Given the scale of global crises,
we must accelerate that evolution
and learn to live, collaborate,
and create in a more harmonious way.

will unite pioneers from
around the world together
for the largest
Virtual Peace Summit
ever created,
culminating with the

International Day of Peace
on Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 2010

It will be a
celebration & exploration
of everything that is working
to foster peace,
from the family level
to whole nations.

Our featured pioneers are building the practices, structures, and systems that can help evolve human society. Individually, they are deeply inspiring. Taken as a whole, they offer a remarkable picture for how to help evolve our world, covering topics such as:

  • Personal Peace Practices
  • Healing Collective Wounds & Trauma
  • The Economics of Peace
  • Addressing Global Hotspots
  • Social Justice
  • Politics of Peace
  • Science of Peace
  • Media & Peace

However, even the most
illustrious group of
Peace Pioneers
can only do so much.

It is up to all of us
to lead the way in our own lives,
which is why we invite you
to co-create with us,
connect with others drawn
to the Summit and
a global movement of
Peace Pioneers.”


“We’ll have a variety of ways that you can engage with each other.” Quotes from Peac


You can register free to join the live calls or listen to the recordings later.

After you are all inspired and full of ideas and images form listening and participating you can prepare them as seeds to plant to grow a New Paradise Earth HERE.

You can also visit BETH, the new Super Consciousness Living Grid around the Earth & weave your ideas, visions, dreams, projects & creations into the Living Mandala. Read about how I did this HERE.


Saleena: This is very exciting to me to see so many gathered together here on Earth to share so many ideas & inspiration, which will create an energy; a frequency that is of the new Paradise Earth!

When I saw this yesterday, I was thinking alot about the ongoing Peace Summit that we were invited to participate in. This was in the higher dimensions. It was the year 2006. 

Marimar, Colin and I went there to present our “peace experience.” We shared our expereince of swimming with and playing leaf games with the dolphins as a way of showing the developing peaceful relations between two very different species.

At the time, MaRi Magdalene said that this would be an ongoing process and its purpose was to gather all the frequencies from everyone all over creation who would share their expereinces that were about peace & harmony.

When it was “ripe” and “full” of these individual frequencies, there would be a way designed to mix them & broadcast them into ALL of Creation so there could be a whole new level of Peace & Harmonious Cooperation begun throughout our whole system.

I was wondering if it was still going on? so I asked…

I was approached by a higher dimensional group we call The Founders. I will post the long & inspiring messages they shared with me next.

About the author

Saleena Kí

Omniversal Storyteller through her Art, Photography, Music & Word who LOVES Nature, Mother Earth & Assisting us ALL to LIGHTEN UP!