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Message 1: Sacred Marriage & Aligning for a Grand Cosmic Event August 5th-8th: MaRi Magdalene

2010-07-23 Preparing for a
New Seed Soul for the
Masculine & Feminine

Saleena: Any messages today? Yesterday,during our lightwork we help unlock and turn some kind of device that helped to eat away whatever was feeding the dark masculine forces "instructions." We used the new crystalline Excalibur and a crop circle key Belees showed me. This activated a swarm of some kind of living things; organisms in the ocean that started consuming an old spherical looking grid that had enmeshed itself into the earth. This seems to be freeing the masculine to a new level.

I am sitting in the sun receiving the new codes and information in the sunlight. Mother Earth is pregnant; she has a galactic gift for us, has that been birthed yet? Laiolin said this in the book, "Crop Circles Revealed." Is it time?


The masculine was cleared genetically back to the "Adam with the Y chromosome in Africa", because it is said that all living men are related to him. This was done in the lightwork we did in the last few days in preparation for a new seed soul to be birthed into the masculine.


When is it time for the birthing of the new seed soul into the masculine and  feminine?


Message from MaRi Magdalene

MaRi Magdalene: Greetings Saleena Migdala, I share my love with you…

We all have a window
in time and space now
where the Earth and the
Cosmos around her
have aligned for this
Grand Cosmic Event.

Stars, planets, suns
and wormholes,
portals and corridors
are moving together to
align and open configurations
where certain actions
— inspired by your higher selves —
are to be taken.



You each are guided, though it seems as a population you are individual and separated in thoughts and actions, there are great numbers of you who incarnated in with very specific intentions and a connection to assignments that align with a far greater plan than your own individual daily lives or even your own personal lives as a whole.


The greater mission is one of
Union — Harmony
and aligned to assist
your polarized and "sleeping"
personal selves into
balancing and awakening.


Great Sacred Marriage


As each one awakens
and brings your own
polarized internal parts;
the masculine and feminine
aspects of yourself,
the dark and light parts
into the embrace of
acknowledgment and harmony,
a great sacred marriage

Representative of a
new partnership
and the two polarized aspects
become "One"
to work and play
and live in
dynamic harmony.

Both internal aspects within you; the masculine and the feminine are power parts of your wholeness and add a delightful array of perspectives and choices to take up on your Earth journey.


When your life is in harmony,
the dynamics of your daily actions are
Union — Togetherness — Cooperation
— Love — Divine Love and
access to a greater
Living Library of Knowledge
at your service.

Your quest becomes a new one.
No longer is your daily life filled with
conflict and battle for survival,
attempting to obtain the obtainable;
happiness through
possession and control.
Peace through lack of
conflict or forgetting.


You are unified,
the love you seek
is within you,
you are the love.

The freedom you crave
is in you;
you are the freedom.

The fulfillment you desire
is within you.


When the grid of fear,
control and manipulation
is dissolved,
as you saw happening last night
during your light work, (July 22, 2010),
you wake up
and you
walk around in your body
and you have access
to all knowledge.

You remember who you are.
You are a
Creator God Goddess
and you see how your
every thought creates.

Your imagination,
along with your
passion — excitement
(your emotions)
create your reality.


There is a resolution within you.
The fear is gone.


The heaviness, the fight for your sovereignty, the whole battle is gone. Only the thought forms and habits remain. That is your next assignment; to get used to the freedom! To act as if you are whole! To acknowledge and learn how to act with in the interconnection of All Life!


Events Triggered by
a Rise in Consciousness


Many events are set in place awaiting the moment when enough of the consciousness of Earth humans and their companions in life all around them rise above certain levels. It is like a thermometer rising and as each level is met, an event will be triggered.


Each event moves you all into freedom from the enslavement that you have endured and created for so long on earth. Your freedom is assured; it is happening daily. The movement is occurring and more of it will be revealed.


4 Major Events


There will be four major events in this next month that you call August. During this time events will occur that will astonish and hearten you all if you are aligned with the mission of freedom from enslavement at all levels. If you are aligned with any organization or thought forms that keep you aligned with mind control and old enslavement, you will feel afraid. You will feel nervous and disappointed as if your world is about to end or collapse and it is. These forms will be unstable and unable to hold in the new energies.


Those who are aligned and open to the progress into a new way of life of Oneness in Wholeness will be excited, a little nervous because of all the change. And you will be able to move forward into your own creative lives and into fulfilling and joyful reunions and there will be many joyful reunions as the dark fear grips crumble, as the light emerges and love permeates all.


All fear, lack, scarcity, un-fulfillment, torture, pain is based on the old grid, the old matrix of possibilities and in visions that love and the abundant flow of the universe are not yours. All of it.


All conflict is they stunned the concept that there isn't enough of anything you desire. That is what causes hoarding. That is what causes anyone human or group of humans to even consider aligning with another overseeing group who tells them what to do, how to do it and what will happen if they do align.


Fear of God is the most insidious of all of these. This kind of system is dis-harmonious to the wholeness of your soul. These systems will be dissolving.


New Technologies


There are technologies that will be released to change the course of your live very soon as more and more of you clear your old thought forms and open yourself to align with Unity Consciousness.


I have more to share and it is time for you to move into your day. My love is encompassing my brothers and sisters of this planet; The Humans and All Life on Our Mother Earth.


We will share more soon Beloveds, thank you for honoring me yesterday (Saleena note: it was Mary Magdalene day yesterday I had a wonderful day we did some astonishing lightwork and I felt her all day.) I received all the love and celebrations of all.


Kah ah adonai tu toreahl.

The seed of my soul is in each of you.


My love to each of you.


MaRi Magdalene


Asking MaRi about the 4 Events:


Saleena: Could you please define the four events you mentions yesterday?


MaRi Magdalene:


1. Political: There will be a “meltdown” of an old matrix: someone significant steps forward with a revelation.


2. In regards to your personal relation to Creation: There will be a breakthrough in understanding revealed via a discovery.


3. There will be a major Earth change event.


4. A new discovery rocks science foundation.


5. There will be a continued steady “release” of Dark Lords & Illuminati from their control. A few insights will filter “into the light.”


Saleena Note: This is what she shared in a kind of thought bubble way. I attempted to put them into a succinct description without embellishing them. 

Please remember
that as
Human-Gods & Creators,
we have the ability
to take actions
that will change any
projection that is made.

I was surprised that she gave these predictions, for when I asked her before about things like this she told me that it was very difficult to make any true predictions when it came to humans, because we had such a power to change the course of events. There must be a reason she shares these with us now.


This is the first Message in a sequence of messages that came in over the last few days. I will continue to post them until they are all shared.


Much Love to you all, Saleena Ki

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